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‘Reclaim’ By Robert Hunting, Sabrina Hamdi, a privileged member of the classe moyenne superieure, never thought of taking up arms against the occupiers. A rape by three French detectives changes everything. She plots her revenge, lies in wait outside the prison that held her, guns them down, and flees into the night. Avenging the crime isn’t enough; the detectives were part of an immoral occupation; without its presence, the rape wouldn’t have happened. She joins the Algerian Maquis. Luc Jaundreau, a captain in the Foreign Legion, is deployed to Algiers. During a night patrol, the light from his Jeep catches a young woman on a deserted street. He stops and questions her. Terse, she offers a flimsy excuse about searching for her runaway dog. Luc doesn’t think her story is credible, but lets her go anyway. They meet again as combatants during a nighttime firefight. Luc comes out the worst, staring into the barrel of Sabrina’s rifle. She spares his life. A third encounter finds both at a New Year's Eve soiree. Shocked at the presence of each other, they manage an awkward, guarded exchange before separating. Yet a different, non-let

November 19, 2022Votefiction history
‘Process > matter means beyond of matter and life.’ By Pawel Kozycz, , This book/project is a continuation of the previous six books on futuristic topics, or rather an outline of the neo-evolutionary model, active participation in shaping the micro-macro cosmos and its properties. - "Masters of life and universe", - "100 Verses for Life and Space Re-creation: Nature Must Be Changed, and It Will Be Done", - "Neo Creation of Life and Space / Matter: Or Micro Drone Revolution", - "Towards the foundation of the mechanism of (neo) creation", - "Beyond the nature of life and stars". It is an indication of the directions, models, and formulas for the transformation of all structures and their properties generated by shaping and processing these structures by every participant more or less consciously participating in this neo-evolutionary process, and at the same time not closing with any permanent laws. The book is a proposal; it is a manifesto; it is a definition; it is an established right and, at the same time, the human right to participate at this end of the economy of resources, structural and process potential of matter and life. The book(s) is based on articles written on LinkedIn Pawel Kozycz, Twitter [email protected],, and earlier also on Facebook with about 3 000 fans...

November 19, 2022Votebusiness-investing education-reference politics-social-sciences
‘Cyberspace government network ‘ By Jacob Milburn, About the future of the government and how science and technology would definitely create better opportunities for people who really rely on technology and the government and would change people's everyday lives and to help people create better fundamentals for science of cyberspace including transition to cyberspace government from modern government like digital transformations that will help people become smarter and more richer and more innovative with more creative ways for social media

November 18, 2022Votedystopian education-reference
‘The Book of Power’ By Charles Quince, , My work The Book of Power is an epic, 40,839-word supernatural thriller featuring Hope Bankston, an ambitious but inefficient financial investment manager who must decide if achieving her greatest desires is worth the price of losing her soul. Hope has fulfilled her dream of working for a prosperous investment firm. However, there’s one caveat: her inability to do the job. Her situation would be hopeless if not for a beacon of light in the form of a magical book that she received as a gift from a fortune teller. Without the book’s help – provisional on a troubling set of conditions – she would never have made it at the investment firm. Then, disastrously, she loses it. Her confidence in her own future is threatened along with her already tenuous position at the investment firm. Unable to keep up with her job’s demands, Hope finds herself in despair. The dark entities associated with the book are closing in on her. The book falls into the hands of one of Hope’s co-workers, who finds out not only about its magic but also about the darkness attached to it. Ultimately, with a good friend’s advice – Hope learns that the most important thing is the magic of believing in oneself.

October 31, 2022Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘GOOD CAR, MA’ By alan hurst, , It is a biography of a woman and her 50-year-old Volkswagen van. Peggy and her husband and three children traveled around the world in a 1972 VW camper that they took to seven countries and forty-eight states over a period of four decades. The car is still on the road today. The family lived in England, Mexico, Canada, New Jersey, and California. They traveled and camped throughout Europe. It's the story of a strong woman who kept her family together and provided her children with educational experiences that lasted a lifetime. My name is Alan Hurst. I am the author and narrator of this story. My parents bought the car when I was eight years old. This is not a picture book. It is 22 chapters, 38,000 words, which I understand is short, but I am not wasting anybody's time. It started out as 250 pages and has been whittled down and is tight and fast moving, deep and clear. It is like Old Man and the Sea: Old Woman and the Van. I am attaching Chapter One, as well as an article from the Santa Barbara Independent which I wrote that summarizes most of the story up to 2013, but it doesn't end there.... Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards, Alan Hurst (805) 637-9179 https://www.independen

October 15, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference family-parenting
‘And Then She Persisted’ By Kenisha Coon, , And Then She Persisted, Is the story of overcoming generation trauma, abuse, and neglect. It is the story of standing up against racism. It's a story of advocacy, passion, alliship, and surrendering to stepping into one's purpose. I am a Biracial, activist, speaker, DEIB consultant, child welfare expert, and ally. This book started as many blog journals, schooling, training, therapy, light night talks with my friends, channeling into my spirituality, and a plethora of other methods to work through compartmentalizing though the childhood trauma I endured, and finding myself on my journey to being Antiracst. Although I did not know at the time, childhood trauma, and systemic racism that our county is built upon, really conditioned me to be a person that I had to persist against. Throughout the memoir, I walk through my childhood and all of the trauma, abuse, and neglect that I endured from my birth until moving out of my home. It covers the importance of relationships in my life. It covers finding myself as a biracial woman, who was raised in a white home with no access to my black family, struggling with my identity and finding a springboard of support to really put my all into my journey of identity development and Antiracism education.

October 10, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs politics-social-sciences self-help
‘The Virtues ‘ By Luciana Campiglia, , Bangranstens Academy of Philosophers. Or more commonly called B.A.P. Was at some point a place for the greater good. The most important philosophers would bring their teachings and pass them on to the younger minds. Generation to generation till it came up to teaching every single aspect of life. Now the faces of those great teachers are plastered as sculptures on the halls, its teachings printed on textbooks and they are exhibited on the wall. Their grace will always resemble the elegance of the marble flooring and modeled columns. But at its core, the Academy was broken and no longer kept the greatness it once had. Snobby and foolish kids roam the halls without a single care of what is to teach, or at least for the most part. While the teachers come for the bigger salary that more fortunate families are able to give. But why? Where did this place lose itself? The reason for this hides inside the walls and in the incomprehensible concept that it is time. Because if the students were more careful and opened their eyes just enough to see through the past they would have lived through those big noisy doors at the start of term. But of course, they didn't. Because there are things that can't be forgotten. And the Bangrastens Academy tradition doesn't see

October 9, 2022Votemystery-suspense relationships teens
‘Hall of The Dead ‘ By James PalfiSynopsis for The Hall of The Dead There are a number of realms, The timeless and in-between realms, the abyss, the underworld, the surface world, limbo, purgatory and heaven. There is a lot of magical beings from different magical systems like The Supreme One, Lucifer, Zeus from Greek Mythology, etc. ‘All the myths are true.’ There are transcedents, the most magical of humans that have an ability to flit between realms and left unchecked this could destroy the universe. Eve the first human outside of Adam is tasked with identifying these transcedents and sending them to The Abyss. Meanwhile there is power shifts in the heavens with The Supreme One trying to hold onto power and powerful beings like Lucifer trying to become even more powerful. Possibility of a cold war. Just here it is not nuclear but magical.

October 5, 2022Votefiction
‘The Broken Road: The true story of 10 years of abuse’ By Stephanie Bradshaw, , My book is kind of like an autobiography but its not about my entire life. Its about the ten years that i was abused in every way possible by the father of my daughter. He also abused others so i had to watch as well and they watched as i was abused physically emotionally verbally and mentally. The sexual abuse was done behind a closed door. In my book i describe how i finally go the help i needed to escape and save my children from experiencing the trauma i did.

October 2, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships self-help
‘All The Way To Santa Fe’ By Jackie FerrellSome of us may ask ourselves "do I live or do I die?" when facing trauma and loss in our lives. Considering these exact words may not form in our conscious minds, the feelings themselves can still be overwhelming and all consuming. In my memoir, these feelings were in my conscious mind as a senior in high school and again recently when losing one home after another mostly as a result of mold. When indoor dampness and mold leads to allergic rhinitis, this results in a cost of $3.7 billion annually. With 70% of the homes in this country containing mold, 28% of the US population also carry the genes that make it impossible to process the mycotoxins found in mold regardless of the amount of exposure. When my husband and I begin losing one home after another mostly due to mold, the trauma of each loss triggered memories of my early childhood abuse, resulting in a healing journey no one expected. With each loss, we began another search for a safe and healthy home bringing about healing and revelations never considered for those suffering with the scars of severe childhood abuse. My story begins with the commonality of childhood abuse and neglect, but it's a story of adapting, of determination, and most importantly of never giving up.

September 29, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs
‘Coloring Life: The Experience of Learning Lessons from Losing the People We Love the Most’ By Alise Cortez, , You've lost someone you love. Or, maybe you're about to, or in the process of helping someone make their exit. Your whole life is changing, possibly turning upside down. How do you make sense of it? How do you get through the loss? How do you carry on? This book shares the story of my parental loss in the hopes that doing so you find solace, solidarity, and enlightenment in your own loss. It's also a beacon call to draw strength and lessons from that loss in order to live the best life you can. Death is a great teacher. It helps us learn to live more fully from losing the ones we love the most.

August 31, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships self-help
‘Dancing in the Ring’ By Susan Sage, , DANCING IN THE RING is the story of the tumultuous marriage of Catherine McIntosh and Robert Sage. They meet at Detroit College of Law in 1922. Propelled by their optimistic era, they both dream of ridding the city of poverty and festering crime. Romance blossoms, and then turns serious. Catherine easily passes the Bar exam – Bob fails his first attempt. Yet her success will depend, not so much on her brilliance, but by gaining acceptance in a profession ruled by men.

August 30, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs fiction history
‘Self Diagnosis ‘ By Sam Murray, , Meet Doctor Michael Self, a driven, brilliant heart surgeon who seems to have the world at his fingertips. But when his four-wheeler hits a tree and loses his ability to operate, his life is in turmoil. At the same time, his attention mysteriously shifts toward his family, much to the surprise of his beautiful wife, Melinda. Can he keep his marriage together as ghosts from the past surface, and his ambition for the future drive him to his limits? Throughout the novel, Mike Self discovers both the fallibility of the human body and the resilience of the human spirit.

August 23, 2022Votefiction humor-entertainment relationships
‘The Village Drummer and His Teenage Friends’ By Okachi Kpalukwu, , Alete is a young boy of 13 years old who suddenly came into contact with an old man who was sitting on his hut on a rainy day. The old man saw Alete running home from school and being chased by a fiercely approaching thunderstorm. He did not like the sight, so he invited Alete to take shelter in his hut and wait out the rain. Alete accepted his invitation and sat next to the old man. Fascinated by the old man’s looks and his virulent command of their language, Alete started asking the old man questions, something the old man did not expect. Surprisingly to Alete, the old man spoke freely and without holding anything back; instead, the old man spoke to him as if they were equals, and this uprightness mesmerized him. What got him overwhelmed above all, however, was the old man’s wisdom and wise words. He was so enthralled by the old man’s words of wisdom that he decided to invite his friends to meet the old. At first, his friends were skeptical because they could not fathom an old man befriending their friend, so they dismissed his invitation, calling it a farce. Eventually, and because of his persistence, they acquiesced and went to see the old man. Within hours of talking to him, they too were converted. Their friendship with the old man lasted until the day he died

August 12, 2022Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘The Tale of a Denatured Neighborhood’ By Okachi Kpalukwu, , Daniel Ohahuru is a journalist, an environmental activist, and a native of Rumu-Orashi, a village in southern Nigeria, the Niger Delta to be specific. All his life, he has watched oil companies, such as Shell PB and Mobile Oil, plunder, pillage, and destroy the environment around his village. When he could not take it anymore, he resigned his teaching job and joined a group of Nigerian environmental activists like Ken Saro-Wiwa and others and began fighting the oil companies and the government of Nigeria, on whose behalf, to his knowledge, the companies were operating. Because of his activism, he was arrested and jailed many times, but he never gave up. He came to loggerheads, again, with the government and the oil companies when he joined forces with a group of childless elderly and newlywed women of the village. These women had been made barren as a result of inhaling the air, drinking the water, and eating the food grown in the land. Even though the doctors in the local clinic had told the women privately that their barrenness was as a result of the toxic chemicals in the air they were inhaling, the water they were drinking, and the food they were eating, the doctors could not come out and say it publicly because the government and the oil companies had bought them over

August 12, 2022Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘The Last Daughter of Atlantis’ By Pearl McNamara, , Salina, a girl who lives in an inn raised by an innkeeper and his wife, meets and becomes enamored by a handsome young prince. While out on the town with this prince, Salina finds a man who turns out to be her long-lost father, and learns that she and her long-lost father are the last living members of her race after their homeland was destroyed by the Gods in a story of self-discovery and self-understanding.

July 31, 2022Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Misfits Now, Misfits Forever’ By Sasha Symington, , Set in the late spring of 1999, a group of High-School Seniors who bonded at their local skatepark band together to save their precious childhood skate park from a business wig who plans on turning it into a fancy resort, and in their efforts to save their skate park, the tight-knit group of friends learn valuable life lessons about treasuring past memories, and embracing the future instead of fearing it.

