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I’m excited to be included in SOOP’s Finest, an Anthology of short stories spanning a number of genres. You can find a description of my short story below;

The house that sits by the sea does not age. The villagers fear the eternal dwelling that exists like a fly in an amber stone, but a girl, who dreams of a better life than the one offered in her tiny community, is lured by it. When on her eighteenth birthday she finds a strange object while working on the fields, the house calls to her and she, full of hope and dread, answers.

What she discovers in the timeless house by the sea will change the course of her life over and over again.

About the Author

Roberta Azzopardi\’s love for literature and the written word goes back to her childhood, penning mystery stories after consuming the one too many Nancy Drew novella. Throughout the years, this calling never abandoned her, as she sought to refine her writing through formal writing courses and assignments, as well as dabbling in different mediums to express herself. Her blog, words.com.mt was set up to reach a wider audience through her writing of short stories, opinion pieces and reflections. Liana and The Seventh Spin is her first story to be published in an Anthology, and she is in the process of editing the second draft of a novel set in Florence, in the 15th century.

Roberta lives in Malta with her husband and son.

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