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Millennials are America’s largest, most educated generation in American history. But they are also the most complained about, maligned, and misunderstood as they enter mid-life. Most Millennials came of age during The Great Financial Crisis, and the economic changes, many of whom pre-date 2008, have profoundly affected how this generation lives. This story also happened in Japan during the 1991 housing crisis (sound familiar?).

Inspired by the Lost Generation subreddit and thoroughly researched, America’s Lost Generation brings together stories from members of r/lostgeneration and research to tell a complete story about how Millennials have survived the last 15 years. Using Japan and its lost generation and decades as a guide, Cameron Lee Cowan explores the plight of Millennials through the lens of their own words and the experiences of their older Japanese cousins. Unlike other books that focus only on numbers and policy, this book merges head and heart into a greater whole of how America’s largest, most educated generation that tried to “get it right” ended up being unable to afford housing, children, secure steady employment and reach adult milestones. Look beyond the memes and the social media comment sections in America’s Lost Generation. 

About the Author

Cameron Lee Cowan is a creative director, podcaster, author of several books, political commentator, and culture observer. With a background in music, fashion, and theater, Cowan´s multifaceted journey has shaped his unique approach to storytelling. He began his writing career in 2005, crafting essays and short stories that reflect his vintage flair. Drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences, Cowan intricately weaves everyday narratives into his work, aiming to leave readers with profound insights and observations. Whether through his contributions to The Cameron Journal or his novels, Cowan´s writing invites readers to engage critically with the world around them.


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