July 31, 2022Voteliterature-fiction relationships teens
‘The Daily Dose’ By MK Foster, , This book walks someone through many bits of advice to aid and encourage their walk with God while struggling with mental illness. It is my personal advice because it's what I learned from my own experience.

July 21, 2022Votediet-health-fitness religion-spirituality self-help
‘ Being Bullied’ By Simon Morrell, , “Growing up is hard enough without the extra baggage of fear.” Being Bullied is a true story and a young adult adaption of the award winning From Bullied to Black Belt. Simon Morrell and his family move to a small Welsh seaside resort from the Merseyside area and this immediately sets him apart from his peers.Skinny, with goofy teeth and a shy manner he quickly falls to bullies and fear. It is a condition he will stay in until his recovery as a young man,He becomes the target for a vicious youth with a grudge. Jimmy, with his skin head, tattoos Carrie’s a knife and his lack of fear is met only by his hatred for Simon, who becomes agoraphobic and suffers panic attacks.He meets Julie and finds salvation as the pair become inseparable. She sees through the hard man image Simon’s father has created for himself as he too becomes a bully to Simon.His factory becomes a shop floor for Jimmy’s drug dealing as bullying turns to violence including an attempted knife attack in Simon.In the end he is forced to make a choice, gain courage or spend a lifetime in fear. With Julie’s help he chooses the latter enrolling in a Fight Academy, surprising everyone, himself included by excelling in the gym and beyond.This true story has been called “the UK’s Rocky Balboa” by the Film Agency for Wales.

July 19, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships teens
‘My Fight with Covid’ By Tangina Ann, My fight with Covid isn't anymore important then anyone else's. It doesn't matter what side of the political fence Your on, if you're pro vacation or not we've all Been affected in some way or another. But Why, How, and who is the cause for all this pain and suffering.

July 16, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships
‘Don’t Touch My Hands’ By Anouk QaraA young girl battles with her inner demons, unaware these demons don’t visit everyone else. The filth beneath her nails consumes her, the unseen germs are everywhere. She begins to figure out that her thoughts and compulsions should be hidden from her family and friends, lest they realise she is different. As years pass, the germs consume her life and she continues to keep a lid on the excruciating pain of knowing the germs are there. Other strange things begin to happen, too. The voice inside her head gets louder each year. The guilt of the words this voice shouts to her grows until it takes up every corner of her mind. The lid is about to pop, as she struggles to hide the truth from the world.

July 16, 2022Votefiction
‘Leonard in Line ‘ By Jessica Skogstad, , Leonard in Line is a story of a young boy that learns the difference between being aggressive, passive and assertive. After lining up in different lines throughout the day, he learns a lesson in treating others fairly and standing up for himself. Leonard learns that when he is aggressive and pushes to the front of the line, his classmates and teacher become upset with him. He learns that when he is passive and lets everyone else push ahead of him, he is quite sad and misses out. After his teacher reads an important fairy tale to the class – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Leonard tries to find his “just right” behaviour. Leonard learns that he can join a line without pushing in, lettings others know that they can’t jump ahead of him. He then sees a girl at the back of the line, being pushed further back. He invites her to join the line, ahead of him.

July 16, 2022Votechildrens-books family-parenting relationships
‘The Healing Connection: Creating a Partnership for Your Health’ By Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH, , Dollar driven decisions by administrators at hospitals, health insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies are wielding too much influence over our medical decisions as patients (and sadly as physicians as well). Alarmingly, one hospital CEO of a $1.5 billion healthcare system said, “People need primary care but not necessarily a physician relationship.” As patients, we are prone to place excessive importance on convenience and satisfaction, as well as the number of healthcare interventions we can obtain at the lowest personal expenditure in both dollars and effort. A 2012 study though showed that patients who were most satisfied with their healthcare had more hospital admissions, higher total healthcare and prescription drug expenditures, and even greater death rates than patients who were less satisfied. The link no doubt is that we report being satisfied when we get more medications, more healthcare services, and more hospitalizations, which then lead to an increased risk of death. In this book, I will explain why I passionately believe that it is only in partnership with an experienced, trusted physician that we can arrive at a joint decision regarding the medical interventions most appropriate for our condition.

July 9, 2022Votediet-health-fitness religion-spirituality self-help
‘Gamesland’ By M.a hill Telar, , Finally, the world treated them right! Sammy, Natalie, and Danny are involved with problems that are much older than their age. But now, Sammy, who has always desired to be a great footballer, Natalie, who wants to be the world's greatest pop singer and Danny, who has strange aspirations, they all possess the most magical instrument in the world that can easily help them achieve their dreams. But that's not all. When deadmarch game begins and all the dead return to the city, Natalie does not expect her kind deceased mother to be one of the zombies. But this is just the beginning and only one of the games.

June 20, 2022Votehorror mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Bulls and the Bears’ By Shelby Leet, , Sesame Street meets Wall Street in this tale of bulls, bears and cherries. When a bull and a bear have to share their cherries, they cannot agree on what should be done. One wants to plan and save for the future while the other is only worried about today. But what happens when it’s time for the bear to hibernate and there’s no more fruit? The Bulls and the Bears is a story of building security that lasts - and it’s never too soon to learn! This fully-illustrated picture book runs 350 words and teaches children the principles of investing through metaphor and rhyme.

June 17, 2022Votebusiness-investing childrens-books fiction
‘THE COME-FROM-BEHIND HORSE’ By Howard GiordanoThis is a collection of “one-off” short stories. Their only commonality is they deal with the human condition. While the milieu of each story varies, they illustrate the complexities of relationships. Each story emphasizes a strong emotional core, and their characters, authentic and relatable, have very real and relevant conflicts.

June 8, 2022Voterelationships
‘Anecdotes, From an Unexpected Source’ By Richard Saxbee, , Fifty very short stories about my very successful life as musician, artist/illustrator-designer, sculptor and businessman. Creativity in the forefront, a dad, husband to three always a life of hard work, long hours and love of life with family and friends. First home ownership at twenty and a parade of homes new and remodeled making money on each one still a fun story and exciting adventure. Often folks say " you did all that?" So I put it all on paper for others to enjoy...

May 15, 2022Votearts-and-photography biographies-memoirs relationships
‘COFFEE-Count On Feet Finding Endless Excitement Excitement in Seattled Senseless’ By Featherz Oomph, , A true story! Dually diagnosed mentally ill and substance use/abuse disorders of an x homeless survivor of Streets finding housing in DESC SHA funded apartments. After coming out of a cardboard box with frostbite that turned into gangrene and got her toes chopped off at Harborview Medical Center. And was there for three months before being sent to Western State hospital for three months. She was also pregnant and after having the baby at Tacoma General Hospital and sent back to Seattle without the baby yet with purpose in mind, to get housing with DESC, ending her ongoing long-term battles with feeling hopeless & homelessness. She would do it for Summerose, her beautiful newborn baby! Big blue eyes and big cheeks, she was a cutie and the time spent together was godly and sacred. Nothing could ever stop her from one day being able to see or be with Summeroses again. Or against. Pics were all she had, after being deemed unfit by the courts to keep custody. History of mental illness with over 16 x spent in Western State hospital.& PALS, a group home on WS grounds. Yet, finally, DESC offered her housing in one of their numerous properties and so began her new life in her own apartment. A home at last starting at the Morrison, moving to the Canaday, ending up (5years)at the Estelle!

May 6, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment self-help
‘Protectors of Life’ By Shari Carper, , The lives of five girls at Valleyview Community college are about to change forever. Aurora, a fashionista with a mysterious past in school to become an esthetician. Poppy, an exchange student from Japan who studies Psychology and phlebotomy. Cami, a self-taught warrior, who takes IT classes. Ella, who is usually quiet and is taking criminal justice classes. Last but not least Sylvia who is the outcast goth and taking psych classes. In one way or another they all came together on just clicked. The first to find out about being a Protectors of Life was Aurora. She found a mysterious necklace with a beautiful jewel. She found it cleaning out her attic in her things she inherited from her grandmother. She decided it was time to go through the boxes. The beauty of it mesmerized her, so she dusted it off and put it on. It would be later that she discovered the other four necklaces that she would give to her closest friends at the college where they all attended. When she put on the necklace for the first time, this mysterious energy came over her, but she also felt a strange uneasy presence. This presence felt familiar from the past. She tried to shrug it off and just focus on this new found beautiful necklace. She had no idea that with the amazing feeling was also going to come a

April 26, 2022Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Pangea crossovers’ By Anthony Payne, , So the story goes like this. The reader will follow the footsteps of John O'Brien a former game warden who has quit his job in Kenya and is now living as a hermit in blackwater state park, Florida panhandle. He is constantly living with nightmares because it was on that last job that he lost his entire family. Suddenly rips and the timestream start appearing throughout the world allowing prehistoric species from the oldest fossils recorded to more recently extinct species to pour forth and spread throughout the world. Power goes out globally and people start to panic. These spatial anomalies also begin to transform the landscape, thus causing land masses to rise up out of the ocean and creating a spider web version of pangea. To make matters worse, a prehistoric mosquito has come forth, and several of these little insects are carrying different strains of various prehistoric diseases that as the reader will come to find out only 10% of humans have an immunity to. How will John and the rest of the people he saves survive? And what is the deal with this terror corporation that is taking an active role in possibly weaponizing these dinosaurs and other creatures with a new strain of rabies?

March 28, 2022Votefiction humor-entertainment science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Wizard of AAAHHS!!!!’ By C.T. HendersonIn this Halloween twist on The Wizard of Oz a little girl named Dorothy is swept away by a tornado to a land filled with monsters where good witches are ugly and wicked witches are beautiful. In order to go home Dorothy must go and see the Wizard of AAAHHS! Along the way she meets a Zombie Farmer without a brain, a Tin Knight without a heart, and a Cowardly Werewolf. The four friends travel together in order to get their wishes.

March 19, 2022Votechildrens-books
‘Casper’s Butcher’ By Benjamin Mailloux, , Clyde Holding is an overnight retail worker at Martins in the city of Casper, Massachusetts. One night, Clyde acquires a pair of crochet hooks that allow him to create whatever he wants. Clyde then learns of the Power and is guided by a ghost girl Serena, who only he can see. Clyde uses his powers at work on night, which causes his bosses to be suspicious of him. When Martins is robbed one night, Clyde uses his powers to repel the attackers. Clyde believes himself to be a hero, however, he is blamed for murder by corrupt sheriff Mark Durn, who seeks to take the crochet hooks for himself. Now on the run, Clyde creates a fortress for himself and prepares himself to fight against Mark and his followers. Clyde longs to be innocent, but how can he be when a whole city is against him? Clyde must decide to either fight and cause more destruction or surrender to crimes he didn't commit.

March 17, 2022Votefiction horror thriller
‘Trust in the eyes of the beholder’ By Latoya Kidda woman who does not know who she wants to be with.her grandmother has her own views about her choice of significance other but she believes that it’s no right . To please her grandmother she sexed with a man who was a drug dealer but she soon realized what a jerk he is when he invite other women into the bedroom she goes off to Canadian to find love and she did but then she wonders was this fantasy or reality so she goes back to the Man and then get pregnant by him twice and the woman wins her back and then there was another situation and that was the babies and then the grandmother has her same views about gay marriages and she tried to stop them but it did not work and now her. Mother has recent the grandmother. She realizes that she wants to be a lesbian Daughter wants her the Grandmother realizes that she has to be faithful to her Bible and her church and then the grandmother turns her back on her family. Her granddaughter realizes that her grandmother is never going to change so the granddaughter had to break way from their grandmother she and her moves into a new place but they had to face another problem there were some neighbors who. Did not approve their life style and there other Neighbors that were opened minded and they decided to fight for the lesbia

March 3, 2022Votereligion-spirituality
‘The other side of the Face’ By Little Red Jones-Smart, , My choice and my mistakes have molded me into the passive nature I am today. I allowed him free will for a life unknown to me. The desire to settle the dust under the cover has exhausted my humor and common sense.....why....he don't get it...

February 26, 2022Votemystery-suspense relationships romance-2
‘Different Worlds ‘ By Maddie Green, , The year was 4035 when a giant earth quake snapped the world in half, it slowly begin to cave into itself. Heptapods (spaceships that fit 10-15) kids, begin to ship kids of the age of 10 to 14 into space to a different planet called Lillon TZ8. This planet is able to sustain life but the Co2 level is very high (this cause symptoms like rashes and boils on the skin) The kids were force to separate from their parents and leave them to die on earth. Any kid that restrain would be killed by a Quakebot (Robot of AI). Quakebots would then erase the kids memories so they had no knowledge of Earth before they brought them to live on Lillon. Lillon TZ8 could only hold 200 kids so once this number was reach the Quakbots would kill any remaining human on crumbling Earth....

February 23, 2022Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Those Giants … and Me (The Most Exciting Challenges in Physics)’ By Moh Tamimi, In this book, I will not explain what is already proved in physics or astrophysics, I will not explain the certain concepts of Kinematics or Dynamics, and also I will not talk about the physical measurements or physical quantities. But I’ll just explain if my researches had made some changes in physics, or just they left some real considerations in the whole field of mechanics.

