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In Defense of Democracy

In this book, Anne Marie Waters would like to clarify what democracy is, and what it isn’t. Democracy is not voting. Voting is merely a method, it is not democracy itself.  Democracy is free and open access to the ballot paper.  It is free speech, universal suffrage, an honest press, an accountable government.  It is a way of life.  Voting does not make a democracy.  If people vote for tyranny, as as has happened throughout history, it remains tyranny, despite it being popular. 
Anne Marie will examine each of the essential characteristics of democracy in turn, and argue that it is morally superior to tyranny and totalitarianism. 
The ultimate goal of human beings in life is to be happy.  To find peace and contentment.  Only the democratic order facilitates this to the highest degree possible. 
Anne Marie will defend democratic countries and show that they are morally superior to non-democratic states. 
It is very much a book of clarity, both moral and political. 

About the Author

Anne Marie Waters originally aligned with the Labour Party and ran as a Labour candidate twice in local elections before joining the UK Independence Party. In 2017 she ran for leadership of the party and came in second before forming her own party, For Britain. Anne Marie is also the director of Sharia Watch UK. Anne Marie was born in Dublin and studied journalism at Nottingham Trent University after which she earned a law degree.

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Package 8 – 1 Signed Copy of In Defense of Democracy & Beyond Terror, 100 copies of In Defense of Democracy and 100 copies of Beyond Terror donated to For Britain for sale in fundraising, and dinner with Anne Marie Waters.

Ready to support the For Britain Party to the fullest extent? Get signed copies of both In Defense of Democracy and Beyond Terror and donate 100 copies of Anne Marie’s new book and 100 copies of Beyond Terror to the party fo sale in fundraising efforts. You’ll be treated to dinner by Anne Marie Waters as thanks. Please note that this meeting must be carefully coordinated with Anne Marie’s team and will be conducted at the place of her choosing for scheduling and security reasons.

Unsigned: $4,500

Signed: $5,700

* Signed copy surcharge will be donated directly to For Britain.

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