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I’m excited to be included in Passionately Striving in Why, an inspiring and uplifting anthology featuring the stories of women who found and now live out their purpose. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below:
When I was young, I dreamed about studying in the USA and started working as a temporary Executive Secretary in an American multinational company, where I ended up getting involved with real dedication and remained there for more than 30 years, reaching high management positions. The healing of the emptiness was painful and awoke with a situation of illness leading to the need for self-knowledge, bringing about the opportunity to reflect on the challenge of finding life purpose. Improvement in the coaching area was fundamental for personal growth expansion and to understand how to help develop leaders who can inspire their teams by promoting engagement with purpose.
Life with purpose was transformative and surprising, marked by a new professional cycle of independence and entrepreneurship. The repositioning of values, the inspiration, sharing experiences, dream fulfillment and connections with people making them happy.

About the Author

Mirian Zacareli, specialist in leadership development with purpose, ethics, values and principles. I am passionate about great challenges. I consider myself very honored and privileged to provide leaders with a chance to discover their empowering beliefs and help them put it into practice. With a strong leadership style inspired by objectives, with alignment of meaning and purpose to achieve better performance and act at high levels in organizations, promoting connectivity and humanization of work processes to increase people’s satisfaction and engagement. My mission is to help leaders and organizations to raise awareness to optimize the different roles in their personal and professional lives. I got hands-on experience for over 30 years in a chemical multinational company, as Human Resources Director and Operations Director for Brazil, Chile and Argentina. In addition to having held leadership positions in public administration as Technical Advisor, Secretary of Planning and Projects and Secretary of Planning and Development. www.mirianzacareli.com.br

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