February 17, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference
‘Stuck in a1970’s Boat Commune’ By Laurel Kamada, When Aurora, 20, moves to Bellingham in the early 1970’s for university after high school, she gets into a bad, controlling relationship with Sam who takes control of her life and has her join him in a boat building project which soon takes on the form of a hippie commune where Aurora comes to feel trapped. Her only salvation is her friendships with other women, particularly Rose, the first-person narrator of the story. Aurora meditates and maintains her sanity while kneading bread and making meals and taking over the housework for a growing group of hippies who she dislikes. She is finally able to escape after the boat building is completed and launched by splitting up with Sam and moving back to her hometown. While the boys all dream of sailing off to a South Pacific paradise, Aurora is the first one to actually travel east to Japan shortly after leaving Sam and his unrealistic fantasies to get on with her own dreams. She learns how to take control of her own life and to pursue her own goals.

February 1, 2022Votefiction romance-2
‘Zavaliv: Spirit of Legends’ By Roman Kurys, , A magical realism fantasy novel that is based on true historical events of the 1700s and is rooted in Slavic mythology and mysticism: Cossacks and Ottomans, Reality and Slavic Pantheon, a nation's struggle for independence and life in a small town on the outskirts of the Empire blend together in an exciting adventure for your heart and mind alike. Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth is torn by constant war and turmoil. On its eastern borders lies a province of Ukraine, a land of proud people whose Cossack army protected Europe from the Ottoman Empire for a hundred years. Roman Petriv, a voivod , retired in a Galician town, Zavaliv looking forward to enjoying some peace after a lifetime of warring but fate has other plans. Ancient forest gods of his predecessors do not feel threatened by a sharp edge of a steel weapon. Ancient Slavic paganism religion and its deities still exist in deep and abundant forests of these lands. Sometimes they become one with the people and meddle in human affairs. When the town witch prays to the old gods and they answer her, things begin to spiral out of control. Will she stand by people who embraced her, or will she choose to explore the power the old gods remind her she has?

January 14, 2022Votefiction history science-fiction-fantasy
‘Drivefree’ By Jacob Milburn, , Drive free is a book about poetry and crime in the futuristic world about a woman and a boy in a relationship that fights crime in China and America like Batman that does martial arts people has never seen before and makes it the coolest popular ways that people love them and thier news stories all the time and the whole thing is like a new style of a sci fi movie it’s the coolest book u will ever find or come across with martial arts in it I have made new styles of it and everything I even come up with new inventions and put it into it to make it feel more futuristic I hope u guys will love it!!

January 9, 2022Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Brilliance’ By Roger Keller, , Born to this earth of human mothers and angelic fathers, learn the story of Brilliance and her friends as they discover who they are, the powers they possess and the battle thrust upon them with the Fallen Angels, their fathers and their demon creatures. See how the hidden messages around the number eleven are completely told. Learn more about our heroes, the villains, the powers, the love stories and this story of perseverance, friendship, betrayal and family being told by Grammy Brill. Our heroes battle Ramiel at the first Landmark, The Eye of God, in order to break the path toward dominating and obtaining power from the other ten landmarks. Brill and the other half angels find their wings and harness their powers against the dark army. They needed to break Passion’s will turning her away from the dark side. Ramiel harnesses her power to control Brill, Mag and the others. Ariel visits Earth to return Ramiel to the Angel Academy washing him free from the darkness. Tiger returns after being lost and presumed dead setting the family toward a future confrontation with Asher’s mystery still to be solved. The story continues.

January 1, 2022Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘They Came From Afar’ By Mike Fuller, , In a small southern town called Elderwhindge of Hollander County, the sheriff’s office received some reports of extra-terrestrial sightings. Initially the reports came from an unreliable local, named Bobby-Ray who claimed to know a space princess, and were disregarded for the source. However, after being contacted from an obscure federal government office, interest in the odd claim was regenerated. The investigation soon discovered unexpected results for the sleepy southern town, and things were not what they seem nor people who they claimed. The federal investigators were never federal but common investigators of pseudo-science. With a concerned religious group also investigating, the sheriff, Edmond Strayer, discovered the lack of validity of a space princess. Learning the true identity of the space princess and having her incarcerated lead to a court hearing resulting in a parent’s stern reaction to the claim. As interest waned in the little town’s story of UFOs, people concluded back to their lives. Tragedy and deceit in its history was just its history. The place from afar was never very far away.

December 29, 2021Votefiction teens thriller
‘Puppet Masters’ By jordy mandersPeople make fun of you? People are rude? People are disrespectful? People humiliate you? People misbehave? People don’t care for you? People hurt you? Do people get worse every day? Movies make fun of you. Movies are rude. Movies are disrespectful. Movies humiliate you. Movies misbehave. Movies don’t care for you. Movies hurt you. Movies get worse every day. There’s no need telling me all about it. There’s a need in me telling you all about it. You have that need. And I’m here, so, from now on, you can continue life by enjoying the ride, instead of leading your life more devastating every day. I know, possibly unlike anyone else, what life is when people do nothing to you but hurt you. And I want everyone to understand the things that are to be blamed, and how they can change those things to turn their unhappiness into happiness.

December 24, 2021Votepolitics-social-sciences
‘A Jasmines Bloom’ By Nimi Jack, , Jasmine expected things to be different coming down to Nigeria from East Sussex but she could never expect the things that followed her arrival. The scintillating hatred they possessed against her, the secrets of her parents past and death threatening letters all bearing her name.

December 21, 2021Votefiction teens thriller
‘THE APOCALYPSE & GLOBAL WARMING’ By Alex Domenech, , I developed a comprehensive method of biblical interpretation based on Relevant Religion Research, the Bible, and Scientific Environmental Science. Thus, bridging the gap between Biblical/Religious Content and Anthropogenic Environmental Issues (Man Made Causality). My Interpretations include Biblical Verses, Associations, Biblical Climate Change i.e., = 3years & 6months Drought of Elias, The Apocalypse = 666, and Anthropogenic Climate Change = 3.6° GLOBAL WARMING. Thus, my Interpretations are based on Research, Numbers, and Science.

December 17, 2021Voteeducation-reference history religion-spirituality
‘Boomer and Halley – Election Day, A town votes for civic responsibility’ By Mary Jane McKittrick, , Look out! Red, white, and blue streamers and confetti can mean only one thing - an election is taking place in the small Southern town of Shady Pines. As his name implies, Mayor Beauregard P. Fibbs may not be telling the whole truth about the town's missing money. What should the people do? Who will run on the Common Sense Party ticket against the mayor's Gimme Party? The Sanders family of four will play a big role when Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog, and Halley's Comet, a silver streak of a cat, elect to get involved. Parents Harold and Edna have some banner ideas of their own. Honesty and responsibility are up for debate, and the kindness of a close knit community is the big winner! The book includes four embedded basic values (Honesty, Forgiveness, Responsibility, and Pet Care) Questions on a perforated bookmark allow for discussion between adults and the 6-9 yr old reader. Author Mary Jane McKittrick wants to repackage this timely, Mom's Choice Gold Award-winning, previously self published book with the help of SOOP Publishing. Mary Jane is a native of Los Angeles, California, with a career that spans television entertainment, TV broadcast news (anchor, reporter, producer), corporate communications and consulting.

December 10, 2021Votechildrens-books family-parenting humor-entertainment
‘Just Between Us’ By Ted Chase, The story opens in 1950 when Brad Reynolds enrolls in college. He is the well brought up son of an African American physician and his wife. It is an upbringing that stresses propriety. Brad meets his roommates...Eric Moore the confident son of a black judge, and Tony Williams the reticent son of educators. They cautiously take part in campus life, but they remain inseparable which causes them to confide in one another. Eric reveals a terrifying secret, made worse when an unspeakable scandal erupts on campus. Eric’s secret stuns Brad and Tony, but they also have secrets. Still reluctant to use the ‘H’ word (homosexual), all three roommates come to grips with their preferences. After two turbulent years of college, and against the objections of their families, they move to New York. Eric, Brad and Tony are nonchalant about the advantages of prep schools, summers at Sag Harbor and Cape Cod, and trips abroad; but there are unexpected dramas. The most shocking is the near-death experience one of them has when returning from Europe with his lover. The experience forces them to understand that life is too short not to reveal who or what they really are. They must face their secrets with no outside help. There are no black churches or organizations to provide guidance or affirmation.

November 23, 2021Voterelationships romance-2
‘Crisis Zone’ By James EkunodeLife is as usual for a young boy, in a small, quiet town on planet Tron. Waking up, scavenging for items in the Wild Pit, avoiding the Sovereign's Order, and coming home to his roommate and friend for most of his adolescence, Meta. That is, until one day, he wants to realize his dream of becoming a Starwalker, a soldier who is highly trained to take on multiple missions to protect the galaxy and beyond, one of those tasks being to eradicate the pandemic that claims the lives of hundreds of millions of lives throughout the galaxy, known as the Exo virus, by fighting the monsters that create and carry them known as Exos or Exo beasts. Many don't believe in him because he was rendered unable to grow in power, but his determination is going to start him on a journey that he won't soon forget, carrying him through events that shake Agus star system to its limit.

November 22, 2021Votescience-fiction-fantasy
‘What is Indigo?’ By Marcus MulengaThis short story explores the colors of the rainbow, focusing on indigo as the least known color that we need to find examples of. It is a very unique and creative story told in rhyme that is also very educational, but in a subtle way that won't seem too overbearing. At the end, readers will be able to name plenty of things that are indigo!

November 8, 2021Votechildrens-books
‘Bella’s Check Up’ By Chelita Hagan, , 5-year-old Bella is a little nervous about her check up for school.

November 1, 2021Votechildrens-books education-reference family-parenting
‘Testing The New Books’ By Sonu Sodh, , Flow Test

October 28, 2021Votehumor-entertainment politics-social-sciences religion-spirituality
‘The notes of a Valravn’ By Atlasi BehniaSeren had grown up as a malevolent Valravn, like any other kid who their parents are Valravn. One day, Seren finds out that her parents can’t keep her anymore and they want to send her to the Ravenville mansion for ever. There, in ravenville mansion, Seren finds a few friends who are valravn like her, but there’s a problem: those young valravn’s are stuck in Ravenville because of a lord who no one knows his name. The only thing they know from that lord, is that he has no human-friendly goals. Because that lord is Helblindi, the brother of the trickster god, Loki.

October 27, 2021Votefiction
‘More Than Just Friends ‘ By L B Hulme, Lauren had always been unlucky in love until she was introduced to an amazing man. He was off limits to her but that still didn't stop her. Or him. She was playing with fire and it was only a matter of time before one or both of them got hurt.

October 20, 2021Voterelationships romance-2
‘VICTIMTOWN: An Unavoidable Destination and the Gifts it Offers’ By Liz Long, Unsolved murders are sensational. Liz’s trauma was not knowing if the family member was alive or dead for five years. Seven ‘funny-not-funny’ childhood memories show readers how she adopted similar futile coping mechanisms as their own. Victimtown is designed for awareness through an analogical exploration of the Ego Arena, Control Factory, Guilt & Shame Café, Denial Walking Trail & more, by the voices in our heads. The Heart Voice (HV) Power Plan enables our exit. To Catch a Killer, on the Oprah Network, July 13, 2015, featured this case. We are all victims of our childhoods.

October 7, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs self-help
‘The Prodigal Mom’ By Lynne ShaleThe true crime story of how I used Facebook to solve my son's murder.

October 4, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs
‘A Heck of a Hex’ By Doug Robbins, , Dalia is cursed by a fan of her YouTube channel at the mall after she spurns him

September 23, 2021Votehorror science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Quick Quick Slow’ By Bob Duplantier, , "Quick Quick Slow" is a screwball mystery set in a ballroom dance studio. Entire manuscript available at

September 15, 2021Votefiction humor-entertainment mystery-suspense
‘My Father’s House’ By Mathew Daniel, , My Father's House, a fictionalized memoir set in India, is about an Orthodox Christian
family from Kerala. They live in a third-floor tenement in a mill town in Bombay. Daniel's
clerical salary is not enough to take care of his wife Rachel and three children, let alone the
helper Narayan and the two or three constant guests who live with them till they find jobs. He
has to borrow left and right to keep up this kind of philanthropy. The older children, John and
Elisabeth, resent the self-inflicted penury and know the cause. To Mathew, ten years younger
than John, every new face is a playmate.

When Daniel is 44, an auto accident severs his arm at the scene. An improbable survival
story follows, and their lives change forever. John joins medical college a month later, and
Elisabeth follows three years later. Daniel's caretaking and comfort become the mission.
Tenement living is the first issue. After John leaves, the family moves to a ground-floor railway
quarters bungalow in the suburbs. Next comes the luck of the draw. Mathew, 11, escapes being
killed crossing the railway lines.

Daniel's health declines after he faints at work when he is 50. Under the neurologist's
care, it only worsens, and after one fateful encounter with him that becomes a death sentence,
Daniel's condition nose dives, and he soon dies at 52.
Problems brought on by John's interfaith marriage to a classmate enflames the joint
family after Daniel's demise. Sad beyond sad and missing his father's guiding presence, Mathew
sees a glimmer of hope when he steps into his father's mansions. He makes a consequential
decision and leaves home to veer back on track.
The inspiring story unfolds with insight, humor, and humility as seen through the eyes of
a child. Told in the first person, it covers the boy's first 17 years.
I retired early to write it. Got it down to 72000 words after it bolted to 87700 words.
Beyond My Father's House, a second book nearing completion, tells a story about a friendship
forged in India and renewed in the USA. Steeplechase and Other Stories, a book of short stories,
is also in the works.

