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Greetings from Earth is a classic sci-fi adventure story about a massive alien artifact discovered on planet Earth. Despite the efforts of leading scientists, its nature and origins remain a mystery. That is, until a young couple come to visit it, revealing the shocking answer. I’m honored and delighted to be included in the inaugural anthology, SOOP’s Finest, containing a collection of award-winning stories from SOOP’s Annual Writing Contest.

About the Author

Preston Dennett became a voracious reader of speculative fiction at age thirteen, after discovering the books of Clifford Simak. Before he could drive, the walls of his bedroom became an A-Z library of sci-fi and fantasy. Since then, he has worked as a carpet cleaner, fast-food worker, data entry clerk, bookkeeper, landscaper, singer, actor, writer, radio host, television consultant, teacher, UFO researcher, ghost hunter and more. In addition to writing about UFOs and the paranormal, he has sold dozens of speculative fiction stories to various venues such as Cast of Wonders, Daily Science Fiction, Pulphouse and more. In 2019, after submitting 46 times, he won second place in the Writers of the Future Contest, Volume 35. He currently resides in southern California where he spends his days finding new ways to pay the bills and his nights exploring the farthest edges of the universe.

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