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It’s not always the earth-shattering events that are most significant in our hectic lives. More often, it’s the small things, many long forgotten, that touch and shape us most deeply. Our memories of these events might bring smiles, or anger, or even a desire to forget. But every one of them helps to make us who we are today-and in some ways, who we will become tomorrow. Join Eric Mondschein at the unhurried pace of a cup of coffee for a surprising and powerful journey in which laughter inevitably mingles with tears, sorrow turns to joy, and loss almost becomes bearable.



”In Life at 12 College Road, Eric tells the stories of his memories of his growing up with his family and friends. His story telling drew me into each episode, living his experience and remembering similar ones from my own past. I felt I was there with him as the events happened and I could feel his elation and trepidation as each chapter developed, anticipating, from my own childhood, the reactions of his parents, and his younger brother plotting to get Eric into trouble. I couldn’t help but relate to his driving his mother’s car for the first time, up and down the driveway while is parents were away and how that escapade ended. He and Jeff building their own igloo from a snow pile left after a monster snow storm, and the resulting near-death experience, brought back memories of my childhood growing up near Boston and some of the crazy things that my brother and did in the snow.

Life at 12 College Road is a delightful, heart-warming read that will have you laughing at the events of Eric’s life as you live them through his stories, but also conjuring up memories, both happy and sad from your own experience. As he says in the preface, “…get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and get comfortable.” Get ready to travel back to your childhood and relive those precious moments as Eric takes you with him on his time travel through his memories.”


”This memoir is a heartwarming expression of love of family and gratitude for the life presented to Rick and Jeff.In adult life I became am a family friend so the memories in Rick’s book had even more meaning causing me to recall treasured moments as grown ups. I am also thankful to Rick as he has caused me to reflect on my own childhood, and I have discovered the memories mirror so many family experiences. What a world we all lived in then. Thank you Rick, exquisitely written in a simple yet profound prose.”


”I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s like have a good cup of coffee and listening to the engaging radio stories of Prairie Home Companion or Canada’s Vinyl Cafe. You feel like you’re part of another family with lots of laughter, mini adventures and entertaining exploits of a young man growing up during an era of wholesomeness.”


”As I read this book I laughed out loud and shook my head in amazement at the youthful hijinks the author and his friends managed to get up to. It describes in many ways a simpler time and place where children had very different freedoms from those they do today. I could see my parents’ childhood stories and my own echoed here in many ways, while also being reminded of what I am facing a few years down the road when my own children inevitably start to get more creative in their mischief making. Humorous and poignant, and thoroughly enjoyable.”


”This narrative is a well written story simply about growing up with all the anecdotes about the foibles of youth. It is down to earth, fireside chat style. My only dislike was not having a geographical reference point at the start, but later into the story. This may be a personal thing, but I like to know the location of the story at the beginning. Otherwise, it is excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.”

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