September 13, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs relationships religion-spirituality
‘The Bowen Book of Poetry’ By Lizzie Bowen, , The Bowen Book of Poetry is a collection of poems discussing mental health, death, grief, life, identity, and what it is to share the human experience with others. This book seeks to find like minded people and bond them through the love and art of poetry.

September 13, 2021Votearts-and-photography religion-spirituality self-help
‘ A LIFE OF PURPOSE’ By mercy karanja, , This is my story, a black African woman born in rural Kenya invited to support work in Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in Seattle, USA. Growing up in rural Kenya to a farming family, with no electricity or running water, my early life involved picking coffee, working the land with hand tools, fetching water uphill from the valley everyday among other household chaos. This was the normal life in the rural community for every family, hard work, with meager returns. I was convinced life could be better than my experience. That fueled my passion to study agriculture with the urge to improve the lives of rural communities. I attended a primary school with no textbooks and no record of graduating students to high school. My older siblings attended a better school about five miles from home. When it was my turn to be enrolled, asked my father whether I could go to the nearby school. He told me this school had never graduated a student to high school. I said excitedly, then I will be the first! My father agreed! I went on to be first student to get distinction in the life of that school. The headmistress of the best high school in Kenya then, came to my home to enroll me to high school and see this “unknown primary school”. This enabled me to pursue my dream.

September 10, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs family-parenting religion-spirituality
‘Illusion’ By Daniel Ugwueze, , Detective Lee Cha-Eun just survived a plane crash while returning to Korea from his vacation. At the same time the girlfriend of a famous book writer is murdered and the book writer becomes a suspect. When Lee Cha-Eun is put in charge of the murder case he tries to put the missing clues together and catch the murderer but ends up bringing about an even bigger mystery.

September 6, 2021Votemystery-suspense romance-2 thriller
‘Cape to Falls: Notes From The Road – An African Adventure Travel Journal’ By Juhi Modi, On an ambitious road trip through Southern Africa, covering nearly 6,000 km in 4 countries over 21 days, the author saw stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife. She traveled on lonely highways in some of the remotest parts of the planet and developed lifelong friendships along the way. The endless, empty spaces made her marvel at the vastness of the world. She slept under wide, open skies with the stillness of the night interrupted only by the sounds of the African bush. The deep isolation of the Namib Desert and the unique beauty of the Okavango Delta left her spellbound. Starting in Cape Town, South Africa, and ending at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, this epic road trip took her through some of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. This travel journal is a description of the experiences and sights that made her gasp in amazement, accompanied by beautiful photos that capture the essence of this great continent. Be warned, this book will make you want to pack your bags and take off on an African adventure.

August 28, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs travel
‘Deep Testing Book’ By Deep Testing, , Just started testing this Book idea for my ZOHO Development

August 24, 2021Voteeducation-reference science-fiction-fantasy self-help
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Abhi Kumartestify

August 18, 2021Votereligion-spirituality
‘Sherlok Homes’ By Abhi Kumartesting

August 18, 2021Votedystopian
‘Inception’ By Ben Ten, , Testing the document in CRM.

August 17, 2021Votechildrens-books religion-spirituality romance-2
‘Tofo’ By Tomy Blinder, , testy

August 16, 2021Votebusiness-investing humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘Tofo’ By Tomy Blinder, , testy

August 16, 2021Votebusiness-investing humor-entertainment literature-fiction
’49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy’ By Bill Kuhn, , An outrage book about the Republican Party, one that will inspire anger and action, particularly in new voters. That’s what you’ll find here, in 49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy, which makes the case that Donald Trump was not an aberration but the logical conclusion of what’s been happening on the right for years. I’ve divided it into 49 different short chapters, each of which focuses on a different way that the Republican Party has poisoned our political system with a deceitful, no-hold-barred, and often blatantly racist style of politics. The chapters are configured in such a way that readers can easily share and debate a single chapter in isolation; each stands alone as a well-researched entry contribution to the national conversation and debate. But they also work as a whole, in that form equipping readers with a fundamental understanding of how the GOP has operated in the past several decades—what their motivations and allegiances have been, and how they’ve done a masterful job of propagandizing and fear-mongering.

August 12, 2021Votedystopian education-reference politics-social-sciences
‘Show man respect’ By Raeshawn Roche, , This is a 5 page book that everyone could read or give it as a gift for father's day or birthday even if their is a male figure in ur life that you look up to Pg1. Show man respect It is very important to show man respect because when you show man respect you are making man stronger and wiser you are showing that you appreciate the hard work and effort that man is doing. No matter if you are male or female knowing that God created a man to be strong and powerful is respecting god at the same time. man go through so much on a daily basis in life that man needs family or friends to help ease the pain that he go through in the evil world. Who will protect his family with all of his power through rain or stormy days? Who will hug you tight with the strength of a bull to make you feel like you are safe. Pg.2 The lord put man on this earth to be a hard worker a provider and a loveable husband and that's for sure if you ever have problem with man make the situation better and give man space and time. Every man is a good man some times man can distracted by other things in life that makes him wanna give up and we all been their before with love and showing respect we can keep man strong and natural as the lord created Pg3. Eventually man can get tired from everything build up and

August 10, 2021Voteeducation-reference family-parenting relationships
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Ben Ten, , testing the duplicate entry

August 10, 2021Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Ben Ten, , testing the duplicate entry

August 10, 2021Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘zoho’ By piku pie, , testing website

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality romance-2 self-help
‘zoho ‘ By piku pie, , testing website

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality romance-2 self-help
‘Bahubali’ By gaurav singh, Testing The Webform In Crm And Flow

August 9, 2021Votemystery-suspense relationships
‘Ramayan’ By RAHUL SHUKLA, , Ram Goes To lanka To rescue Sita From Ravaan

August 9, 2021Votearts-and-photography business-investing politics-social-sciences
‘Marvel’ By Amit Kumar, , Iron Man Fight With Thanos

August 9, 2021Votehome-garden politics-social-sciences science-fiction-fantasy
‘HBO’ By Mark GegarberkBatman Fight with superman

August 9, 2021Votehorror
‘Avengers’ By Pem PemiA team of Superhero Fight With a space Fight With thanos

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality
‘Testing ‘ By Testing KumarTesting The Flow

August 9, 2021Votepolitics-social-sciences
‘Redemption’ By Jason Bahre, , Danny is from New Jersey, his Occupation is a criminal defense lawyer and while away on a business trip to DC he meets a young and woman named Julie. He has an opportunity to have sexual relations with her but his conscious wouldn’t let him. One week later Danny’s curiosity overwhelmed his conscious and he found himself back in DC to meet with Julie. Danny broke his vows of marriage and without his wife Jolene knowing- as of yet. He lost her trust, her love and her companionship. It was a cold Christmas morning when a stranger knocked on the front door of Danny’s house bearing both good and devastating news. The stranger significantly changes the directions of the lives of three people with the news that was brought fourth to Danny and Jolene this Christmas day. Years later Danny’s life is changed again when Kevin tries to take a vengeance on Danny’s daughter. Angela is Danny’s new found girlfriend and her father is a very powerful influence and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards women

August 5, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘TO Kill A MokingBird’ By Sohil Khan, Mystry And Crime

August 5, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense
‘Sherlok Homes’ By RAHUL SHUKLA, Seach Crime Mystry

August 5, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs mystery-suspense
‘Sherlok Homes’ By gaurav singh, , Mystey

August 5, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs relationships romance-2
‘Sherlok Homes’ By gaurav singh, Investigation in London Crime Sceen

August 5, 2021Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Vice Versa’ By Michael Goodwin, Imagine if the US 2020 presidential election was the mirror image of the 2016 election, with the Biden campaign accused of receiving funds from China. In this alternative universe, the media is mostly pro-Trump and the FBI rife with MAGA supporters. Imagine a different election result, thanks to this China falsehood. Thrown into this vortex of political intrigue, disinformation, media complicity and FBI abuse of power is Gary Wang, a minor staff member of the Biden campaign. As a result of unfortunate co-incidents, drunken misunderstandings, and erroneous presumptions, Wang becomes the primary suspect in arranging money from China to Biden. Consequently, his life is turned upside down and inside out. The only people who stand beside him are his lawyer, Ramon Aruba, and his Jamaican girlfriend, Amancia “Manny” Carleton. A dark secret from his past causes him to flee as a fugitive from the FBI. He finds sanctuary in the most unlikely place, with his estranged brother, Joe, who runs a criminal enterprise out of Chinatown. Vice Versa is a satire of politics and media in present day America. Both sides of the political spectrum have their oxen gored. Vice Vice Versa is also a romantic love story between Gary and Manny as as well as a brotherly love story between Gary and Joe.

August 1, 2021Votefiction thriller
‘Unearthing Utopia (tentative)’ By Dhara Parekh, , The year is 2125. It is tragic getting your Earth visa stolen before you even land on Earth’s spaceport, but there is no greater tragedy than having your lifelong dream shattered and getting deported back to the only home you’ve known- an asteroid called Zenith. Lyra is an introspective and detached citizen of the said asteroid, an almost utopian nation colonized by humans in the 2050s. As an asexual individualist prisoned in a traditional, collectivist society, she wants to escape her restrictive life and move to Earth even though the planet has turned into an authoritarian superpower. In doing so, her path crosses Aryabh, an ingenious, self-serving hacker from Earth who has spent his entire life with a tunnel vision of doing just the opposite, escape the tyrannical Earth and settle on Zenith. To achieve that, he is ready to do just about anything, including con and use Lyra. Desperate and lonely, and having immigration to a different land as their only goal, both Lyra and Aryabh face their fears, fight their demons, question the status quo, and explore their individual societies. In their chaotic lives, their only solace is their evolving friendship with each other.

July 19, 2021Votedystopian literature-fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Pay For Our Sins’ By John Kerr, , What would you do if a serial killer, like Hannibal Lector was able to access your cellphone, every bit of information on it and control it remotely? That is the question "Pay For Our Sins" asks. Joe Pope is nearing retirement from Riverside PD when he must travel to his former homicide division in San Diego to deliver evidence in a murder case. No sooner has he set foot in his former hometown, Pope is caught up in an investigation of a serial killer terrorizing America's Finest City. Pope quickly discovers the killer has a brilliant mind and is always able to stay one step ahead as the police pursue him. No one with a cell phone is safe.

July 15, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Disorderly Justice’ By Chris Murphy, , An ex-police homocide detective who, after seeing lots of injustice, and ultimately losing his job, decides to take matters into his own hands. He becomes a hitman, but if the reason the customer wants somebody dead isn’t acceptable, they might find themselves in the firing line.

July 14, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Blended’ By Tiffany Riggins, , Violet is a Freshman in college, coming from a large family she needs to get a job to help pay her expenses away from home. She had saved up enough from her summer job to pay for her first semester and planned on using that time to find a job on campus. She is offered a position there as a busser most days at one of the local holes-in-the-wall cafes. Ecstatic about working at her self-proclaimed home away from home she begins to get to know the other staff. They all went to the ballet together just before spring break and Violet could see the magic in the way the women moved and seemed to almost hover in the air. When they returned they found the café had caught fire, the cause was unknown but the theory was that one of the machines shorted since they were all second hand. This is when, while consoling Melissa they find out the shop had only barely been getting by. They need $50,000 to repair and replace everything they would have to permanently close. After several fundraisers, Melissa tells them the landlord that owned the space would be canceling their lease. Everyone was shattered by the news. Violet told them she had an idea to keep everyone together if they didn’t mind a few changes. They opened up their new shop later, Brews n’ Books.

July 12, 2021Voterelationships science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘I want you only for me ‘ By Melany Velasco, , My life since I can remember has always been perfect, and that was the problem, not all my life I had the use of reason or was aware of my actions. Being in the black hole that I was in was not having a perfect life, being honest with myself for the first time, I never had a perfect life, I just pretended it was. But I was never aware of it. it's like being locked inside a glass cube, everyone thinks it's beautiful inside but only you know how catastrophic it is It all started when I met him, losing control for love is the madness that any human being could not commit, but still he does. We do anything to grab the attention of those we want and when we are in that limbo, we don't know what to do, knowing that we will lose the game, even if we have three men scattered on the bases and two strikes, we only have to stand in front of that person and say "I love you just for me" and it is there where the glass breaks and everyone is aware of what is really happening, but is it good or bad? (This is a book written in Spanish)

July 9, 2021Votemystery-suspense relationships teens
‘Have you slept in Cabin 13?’ By Britta Tellvik, , Stephanie Wallace, or as she preferred it Steph. Short and simple just like her life. That is, until one summer when she decided to go to camp. Her and her little group of friends set out on a camping trip that would change their lives forever. The "MOUNTAIN CORE CAMPING TRIP". Coming from Wallace town and being the Mayor's literal daughter there was a lot riding on this trip. Not only was she supposed to help out with relations with the people from the town next door since they weren't on such good terms. She was supposed to also not get into trouble. Now that's a bit hard when you are as curious as Steph is. Especially when all her friends tell her not to sleep in cabin 13 but she decides to sleep there anyways. Secrets are uncovered, rivalries she never knew existed, friendships she never knew she had, long lost siblings? Her world comes crashing down as she uncovers them one by one. This thin web of lies, but will she decide to reveal them to the world?

