Meet The SOOP Experts

Something Or Other Publishing has assembled a talented team of experienced professionals to help authors excel in every step of the publishing process, from concept to market. Each service is available individually to any author, or as part of a larger package for authors publishing with us.

Mark Heinz

Director of Editorial Services

Mark Heinz has extensive experience with print publications, dating back to the late 1980s. After graduating from the College of Journalism at the University of Montana (Missoula), he landed his first job as a reporter in Dillon, Montana and went on to work for several newspapers and magazines across the Mountain West. He also edited or helped re-write several non-fiction books and coached writers, novice and seasoned.  Likening the pace, pressure and exacting standards of newsrooms to “the Marine Corps for writers,” Mark believes in combining the no-nonsense approach of the editors he came up under with constructive guidance, toward the goal of improving and refining the author’s voice.

Christian Lee

Director of Premium Programs

Christian Lee manages a variety of functions at SOOP, including the delivery of Marketing Plans and the Anthology Program. Christian previously worked for SOOP from 2014 to 2016 as Marketing Manager and has experience in most aspects of the publishing business from roles he’s had in other publishing companies.

Christian Parish

Christian Parish has been managing the paid digital marketing efforts for SOOP since February of 2020. Christian has worked on digital campaigns for a variety of organizations with a background in performance marketing and analytics. Christian helps authors promote their works, connects readers to relevant story ideas, and offers digital strategy for SOOP’s goals.

Dannelle Gay

Associate Editor of Anthologies

As a published author and public speaker, Dannelle likes to live the champagne life on a beer budget, while encouraging others to become their best selves. She is delighted to be a part of Something Or Other Publishing, LLC and their revolutionary program model.

You can learn more about her at

Kuljeet Profile


Content Marketing Assistant

Kuljeet believes in creating relevant and interesting content for SOOP. She is a tremendous writer and has years of experience as a blogger and social media expert. Kuljeet is also well versed with SEO skills and knows exactly how to lead the operations for SOOP.


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