In Defense of Democracy by Anne Marie Waters (Paperback Version)

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Delve into the true nature of democracy with Anne Marie Waters in her book, In Defense of Democracy. It’s a clarion call to recognize and defend democracy’s core principles, challenging readers to see beyond the superficial act of voting and understand the essential components of a genuinely democratic society.

As a citizen seeking to understand the world better, this book offers a profound and necessary exploration of democracy’s true nature and its critical importance in our quest for happiness and fulfillment, as Waters examines democracy’s fundamental pillars, highlighting its moral superiority over tyranny and totalitarianism and exposing movements that masquerade as democratic while steering us away from true democratic values. 

Democracy is not voting. Voting is merely a method; it is not democracy itself. Democracy is free and open access to the ballot paper. It is free speech, universal suffrage, an honest press, and an accountable government. It is a way of life. Voting does not make a democracy. If people vote for tyranny, as has happened throughout history, it remains tyranny despite it being popular.

Anne Marie Waters

About the Author

Anne Marie Waters (born 24 August 1977) is the founder and leader of the political party For Britain. She is also the director of Sharia Watch UK, launched on 24 April 2014. In January 2016, Waters launched Pegida UK with activist Tommy Robinson and politician Paul Weston. Waters was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and went to school in Stoneybatter on the city´s Northside. She studied journalism at Nottingham Trent University in England, graduating in 2003, and earned a law degree in London. After a decade in the Labour Party, Waters joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Following Nuttall´s resignation as party leader, Waters announced in early July 2017 her intention to stand in the 2017 UKIP leadership election. Waters passed UKIP´s vetting procedure on 11 August and was allowed to stand as a leadership candidate. Eighteen of the party´s twenty MEPs said they would leave the party if she won. On 29 September 2017, it was announced that Henry Bolton had been elected leader of UKIP. Waters came second with 2,755 votes, a 21.3% share. Waters left UKIP to form her party, For Britain, in October 2017.


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