July 7, 2021Votehorror teens thriller
‘Vaticinium’ By Erik J. Wolfe, , Vaticinium centers around nineteen-year-old Alexander Jacobs, a witch who is told since birth that he has some incredible destiny. The thing is, he has never been all that spectacular with average grades and seemingly no magical prowess. The winter of his nineteenth birthday he goes for a walk to clear his thoughts, but as Alexander turns to go back the way he came. He suddenly realizes he isn't leaving any footprints behind him. The snow isn't heavy enough to have already cleared away his tracks, and there are now two moons in the sky above him. Still dealing with the emotional aftermath of leaving his own world for another and living with elves, he desperately needs a confidant. Owen Leinster, one of the elves who rescues him when he first arrives in Ellond. Owen and Alexander have an instant and natural connection and soon become fast friends. But are they just friends, or more? Can Alexander figure out his prophetic fate all while trying to figure out his own sexuality?

July 4, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You’re Running Out of Time’ By Ryan LindnerOne day everything went black. “I’m going down now,” I said to a young woman a few seconds before the darkness—my first cardiac arrest. It soon became maddening to hear a client expressing their distress about the all-consuming daily problems that now seemed so small to me. Problems often become magnified when you have the energy to give them. You could say THE HALF-KNOWN LIFE is a book about productivity, and it is, yet not productivity in tasks but rather productivity in experiences. It’s not just a book about being busy; it’s about the Why? and the What for?

July 3, 2021Voteself-help
‘Ocularum: The Artifacts of Lumin Book Two’ By Alia Luria, ,

What if we had to take a 600 year break from technology to save the Earth? That is the backdrop to the Artifacts of Lumin series. Advanced technology, all of which is derived from the electrochemical properties of plants, has become nothing but myth to most of the populace of the planet Lumin, but to those who keep the secrets of the past, a war wages between those sects that think it's time to turn the lights back on and those that think the planet needs to be preserved at all costs.

The Clerics wish to protect and limit the use of the Network so as to preserve the planet. The Druids believe that only by activating the Network fully will humanity find a way to solve their power problems permanently. Two factions work for the same result, but will they ever get along?

Three friends, fractured. Mia hears the trees and feels them, desperate to heal the planet. Cedar, now partially blinded, has walked the path of peace since birth but grapples with a growing rage boiling in his blood. Both have chosen their side, and Taryn, their former friend, has seemingly chosen hers, but all three must face their past betrayals as they try to understand the truth and their roles to come in the future of the planet Lumin.

July 1, 2021Votedystopian science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Spencer the super owl vol 1 ‘ By Michael Hinton, "Hero's are born not made"Spencer always wanted to be more then he was, he longed for adventure.But Spencer couldn't have predicted the events that unfolded, the people he would meet, friends and enemy's and the sacrifices that were made and would have to be made.

June 18, 2021Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Clutter in my Closet’ By Brendon Holden, , Jill is an average young girl, or at least she thinks she is, never recalling the pain she buried deep inside, presenting herself to be flawless. During a pandemic, she helps some of her newer friends escape the sickness happening on the outside world—and in doing so she uncover some new things about the new mansion her family just moved into. Bizarre things begin to take place within the mansion, including traveling to other realms within the closets—of the mansion; some she goes on by herself and some her friends experience with her. On one of these journeys, she meets a critter named Clutter that begins to threaten her and her friends, saying, “I will burn down your house.” She, her siblings, and friends must stop Clutter and save their fortune—to have a family and normal life once again.

June 15, 2021Votefiction literature-fiction teens
‘the shadows chasing us’ By britta tellvik, , Ashley, 15 is your average American girl. Well, not so average after she finds out that she has "abilities" that surpass human understanding. She meets Luke who's 16, arrogant, confident and handsome. Through everything that happens they somehow circle back to one another, always. She also meets Jacob, who's 15, shy and handsome. But the main question is, who is meant to be with her? Through this tale of love and pain Ashley learns not only the meaning of sacrifice but the meaning of true love. She struggles with the deepest feelings as she navigates through life without anyone ever having been there for her.

June 14, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘the Knights Of Bael’ By Andrew Saum, , In a Bleak Future two brothers must venture into a a world of of magic and terrors to find out why the earth has gone and demons are arriving, can they save mankind in time. With Tarot cards that summon Demons to aid them and Sinister groups of men after them its a race to save themselves and humankind.

June 8, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense religion-spirituality
‘Alfie’s Adventures – Hyacinth Macaw’ By Hayley Jane Smith, , I have written and fully illustrated a children's picture book called ‘Alfie’s Adventures’ which educates children about the plight of parrots in the wild in a fun and engaging way. The book aims to educate children about how man-made environmental destruction is threatening the species of fauna and flora on this planet, and how this can be addressed through ecological conservation. This is an issue I strongly care about and want to communicate with the world. There is potential to make this into a series of books, with stories about other species of endangered wildlife, I have already started one on wild African grey parrots. The premise of the storybook is: 'Alfie the African grey parrot loves educating children about the plight of animals in the wild in a fun and engaging way. Alfie's first adventure to Brazil sees Azul, the naughty hyacinth macaw, experiencing the effects of people's destruction to his rainforest home. Can Alfie save the day or is it up to us?' I have attached the fully illustrated and written storybook to the submission form. Please feel free to take a look at my website which includes a portfolio of my other artwork

June 8, 2021Votechildrens-books education-reference fiction
‘Sophia and Cassius’ By Anna Canić, , Sophia and Cassius is the first prose work by the author Anna Canić in the genre of historical fiction. The writer presents well-known stories about the lost paradise and the decadence of the ancient civilization in a different light, focusing on the religious, philosophical and esoteric themes. In the prologue, we meet the true face of the first woman – wise, strong, determined and good-hearted. Sophia brought the art of writing to the world, desperately wishing to love and be loved. Unfortunately, to meet her perfect man, she had to wait... for death, three thousand years and rebirth as Julia Drusilla, the Roman princess. However, this work is not just a love story. In the new body, Sophia is chosen to lead the epic battle of the Good against the Evil. Together with her friends of different nationalities, statuses and religions, brave Drusilla exposes the conspiracies and deceptions of the archenemy. The novel abounds in interesting historical and biblical figures such as Boudicca, Mary Magdalene and Seneca. Despite the celebration of the female principle, the main heroine is not at all similar to the suffragettes, nor does her inner revolutionary clash with the natural order. It is also interesting that the end of the story actually suggests its continuation.

June 7, 2021Votehistory literature-fiction romance-2
‘Grace Anslem’ By Nora Spunky, , PROLOGUE "Maybe I was destined to forever fall in love with people I couldn't have..." Grace was a soft touch, yet remained tough when the tough gets going. It was his guess that she would always forgive. She cleared her throat, gave another wink and sighed. "Laura said that's all part of moving on. But this love thing is hard to find, to forget nor keep." "True" Laurel replied. "Love is never supposed to hurt. It seems you had high hopes on him". "Not really. I only hoped, but was totally wrong". "Don't you think it's for the better?" "Maybe". She said smiling. Right there, he knew he'd have to hold on to her. What do you think?

May 30, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘All About Leo’ By S. Fatima, , Hazel is a high school student, struggling through her boring life. Her life is filled with joy, cheerfulness and fame,her being the beauty Queen of the school.Everything is perfect, just the way she had always wanted. However, nothing lasts forever.... Things around her start to change as she meets Leo, a mysterious yet charming exchange student from Seoul,South Korea. He is charismatic but sometimes his uncanny conduct leaves Hazel uncertain and puzzled about him.There's something about Leo that lures Hazel into an adventure that she has never imagined before....

May 25, 2021Votefiction romance-2 thriller
‘Lunaria ‘ By Lunaria White, Lunaria is a girl that lives alone in her family mansion deep in the haunted woods. Weird things happened in there but what happened this time was the worse

May 22, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense
‘A Dream Inside Of a Dream’ By Kaylee Sullivan, , Dreams are more than a dream, they are the life that you manifest to live, all it takes is just a little bit of inspiration and a push of courage.

May 13, 2021Voteliterature-fiction romance-2 teens
‘Straight outa money… ‘ By Lil Gary Phillips, , I'm 44 from East Texas. I been a electrician for 22 years now. I am a Single father of 3 and their all grown up now. So I have time to write about things I been through. Now then I write Poemsic's ( Poems+music) it's music that can only be read and a beat that only your mind can play.... At least that's how I feel when I read them anyway. So I guess that's makes me the world's greatest poemsic writer! Wow! How lucky you are to meet a living legend! But hey y'all I'm just a normal guy and the pleasure is all mine as well as yours. Hell let's just say we both got pleasured and I hope you enjoy my poemsic's!!!!!

May 6, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘Of Flames and Thorns ‘ By R.B. Ellis, War looms and with it shadows rise. Destiny always picks its chosen one. Garrett was just its next victim. After a plague ravages his home, he is taken in by a young girl and her father, Lord Drathus Firehart. Of course, as a child of destiny, Garrett soon finds out he is the Goddess's chosen. The Druid. It is up to him to save the world from the coming darkness. Is it truly that simple though? With elves at the center of the malice in Faerungarth, it seems impossible to unravel the riddles and bring light onto the shadows. What truths will be revealed? What is destiny's plan for Garrett and who is the one pulling the strings?

May 4, 2021Votescience-fiction-fantasy teens
‘The August Things’ By Alexander Gerolimatos, Lucas is a teenager who is a member of a tiny wodded farmtown just outside of Allentown Pennsylvania. You may not know this area, and that is by design. You see, in this town, things happen that cannot be explained by mans actions or sciences deductions. Recently for example, 33 people have been visciously murdered beyond recognition. The papers say it is the work of a serial killer, but the folks of Brodheadsville know otherwise. This is the work of The August Things. And although nobody knows why or how they are there, everyone recognizes their presence. What are these beasts? Is anyone responsible for this? Lucas, fueled by small town boredom, stumbles upon the first breadcrumb of the trail to truth. But, where their are lies may there also be conspirators who seek to protect their lies from those who wish to find the truth.

May 2, 2021Votedystopian horror
‘Ashes Burning’ By Liss Suarez, , Ashes is a 21yr old psychic witch. She has always been able to predict future events and sometimes even speak to the dead. However after a car accident leaves her with a mild concussion, she is unable to predict the future events about to happen. Like her own kidnapping. Will Ashes be found on time?

May 1, 2021Votemystery-suspense romance-2 thriller
‘… something about Kate’ By WR Blocher, , Jake is a damaged soul. He blames himself for the death of his fiancee in an accident when they were broadsided by a drunk driver. He finds refuge in drinking to avoid the nightmares he can't escape. In a student bar one night, he rescues a drunk woman from a guy who Jake fears will sexually assault her. From there, he and the woman, who is a brilliant scientist but damaged emotionally by an overbearing sexist father who sees no value in woman outside the home, and a subservient mother, begin a journey of healing together.

April 29, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Poemsic’s ‘ By Lil Gary Phillips, I write Poemsic's. Poem + music . Music that can only be read .

April 27, 2021Votehumor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘… something about Kate’ By W.R. Blocher, , Jacob is a damaged man. He was driving to his college campus with his girlfriend when they broadsided by a drunk driver, injuring him but killing Samantha. The accident leaves him riddled with guilt. He turns to drinking to keep the nightmares away. Then one night he is in a student bar when he runs into a drunk woman, who latches onto him. That is something he is not ready for. But after he disentangles himself from her, he sees a guy trying to get her out the bar doors. Fearing what might happen to her, he intervenes. That starts a relationship between two damaged people. Kate, while a brilliant student, has been belittled all her life by a domineering father who sees no value in women outside the home and a mother who provides no support. Together, they start to heal each other.

April 26, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Sport An Original Dog Story’ By Nimborock DavidA dog who had me; or, a dog I had, nearly struck by a car. Several weeks later, I had a dream about the dog escaping his kennel and hooking up with a Native American on a horse.

April 24, 2021Votechildrens-books
‘Embracing the Uncertainties – Sketching Latin America ‘ By Alison Hui, , Life is always a long journey full of uncertainties. Some people prefer choosing a safe route to move on, while some prefer having adventures from time to time. Author Alison Hui is the later one, she works as an office lady from time to time, during the gap period of each jobs, she would take a break to have a solo trip with her sketchbook. She believes stepping out of comfort zone is a way to maximize the degree of personal development. To train yourself as a stronger person is to embrace the uncertainties through lots of problem solving, and each encounter with strangers is like reading a new book. She uses colour and lines to record the screenery and people from her journey, and words to record stories. In this book,she would like to share the fruitful experience and learning inspired her life during her 3 months solo trip in Latin America. The first part is the stories of interaction and observation with various cities, the second part are 10 stories of people representing 9 possible ways of living among the hundreds possible ways of living. The book has been published in Chinese and inspires readers in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the author would like to share the encouragement to the English readers, especially during the current uncertain era.

April 19, 2021Votearts-and-photography self-help travel
‘Memoirs of a Codependent Drug Addict ‘ By Mercy Lockwood, , A woman desperately tries to escape a horrifyingly abusive relationship that is fuelled by drug addiction, domestic abuse and her longing to feel loved... 24-year-old Taylore Tye thinks she has found her soulmate, but she soon discovers he is nothing like she thought - he is what nightmares are made of. One day the man she loves sticks a needle in her arm and slowly spins their life into a catastrophic downward spiral. Now Taylore is forced to live in terror and completely dependent on the man she once thought walked on water but now only subjects her to abuse, rape, and situations that test her will to survive. Now she must do her best to pretend everything is fine and that her life is not in jeopardy. She enrolls in college to distract herself from the reality that has become her life. She pretends things are not as bad as they seem, but deep down she is living a life so horrible you think only to find it in movies. She is pushed to the last straw and forced to face her deepest fears when one night she finds her beloved cat beaten to death in her bedroom closet, she knows Kenny is the one to blame. Taylore doesn't know where to turn, Kenny has isolated her from her friends and family, but she knows if she doesn't leave soon she will be dead.

