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I’m excited to be included in Women Write Now Volume I, an anthology of personal stories of trauma and recovery from women around the world. Anthologies from Something Or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. You can learn a little bit more about my specific short story below:

My story, Finding Purpose Again, tells of how I found a way to cope with the many different traumas I have experienced through my work and personal life. It led me to discover a new path and purpose in my life that was completely unexpected.

About the Author

Liz Reeder began writing in 2016 after the death of her husband, becoming disabled, and leaving her twenty-year career in emergency services. When she had the idea for her first book, 51: The Beginning, she discovered her love of writing after completing the original manuscript in less than three weeks. Finding that writing fiction helped her cope with chronic pain and depression, she went on to publish the five-book 51 series and the stand-alone novel Wendigo.

Liz continues to write novels and short stories in a wide variety of genres including but not limited to science fiction, horror, thriller, and comedy. She currently lives in the Missouri Ozarks where she was born and finds much of her writing inspiration.

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