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I’m excited to be included in Passionately Striving in Why, an inspiring and uplifting anthology featuring the stories of women who found and now live out their purpose.

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I was in the 8th standard when I met Buddha and the idea – “desire is the cause of suffering” for the first time in history class. I immediately put it to a test – I experimented with saying no to a movie my siblings were going to and experienced the conflicting feelings of virtue and disappointment of not seeing the film. In addition I was left with a detached sense of examining this state and wondering how such an idea impacted a person’s behaviour in the world. This is a very tenacious memory and it has not left me, popping up at odd times over these years. Why am I starting my story with this anecdote? Well, wait and see.

I am 58 today and this year (2021) my project, company, social enterprise – whatever you choose to call is will turn 15 years. This seems an acceptable moment to allow myself a pause and the indulgence of walking down the time spent so far.

If you googled my name you will reach a site called Daily Dump. Now depending on which part of the world you belong, this will mean different things (some folks would wonder why we chose such a provocative name). But sitting around a table in 2005 thinking of how to make waste fun for India, we had to choose something that was contrarian and memorable. We were setting out to help urban Indians reimagine their relationship with their daily waste, their waste bin, their daily act of throwing. We wanted them to see how their individual action could help save pollution in our water, air and food. Our challenge was to get them excited about their sense of agency, to move away from the idea that waste was yucky to waste was “cool”!

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