April 18, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs self-help thriller
‘Tragedy at Three Hundred Fathoms’ By Tom Gaston, , “After decades their story and the truth can now be told.” Following the successful completion of extended special operation missions in both the Mediterranean and Black Sea during the period 6 May 1967 through 6 January 1968, the submarine USS (Redacted) (SSN-Hull Number Classified Secret) was reported missing. After an exhaustive search by surface ships and aircraft, the submarine was located on 24 March 1968 just south of the Azores at the base of an uncharted submerged mountain range at a depth of 300 fathoms beneath the sea. Attempts to salvage and raise the submarine by both the United States Navy and later by the Soviet Military Maritime Fleet failed. Reports of survivors aboard the stricken submarine were never confirmed. On 22 May 1968 the submarine USS (Redacted) (SSN-Hull Number Classified Secret) was removed from rolls of commissioned U.S. Navy vessels and listed as missing and declared sunk. The official details surrounding the tragic loss of the submarine and its crew were never disclosed and remained classified …until now. “A work of fiction inspired by many actual events.”

April 12, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Love beyond boundaries and religion’ By Jeshin Hussain, Allen and Alexa fell in love in a strange way at their workplace whereby Alexa had to leave her husband and kid to be with Allen. A bold decision she had to make to not kill her finally found true love. However, as Allen and Alexa and from two different culture, religion and countries, they face lot of consequences and criticism especially from Allen's family. A never ending fight for being together which was again affected by the pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions. Now they are miles apart but boundries can't kill true love. Can they pull up their sleeve to finally be together?

April 11, 2021Voterelationships romance-2
‘Diary of a wimpy girl’ By Heaven Kostecka, , A spin off of diary of a wimpy kid but about a teen girl who deals with 2 brothers 2 crazy parents and a crazy dog. I want to include a mental health issue yo overcome

April 10, 2021Votehumor-entertainment self-help teens
‘In Those Golden Times’ By Jerry Carrier, , This is a historical novel set in the 1953 Southern California economic explosion. Linda Lou Chambers is White, eighteen, a waitress and a college student. She lost her mother at an early age and was raised in the 1940s by her White jazz musician father and his Black girlfriend Lily, a jazz singer, who became Linda Lou’s mother figure. Linda Lou’s father and Lily were not allowed to marry because California laws at this time forbade inter-racial marriage. Linda Lou grew up in mixed race California neighborhoods and on the road with jazz musicians. Her father died when she was fourteen and because she was White, she was taken away from Lily by the courts to live with Hilda, a White aunt. Linda Lou is intelligent, open, self-assured and passionate. She is comfortable with racial diversity. Her best friend is Pepe a gay Latino. Stephen is a banker an believes he is a good guy, but like many 1950s White men, he is homophobic, misogynist and racist, but insists that he isn’t. The romance between Stephan and Linda Lou develops and then is slowly torn apart as they discover their social differences about race, and other issues at the dawning of the modern civil rights era. This is the story about 1950s White privilege as told from a unique point of view by Stephan, the antagonist.

April 6, 2021Votefiction history relationships
‘”Directions to Mercy Street”‘ By Edward Campagnola, , “Directions to Mercy Street” Manuscript for book proposal I would be honored if you would consider this manuscript for publication. "Directions to Mercy Street" is a follow up novel to published literary work, "Directions to the Dumpster" Novum Publishing. Non-fiction Chronicles a homeless activist writer's journey. It provides accounts of pandemic and civil unrest from a street viewpoint. We follow this advocate for the Un sheltered, as he promotes his first published work, "Directions to the Dumpster", and works for socioeconomic justice. His second book. “Directions to Mercy Street" was originally titled "Directions Home" but with no direction home, his search changes to mercy. He draws parallels of his personal situation with that of the entire human experience. He presents his journey as a microcosm for all of humanity. He feels society, like himself, has been directed to a dumpster. The same requirement exists for the human experience to persevere, they must also be merciful. The manuscript is an autobiography. A market analysis might be found in “People Power and Profits”, “The Price of Inequality”. Joseph Stiglitz. However, this book reflects the socioeconomic viewpoint from a person surviving on the street.

April 4, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference politics-social-sciences
‘The Alluring Voice Of the Woods Mansion.’ By Haroon Vaseem, , Jake, a young man moved to a mystery village known as Anglestown trying to escape from his past experience with demonic forces. Only to be allured by the voice of the neighboring Woods Mansion. The new Neighbors Eliza and children are traumatized by the voice. With little or no help from the villagers, Jake will have to travel to this past too help his new neighbors and himself. What is the Voice ? What does it want? It is up to Jake to solve the puzzleh

April 1, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense thriller
‘Skeletons dance ‘ By Douglas R Brayton II, , A small corrupt town in the pacific northwest called Skeleton Dirtyton USA 98584. A mob of socialists disguised as a town attempt to frame someone anyone for a quadruple homicide that was slow to be solved and costing millions with no real clues in sight. Desperate investigators and careers were on the line and several years and millions of dollars later a fateful but ill fated decision was made to "get" the case solved. A scapegoat was needed and in Skeleton there were plenty of "floating bones" in the dead zone to own. And as luck would have it an eccentric and aging Native American Poet of odd quality and fantastic eccentricities so much so it would be easy to see him go, but failing to see the future this mob of sadistic Socialist agonists would naively embark on a journey emboldened by a corrupt attorney a willing deputy and an indoctrinated municipal judge paid and willing. The would be coup of killers opening a pandoras box of haunt hell and desperate unwant. The soon to be victim an Arikara Indian of a desolate land of wind sun and lost spirits. Skeleton Town in Dirtyton USA was courting a psychic manifestation in blissfull arrogant ignorance that would result in a catastrophic apocalyptic event reducing the Skeletal remnants of the shabby town to ashes and dust..

March 30, 2021Votedystopian horror mystery-suspense
‘Psychics & mediums for dummies. And why John Oliver is wrong.’ By Michael LatifThis book will focus on the science of psychics and mediums; Taking a look at what the living beings mind is comprised of and drawing on areas of science to explore and define the physic-less for the reader. While based on existing sciences, new concepts will be explored through theory and the less proven evidences of life. Providing the reader scientific fact and opinions, to further their own understanding of the unseen. Finally, proving why John Oliver is wrong, life after death exists and there are those in our world who are living in two places at once. We all make it, the good, bad, ugly and evil.

March 29, 2021Voteeducation-reference
‘Mandy & Mia’ By Jenni Laplow, , A single mother, Mandy, and teenage daughter, Mia, are separately fighting for attention from the men in their lives. They have a traumatic past, and Mandy’s alcoholism brings them to a place of ultimatums as a broken family.

March 25, 2021Votefamily-parenting romance-2 teens
‘Mystery manor’ By Black Gold8, , This book is all about two detectives and their cases . How they solve each case and how the ending twisted into another case actually will make you stand in your toe all the time while reading it.

March 22, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense thriller
‘Meta-psychics for dummies. John Oliver is wrong.’ By Michael Latif,

Table of contents:

1: How?

   a: KiloHertz much?

      * Low frequency/long wave - the Kilowave

         + Waves, it’s all about the waves

   b: Neurons. Got ‘em?

      * Only takes a few...

      * The four parts to the mind

         + Memory

         + Self image/identity

         + Instincts

         + Consciousness - I think therefor I am

      * Receptivity

         + What goes up, doesn’t always come down

         + What to expect when you are receptive

      * Sensory inputs of the brain

         + Interpretation of energies 

   c: Neurons. Existing without them.

      * What goes, what doesn’t

      * The mind (a.k.a. Spirit)

         + Abilities

         + Telepathy/Telekinesis?

         + Aging - I think therefor I grow

      * Perception and interpretation

2: Where?

   a: Location, location, location

      * Energy capacity

         + Denser air, not people

         + Mid-atmosphere, kind of like the middle of earth

   b: Transitioning forms (a.k.a. Ascension)

      * Physical to the physic-less

      * Size matters

         + Pico pico

3: What?

   a: John Oliver is wrong.

      * Receptivity of the Hollywood medium

         + The hot and cold

         + Being wrong was never more right

4: Why?

   a: You only live once

      * One life, one world

   b: The meta of it all

      * We all make it, we all exist

      * The good, bad, ugly and evil

      * The meaning of life

      * Cause so, this is reality


This book will dive into the physics and meta-physics of what the living beings mind is compromised of. Based on both fact and historical truths, a view of meta non-fiction will begin to present itself to the reader. Using science to prove basics of meta-physics by building foundational truths to further developing the concepts of meta-science. Proving to the reader fundamentally John Oliver is wrong, life after death exists. We all make it, the good, bad, ugly and evil.

A deeper view:

Chapter one explores the definition of consciousness through existing science and studies. Touching on subjects that are considered not plausible; explored through the view based on scientific principals. The reader will be given a basic understanding, tooling, to use throughout the rest of the book.

Chapter two provides a scientific view for location of the physic-less. Based on already proven facts of atmospheric and electromagnetism sciences, this chapter will draw the conclusion for the reader where the location of the minds are. Proving to the reader that the implausible is not only plausible but actual.

Chapter three takes the gloves off. Getting to the secondary title of book. Taking a look at the Hollywood mediums of our world, exploring John Oliver’s view. Being wrong doesn’t mean the sciences can be dismissed and being right has never been proven, scientifically. The reader will be given the opportunity to understand the business aspect of the Hollywood medium.

Chapter four is based on the opinions of the author and previous chapters. Taking views from recent generations and past to explore the meta of our world while using proven sciences to further the notion of actuality of life after death: We all make it.

March 22, 2021Voteeducation-reference humor-entertainment
‘Insomniac’ By Matthew Gall, , A collection of bite sized scary stories, Insomniac is a horror themed anthology with lots of different types of horror to offer; a mysterious rope crashes to Earth from outer space, science experiments gone wrong, even a few "slice of life stories" with horror themes. Originally Insomniac started as short stories I would post on Reddit, and then edit based on readers feedback, and now I am sitting at 282 pages. Most of the stories within this collection would range close to the 500 word mark, and a few of the others are much longer, more developed stories. Just based on the volume of stories in the collection, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Insomniac. To see if you'd be interested in the stories within, please search for Ninjagall15 online, some stories are posted on Reddit, some have been translated or narrated.

March 16, 2021Votefiction horror science-fiction-fantasy
‘Zombie Magic’ By DJ Robbins, , Andy Dawson must protect his family and friends from a zombie of a warlock, hanged during the Salem witch trials.

March 10, 2021Votefiction horror teens
‘A random journy through small town America’ By Sam Polk, , What is hiding in small town America and are grand stories of love, hope, lose, art, sacrifice, etc. only contained to the movies and places like New York or London? I think not and plan to outline my journey though that process of discovery. I am writing a book or random discovery that captures the lost spirit of small town America and the stories that are contained within. The travels and stories that make up the book are not preplanned and to an extent spontaneously chosen. To ensure the random and spontaneous feel I will use the follow process. The book will be made up of 8-12 chapters each detailing stories from one small community. I am targeting communities with a population of 5000-15000 residents. Each chapter will start with me flipping a coin while sitting in my car in my driveway and drive 1 mile to interstate 75 in North West Ohio. If the coin lands on heads I will drive south on 75 and if it is tails I will drive North. In my car with me I have 2 containers, one with 20 pieces of paper each with a number 1-20 written on it and one with 20 pieces of paper 10 of which say left and 10 stating right. proceeding down the interstate I will pull one piece of paper from each bucket and use them as guidance. For example, if I draw 7 and left I will go 7 miles and take the

March 9, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment travel
‘Blue Fire’ By Ashleigh McCaulley, , Looking into her beautiful eyes, Elijah was absolutely dumbfounded. He wasn’t the type to be so mesmerized by a complete stranger. Before he realizes it, Elijah is love struck by a woman that doesn’t even know he exists. He finds himself continually running into her as if the universe is playing a sick joke on him. Elijah is having a hard time walking the line between stalker and obsession over the woman that he loves. A woman that he cannot rightfully have. Julianna sees herself as just another girl next door even though she is a stunning woman with piercing blue eyes and a mess of curly hair. When her best friend drags her out for a fun girl’s night, Juliana meets the man of her dreams -- handsome, charming, and perfect from the start. He treats her like a princess and promises to take care of her always… but will he always be her Prince Charming? Juliana considers herself an honest person but what happens when Elijah throws a stick in the wheel of the carefully laid plans for her life? As time speeds by, both Elijah and Juliana need to figure out how to exist in this world together when their lives overlap so much. Can Elijah swallow his pride long enough to keep her in his life but only as friends? Or will his heart continue to get the best of him?

March 8, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘landay echo’ By Brian Lynch, , Delaram Durrani is not a terrorist. A refugee and college graduate, she is a career do-gooder. As a child of the Pashtun tribe in Gareshk, she hid in the bushes to listen to women recite their landays by the Helmand River – early lessons of violence and hardship; songs about sex, revenge and anger. She’s been maimed by a drone strike and loses an arm. Philanthropy is no longer her concern. She enlists the help of wealthy Russians criminals, opium traders, corrupt Afghans, Pakistani bandits who traffic the old spice trade routes. Millions in foreign aid destined for Afghanistan is stolen. A plan is hatched. Then she longs for a man she met years ago, an American military officer named Dylan Corey. Several thousand miles later, aboard five yachts, they enter the Caribbean. Her love is in Miami – they plan to reunite. She plans to execute a brilliant attack and kill thousands with drones, he will be tasked to stop her. Neither knows the actions of the other. Delaram is troubled by dreams of young girls to whom she was an idol. She kills her mentor and tries to stop the attack, which is already underway. Corey and his men are alerted – they respond. The attack is ceased, but not before extensive damage is done. Corey is badly wounded and Delaram escapes, never making it to Miami.

March 8, 2021Votemystery-suspense thriller travel
‘between crushes, flirting and broken hearts’ By Vitória Vezzaro, , Like any teenage girl, Ella has many stories to tell about her crushes; so do her friends. One day, she decides to gather them all in a book. The idea was so good that even Ella's mom and aunts end up joining the "crushes project" with their stories from the time when they were still 17-year-olds. This book came to connect generations and show that all of them- despite time- have something in common: when it comes to teenage girls, all of them end up having funny, embarrassing, or kinda sad stories about their crushes to tell.

March 7, 2021Votehumor-entertainment romance-2 teens
‘Your eyes can tell’ By Yhurika Chan, , In which Y/n became Yeonjun's eyes, she's always there for him to guide him and proved him that he's worth it

March 4, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Mommy, Daddy, Where Did I Come From?’ By Debby Samuel Looby, , Children all over the world become self aware at an early age, then start asking questions. This picture book supplies the answers to the parents and children alike, from an international philosophical perspective. It was written with the intent of promoting conversation between adults and their inquisitive juvenile counterparts.

March 3, 2021Votechildrens-books family-parenting religion-spirituality
‘Blind Spot’ By Robert HoffmanIn this comedy/drama, based very, very loosely on my own experiences, a middle aged father of three named Doug Kaplan appears to have it all. An attractive and supportive wife, three healthy boys, and a successful career. He doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities as a father or as a son to his aging parents, and he is valued and respected at work. However, all his life he has been plagued by the accusation that he does suffer from one significant character flaw, a subtle but substantial penchant for being selfish, a flaw that he is largely oblivious to. However Doug’s entire existence will become, much to his chagrin, inextricably tied to Trudy after he accidentally runs her over with his car one beautiful summer’s day in a supermarket parking lot. Can Doug overcome his selfishness and provide the care and patience that the badly injured Trudy requires? Doug’s family, career, and sense of who he is as a person are all on the line as he tries to summon his better angels and do the right thing.

February 24, 2021Votefiction
‘Saving Lonesome Carsten’ By Emily Stalder Johnson, , Kacey Harlow and her best friend, Carsten Hayes, have been inseparable ever since they first met. Even though their introduction was only about a month ago, they quickly determined since they both are outcasts, they may as well be good friends. Carsten is the only one who gave Kacey the time of day. Both are bullied incessantly by their peers, but the pair remain steadfast in supporting the other always in tough times. It's not long after their friendship has flourished that Kacey realizes something is different about Carsten. The troubled 7th-grade boy acts like he has some dark secrets and they have to do with his home life. Not once is she invited over to his house; they always hang out at her place after school and on weekends, occasionally. Soon, things seem to spiral downward for Carsten. His father, a prominent and respected lawyer in their hometown, is spiteful and short with Kacey when she calls, and she begins to see why Carsten is the way he is. Timid, quiet, lost in his thoughts, and just... lost. Lost, with no one to save him. Kacey sure can't, if he won't let her in and allow her to help him. Things take a drastic turn for the worst when Carsten is hurt at home and requires surgery to repair a broken wrist. It seems it was an accident, but Kacey knows better...

February 23, 2021Voteliterature-fiction relationships teens
‘The Archivists- The Alexandria Quest’ By Angandeep Kr Chatterjee, , It’s the biggest secret kept in the United States, more hidden than the Area-51. Sameer Rawath, an Indian student of Archival Science in the US, witnesses the sudden death of his mentor in a Cafe just near the National Archives Museum in Washington. Before his death, Doctor Richard Hedley tells Sam to find a notebook, a notebook that somehow is related to Sam’s long-deceased parents. As he tries to learn more about Richard's mysterious note, he finds the museum guard Mark Brent and receptionist Eva Brown bringing him to a secret part of the National Archives. As he learns about The Archives hidden beneath the streets of Washington stretching from the National Archives to below the White House, a new world opens up before him. But as Sam, Eva, and Mark move through the next levels of solving the mysterious clues, they discover that someone else is also behind the same thing as them. Bewildered, attacked, and nearly dying multiple times, they traveled from Washington to India, from Denmark to the Himalayas to find a terrible truth hidden from the world for two centuries. A truth that was related to the deaths of Sam’s parents during his childhood. But through this adventure, Sam finds the love of his life, Eva.

February 22, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘A Last Look in the Water Mirror’ By Seosamh Ó Riain, Violence which led to the tragic young death of a friend compels Diarmaid O’ Connor to look closer at the world around him. That world has just come out of the horrors of the First World War and has long accepted bloodshed and brutality as part of everyday life. Diarmaid is idealistic and wishes to take a stand against the injustices of British colonisation as he sees it. The problems from without are easier to identify and categorise. Less discernible but equally destructive are the problems from within. Idealism opens doors of great possibility but also paves the path for a very Machiavellian and ultra-conservative leadership, one that fights for physical freedom but shuns its cultural and intellectual counterparts. They want a rebellion, but Diarmaid covets societal renaissance and a cultural reawakening that goes beyond a mere rebellion. A Last Look in the Water Mirror is a novel exploring consequences and how idealism born out of persecution can degenerate into disillusionment and death.

February 18, 2021Votehistory literature-fiction
‘Two Down’ By Joy Christopher, "What if your fifteen minutes of fame. Started right now? ...GO!" Last night at 11pm EST, the name Jerome Salinger began trending number one on social media. Less than an hour before, no one had ever even heard of him. The unknown musician was pulled up on stage at the National Music Awards by one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, Adrian Molina, from the band Average Jo. Adrian was supposed to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to a legendary singer of yester-year but went rogue on syndicated air and delivered the introduction by proxy. In an in-depth interview, following the show, Adrian tells the tragic story of his friend Jerome and exposes how disruption, in the right situation, can blossom into a monumental moment of inspiration. Last night will, perhaps, be forever remembered as one of the greatest moments in rock history and THIS is the story behind that moment. Two Down is a 55,000-word commercial fiction that will appeal to fans of Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. But more than that, it is a story for those who continue to dream of the life they might have had, if only….

February 16, 2021Votefiction literature-fiction
‘Anglo: The Goddess’s revenge’ By Prudence Sibanda, , A young girl is unexpectedly thrown out of her family home, by people who have bought the house without her knowledge. She finds herself out in the street in the middle of the night, but soon gets help from a stranger. Her offers her a place to sleep for the night, and because she doesn't have anywhere else to go, she agrees. She gets to the boy's place and as soon as she walks into the gate she faints. When she regains consciousness, she hears a female voice saying, "she's indeed the chosen one." As the days pass, she finds that the boy's mother wants her to get impregnated by the boy. She doesn't want to, but finds herself attracted to the boy in ways that even she doesn't understand. She tries to run away from the family, but finds herself forced back together with the boy without a choice, but to make the baby as the safety of her loved ones seems to depend on it.

February 9, 2021Votefiction religion-spirituality romance-2
‘Parenting Grandchildren in a Time of Meth, Opioids and Jail’ By Mary Madison, , Hitting right in the gut of parents whose grown children chose drugs over their own children, leaving grandparents to pick up the debris of a broken home and try to heal wounds of children who have seen too much. Walking the delicate balance of being a grandparent and a parent at the same time, especially explaining it to other grandchildren.

February 8, 2021Votefamily-parenting relationships self-help
‘FAR’ By Rahmad Riza, , Kisah nyata seorang remaja yang bernama Riza, melewati perjalanan hidup yang dibiarkan mengalir begitu saja, melewati manis pahitnya hidup, bertemu dengan seseorang yang membantu dalam perubahan hidup. Meninggalkan, ditinggalkan, dan dibiarkan mengalir jauh saja. Sengaja cerita ini gaada deskripsinya biar kalian baca sendiri, biar kalian gak malas sepertiku. Kalo saran dariku, mending baca Al-Qur'an. Judul bahasa Inggris, teks bahasa Indonesia, dialog bahasa Jawa wkwk. memang gajelas, tapi terkadang yang tidak jelas itu membuat penasaran, contohnya alien. Sebenarnya aku tidak ada niat untuk membuat kalian penasaran, atau menarik perhatian, aku juga menyarankan kalian untuk baca Al-Qur'an saja. Aku hanya menulis tentang apa yang pernah aku alami, tentang sudut pandang dariku sendiri, tentang hidup yang sampai saat ini aku jalani. Cerita yang tidak pernah aku sesali, baik buruk aku lewati, bertemu dengan orang-orang yang berarti dalam hidupku ini. Aku menulis untuk kenangan diri sendiri, aku senang, aku bangga dengan diri sendiri bisa melewati semua ini. Let it flow.

February 7, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs relationships romance-2
‘The Grey Sun Between’ By Nedu Kels, , ‘ The gods are not to be blamed‘ The nightmares are their worries cuddled within their deepest mind . ‘ He who wants equity comes with a clean hand ‘ Deceit and betrayal amongst mortals for selfish interest dented their hands as they lost the sacred staff for decades . ‘ What you sow , you shall reap The evil committed by the king to the father was revenged by the son . Vengeance has been planted as a seed in his heart as a child The days were grayed by the dark secrets of their past kings and the silence of the gods empowered them as demigods , they have lost their conscience as mortals But when the heart of the gods was pierced with the king’s injustice , atrocities and blood guilt . The gods couldn’t hide their anger and confronted Umudioka town with a calamity that loomed . The rising chaos in the town struck with unpredicted deaths , famine , strange diseases and mysterious circumstances . The pressure to save the town surged on the prime minister who had lost every sleep in his eyes but he was never deterred when he lost his half . When the gods decided to show mercy and forgiveness , they took absolute charge to restore a lost son and a banished outcast with their destinies to bring back the town to live once again .

February 7, 2021Voteliterature-fiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Chapters of an inner life.’ By Pedro M. Serrano R., , Chapters of an inner life. Time and Space are relative ... The power and projection of an unconscious fragmented mind can become unpredictable and uncontrollable. Dare to enter and be able to differentiate if the chapters are yours or mine. Without a clear memory, but with an active subconscious. The past is unknown, the present is unclear, and the future is uncertain. Is it 5 people or is it just an illusion? Dare to enter the interior of this life.

February 6, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Moira – The Happy Mom’ By Sakshi Damele, , This book is about a working mom who juggles everyday like every other working mom and goes through a range of emotions. What's different, however, is how she gives herself the permission to be happy and the way she creates happiness for herself every now and then, amidst all the chaos. The book has been written like a situation comedy series, with different chapters as different incidents. There is a flavour of humour to keep it engaging. The incidents are relatable for every working mom. At the same time, there is something to take away from every chapter.

February 4, 2021Votefamily-parenting fiction self-help
‘The Care and Feeding of the Mustard Seed and Other Traditions of God’s Love for Us’ By Bill J, , In this workbook, we will attempt to help show the HOW TOs of the process of the 12 Steps to Spirituality. As a companion to the book How Can We Find True Love…The Twelve Steps to Spirituality, we will set out questions and scriptural passages that will help us get the fullest meaning of the process and guide our journey based upon the best of guides, the Lord Jesus Christ.

January 31, 2021Voteeducation-reference religion-spirituality self-help
‘How Can We Find True Love… The Twelve Steps to Spirituality’ By William Joyce, , How Can We Find True Love… The Twelve Steps to Spirituality is a witness to the path of the 12 Steps to Recovery on a spiritual level for Christians. Many will find both joy and peace in these words, accepting the program’s gifts with open hearts and minds, reflecting on their own spiritual growth with their "Higher Power." It is in our relationship with Christ that we find wholeness and a sense of peace.

January 31, 2021Voteeducation-reference religion-spirituality self-help
‘Freddie Spaghetti’ By Gwen Leigh, , Freddie Spaghetti is a whimsical children’s book about a fun loving cat who loves to eat and cook

January 31, 2021Votechildrens-books family-parenting humor-entertainment
‘LOLA’ By E. M. Otten, , A futuristic dystopian novel that follows twenty-five-year-old Lola Quinn as she follows a trail of clues left by her father, who has been reported missing and is the leading suspect in a local murder case. Along her journey, accompanied by her teenage brother as well as a Peace Officer named Jess Kilgariff, Lola will discover many secrets about her father, her family, her past, and her future. In the end, Lola realizes that her father has spent his life traveling back and forth through time, trying to stop her mother from being killed. But every time he saves Lola's mother, someone else is hurt. Lola has her own chance to travel through time and give one last attempt at saving her mother's life, at a cost to her own future. This book explores the question: Would you give up your future to save your past? It also explores how far we will go to save the ones we love.

January 28, 2021Votedystopian relationships science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Conman and the Maid’ By Allie Nguyen, , Reyna Callisto is the only daughter of the High King and Queen of Isolde, a kingdom in the North. Forced by her father to marry a man she can't love, Reyna wishes to run away to Theros, a southern kingdom ruled by her uncle. But Reyna has never left her castle on her own. She can’t do this alone. Rowan Zuko, a con artist from Theros, is being imprisoned in Isolde for killing two royal guards. Facing his death, Rowan wishes to escape and reunite with his family and the girl he loves. But Rowan doesn’t know his way around the castle. He can’t do this alone. What if a mysterious girl shows up at Rowan’s cell one night, claims she’s the princess’ maid and offers help? Should Rowan take the girl with him to the South in return for her helping him escape? And since WHEN did a maid know how to wield a sword?

January 28, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Mr. Salinas’s Thirteen Scary Stories ‘ By Matthew Salinas, , Part 2 in the new, ongoing Horror anthology series of Mr. Salinas's Scary Stories. This anthology wraps up where Mr. Salinas's Seven Scary Stories left off and offers a breath taking conclusion for all the characters and narratives. The seven original stories come full circle while six new stories add depth and complexity to the haunting atmosphere as terror descends once more on Nowheresville.

January 26, 2021Votefiction horror literature-fiction
‘LOLA’ By Gemma DobsonLola is a contemporary, crime fiction novel, which tells the story of Samantha Harlingson, a talented kickboxer who is trapped in a violent gang that belongs to a council estate, Hill Green in Liverpool. After a murder is committed by the Hill Green gang, Sam desperately wants out, but getting in is more easier than getting out. Just when Sam believes her life is set, things take a turn when a new member comes into the gang. Lola is not like the others and Sam desperately tries to keep her that way, but Tyler, Lola's boyfriend has other intentions and pulls her deeper in to their lives. After a drunken nights kiss, Sam tells Lola to stay away from her and Hill Green. She is in denial about her true feelings, but this all changes after Lola overdoses and the two realise they can no longer bury their feelings and embark on a secret and dangerous affair. Sam's boyfriend Jai, Hill Green's leader, plans to taker over the streets when he takes on work for one of England's most notorious men, Ghost and they soon learn why after a friend of the past works with Sam, both intent on destroying Jai. Everyone is hiding a secret in Hill Green. Everyone's past will come to catch up with them, including Lola's, who turns out to know more about Sam than Sam knows of herself.

January 26, 2021Votefiction
‘The Content Marketing Playbook’ By Usman GulmaThis playbook is designed to help marketers & entrepreneurs out there who are trying to make their businesses more relevant in the eyes of customers without sacrificing their business values. The aim of this playbook is to make you fall in love with marketing once more but this time around, from a different angle and a different perspective. Marketing has long been seen as a tool to maneuver public interest and often times it’s in these efforts that we lose ourselves and our values eventually, as we try to do all we can to please the public. This playbook aims to tackle exactly that. By rethinking marketing in such a way that adds value to our businesses and at the same time our own communities we grow even more organically, sustainably, and overall much more effectively for the long-term future and prosperity of all business. For this playbook to achieve its planned objectives our main philosophy is not just about thinking different but “thinking it big.” Our aim is never to settle for less as we try to re-establish the fact that content is truly is king.

January 24, 2021Votebusiness-investing
‘A Dove and A Crow ‘ By Bianca Cange, , I guess you can say she’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome. She was doing so well with moving on with her life or so she thought, but something inside her started missing him greatly. “You know what they say you never forget your first… well he definitely made sure I never forgot him.” Reneé is a college freshman ready to take on the world and have all kinds of new experiences. See the world, expand her mind and discover some boys along the way. Before she knows it, someone stumbled upon her. Is this the longing connection of temptation and lust that she always wanted or is it true that things are not always as they seem?

January 24, 2021Votemystery-suspense relationships teens
‘Surprise’ By Jeff Watkins, , The book is a series of interconnected stories with three main characters. The stories are psychological dramas with surprising twists. Some use folk tales or Biblical references, In some of the stories I mix tragedy and humor. I've been told that some of my stories have a dream-like feel. I also have a short story about live organ donations in China. This story is a psychological drama/horror story base on an account by a Chinese doctor who was forced to participate in this type of operation.

January 21, 2021Voteliterature-fiction relationships religion-spirituality
‘Memories of Today’ By Lisa Hendricks, , This book with paint a canvas of the tumultuous relationship of me and my mother and its after-effects. A canvas painted with life of violent abuse from my mother; both physical and mental; there are MANY stories from my childhood to teenage years. A canvas portraying Reckless decisions and powerful consequences. For example, me desperately trying to escape her caused me to enter into a relationship with a pedophile; which I didn't realize until 25 years later. All i thought at the time he was my Savior. A portrait that makes vivid a life that involved drugs, sex, and the repercussions from that. How I almost destroyed my marriage with drugs and affairs.A portrait that illustrates an overdose that led to me aspirating, and waking up 2 weeks later from a coma. Learning to walk again and drinking thickened water for weeks. A portrait tracing my demons that followed me into my marriage and raising my kids.And finally, a portrait of me narrating where I am now and how I conquered my past and used it to help teens overcome theirs.All these stories will be told in vignettes flashing from the past and present.

January 16, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs family-parenting relationships
‘how to say goodbye ‘ By Nessa Mokobocho, Genevieve is grieving after losing her boyfriend, Matthew, to the cruel hands of death. But amid the chaos, the truth of their relationship before Matthew's death comes to light as Genevieve is given the task of facing her mistakes and accepting the things she cannot change.

January 16, 2021Votefiction literature-fiction
‘The lie of age’ By quakecanary kauthar, Ava just clocks 18, the age she has been waiting for her entire life, the age she can finally be called an adult. With hormones and enticement running through her she drives into the world of adulthood with a high head. But what happens when it isn't what she expected and her high head is brought down by the masculine race of them still seeing her as a teenager. Vexed and pained by the fact that she has waited get entire life for this to be able to go clubbing and finally take alcohol, yet it doesn't all matter when she can't even get a boyfriend, because once her age is known, the males are running out the next door. Perplexed by Ava, when she she has friends who has had boyfriends way before they clocked 18, so why is hers any different? And like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, as Ava decides to woman up and lie about her age, creating a false and different person than she is. But, one can not hide for too long, so let's see how that ends up in her lie of age.

January 14, 2021Votefiction romance-2
‘Of Fang & Fins’ By Kae Ryvera, , Marina Gibbs has spent most of her life underwater, living where a mermaid should live--at least that's what her father says. When she gets the opportunity to go on land and find out the truth about what happened to her 'supposedly dead' sister, she takes the first wave right onto shore. What she doesn't expect is to meet Eryn Verconis, a centuries-old androgynous vampire who makes Marina's heart pound and cheeks flush. She thinks she has much to gain from Eryn's knowing and thinks she might lead her closer to the truth about her sister, but what's she to do when she gets too close to the fire?

January 13, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Under His Wings’ By Emmanuel O Afolabi, Synopsis "How incredibly huge is Your unfailing warmth! Both high and low among men discover spread under the shadow of Your wings!" Psalm 36:7 Indeed God is a Rock in the drained land and a safer haven in the long periods of a whirlwind. The book supports the readership that a position of wellbeing and undaunted love is under the Shadow of the Almighty, henceforth we should resort to their never-ending lay for our security. Psalm 91:1 describes that 'He that stays in the mystery spot of the Highest will stand under the Shadow of the Almighty. This is the thing that "Under His Wings" is revealing to the fans and the individuals who may be fortunate to run over it, to stick carefully to the information concerning the psalmist to continually stand under the Shadow of His Wings. On the off chance that God be for us, who can be against God's choice? Most particularly the individuals who are under the spread wings of God which is undeniably more roomy to oblige the same number of that will run for security. This is the thing that this book is about and it is an absolute necessity to read a book.

January 11, 2021Votereligion-spirituality self-help
‘Dream Job?! (open for suggestions)’ By Ghislaine Regout, , Dear Sir/Madam, As a psychologist, I often work with young people who are still discovering their path in life. Two major themes during quite a few sessions, are career and education. Naturally, a lot of books have been written on this topic, however many of my clients did not feel helped or represented by the curriculum on offer. Quite a few of them are outdated, too. The main reason why I decided to write my own self-help book about career coaching though, is because the first step - figuring yourself out - is the most difficult bit, and is often neglected by other career books. My point of view as a psychologist - as opposed to the other writers of the genre, who are mostly in business - is crucial in this aspect, and sets the book apart. Most importantly though, is that the people who followed the method, actually found jobs they like, which proves the book works. I already published and sold the book as well, but I'm looking forward to talking it to the next level. The manuscript is finished, but I'm happy to make changes when needed. If you want it, I can send the draft straight away! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Best wishes, Ghislaine Regout MSc MBpsS

January 10, 2021Votebusiness-investing education-reference self-help
‘Doctor, Heal Thyself! It Takes a Village! What’s In a Name?! I Have No Title, this part needs work…’ By Going to have one Haven’t figured it out yet, , Author has been a psychiatrist for almost 20 years, working in acute, inpatient setting. The entire time has had Bipolar II disorder and been managing it. This has allowed a unique perspective on mental illness - how we classify it (i.e. what the DSM-IV->V feels like in this patient's opinion), how we treat it on all of the different levels as providers, and how as patients we also have a responsibility for ourselves. I would cove patient secrets that I feel have helped my success in terms of staying healthier and avoiding serious mood episodes. Also, for both doctor and patient, how to have a better conversation in the support short need management time. In a different text, or in a longer version, it could go on to talk about family and community support needed, educational programs, and even how government funding and legal/penal code changes could vastly change the overall outlook of our current system. I am a little bit crazy, but i am also usually the smarter person in the room. I have been both most of my life. I have been sitting on this idea for a while, and am only talking about it now bc this website is awesomely anonymous. I have always wanted to help, never saw a way until today. If you like this, I'll share

January 9, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference self-help
‘The Midnight Demon’ By Itumelang Lekensie, , A story of two best friends on a killing Spree to see who can out do the other one but the twist is they are married faithful men

January 7, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs horror thriller
‘Kimberly ‘ By Jhon Martin putra*kimberly yang sempat kecewa karna diri nya hamil dan dia binggung harus bangga atau tidak karna justine calon suami nya seorang CEO *justine yang bahagia bisa memiliki kimberly dan selalu menikmati hubungan dengan kim

January 6, 2021Voteromance-2
‘The memories we keep ‘ By Meggie Grace, , Our story start with a normal 18 year old girl named Evelyn. Who ever since she was young kept having dreams about a mysterious dark haired man and his friends. The dreams felt real, they felt like memories.. but that’s crazy? How could any of this be real? Evelyn was just a normal 18 year old... boring with nothing exciting about her.. but after one night of running into a few impossible familiar faces could change everything for her.

January 2, 2021Voterelationships romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘So, your mom’s a hoe?..’ By KASSY COLE, , The main character of the book is a little bear named Little Brother. He comes across a friend who has just learned that his mother is prostituting to make ends meet. Little Brother then helps his friend to over come the obstacles associated with his mothers new job choice and to hopefully find his mother a new job that keeps her clothes on. Its a comedy for the new age. It tackles real problems of today's youth and young adults.

December 27, 2020Votechildrens-books humor-entertainment relationships
‘tips and tricks to be a pro at skywars Roblox’ By Roblox pro, , in this book theres alot of tips and tricks to be a pro at skywars

December 26, 2020Votechildrens-books hobbies-crafts self-help
‘Bootsy The Beagle Finds Her Forever Home’ By John Philip Mikhail, , Part 1 of my 'Bootsy The Big Hearted Beagle Series'. Bootsy, through a series of circumstances finds the person she’ll spend the rest of her life with in which they will encounter many adventures and life journeys; good and bad.

December 26, 2020Votechildrens-books fiction literature-fiction
‘Alien Ways’ By David J. Rank, ,

Alien Ways is a 99,000-word novel set in 2155 on Tierra, formerly called Earth, the hub of intergalactic organic intoxicants trade.

Forced from a career with the United Nations of Tierra’s Bureau of Alien Affairs, Darci Salazar is reduced to petty consulting jobs for drug-addled alien tourists in the Chicago Polity of the Great Lakes Amalgam LLP, a surviving political entity following a century of wars, mass migrations, plagues, famines, and redefined national borders because of rising sea levels and a warming climate.

A royal Kh Ktian, Lady T’Chk, hires Darci to find her stolen husbands. Darci accepts, seeing it as an opportunity to keep a roof over her head and postpone accepting a job with a secretive interstellar security firm she despises because of its brutal militia practices.

The search for the alien’s husbands leads Darci into Tierra’s lucrative underground sex trade, Luna’s spaceport ILSA—where she must ask her estranged father for assistance—alien embassies, interplanetary corporations, and onto the trail of a prolific serial killer secretly tied to an intergalactic conspiracy she must stop before it leads to interstellar war.

This unpublished novel was selected as a semifinalist in the 2019 Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition, finishing in the top 10 percent of entries, both published and unpublished.

December 23, 2020Votefiction mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Tales From A Traveller . . . Surviving in Australia’ By Myk Green, , Mike and his friends have travelled through Asia on a wildly successful six-week break, but next comes his biggest challenge yet. What will Mike find in Australia on his working holiday visa? Will the farm work be all it's cracked up to be? Will the beaches be crystal clear? Will travelling broaden his horizons and open him up to experiences he didn't believe were possible? