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Rob Shimshock’s Interview with Anne Marie Waters

November 19, 2018

Anne Marie Waters: Censored in UK and beyond

Mr. Rob Shimshock, a REBEL CONTRIBUTOR, interviewed our very own Anne Marie Waters about the topic: “Censored in Britain for British values”. The interview took place at an event hosted by the Middle East FForum on Capitol Hill.

For Britain leader, Anne Marie Waters spoke with Rob Shimshock of Campus Unmasked about censorship she and her party suffered in the UK before participating in a panel entitled “Silenced! Censoring Public Discussion of Islam.”

With her interview, Anne mentioned: “I have been deplatformed several times, kicked out of universities, kicked off Twitter,” Waters said, describing the reaction to her criticism of radical Islam. “My party has really struggled with basic things like getting venues, for example. We will hire a venue for an event and the so-called Antifascists — which they call themselves, which is rather ironic — will phone up the venue owner and threaten them, intimidate them, and we’ll get our venues canceled.”

The For Britain leader also claimed that her party has had difficulty setting up a bank account and purchasing software.

The Labour Party’s “shadow home secretary [Diane Abbott], she is the leader of a group called Stand Up to Racism,” Waters said. “I was a parliamentary candidate last year and I was unable to attend a hustings event because they, about a hundred of them, had stood outside. The police deemed it unsafe for me to attend. The event was canceled.”

“This is a debate for [an] election to our national parliament, which was canceled because I was going to be one of the candidates and Stand Up to Racism didn’t like it.”

Watch the video interview below: 


November 19, 2018

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