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I’m excited to be included in this inaugural anthology, SOOP’s Finest, a collection of the best stories of SOOP’s Annual Writing Contest. Anthologies from Something Or Other Publishing have been increasingly successful, garnering excellent reviews and critical acclaim. My short story in this anthology is called Alyssum’s Wish. It is a children’s fantasy story about how a young girl sets out to find a way to get rid of winter forever, and she finds someone who can actually grant her wish.

About the Author

Danielle Ice dreamed of writing and one day publishing her books ever since she was in elementary school and won a writing contest involving a story about fairies that live in pumpkins around Halloween (very on-brand for a 7-year-old). From there, she practiced writing novels and short stories mostly in the science fiction/fantasy genre.

She loves movies, video games, going on obscenely long walks, music, writing books, and people reading her books! And her husband. But only slightly more than her cat.

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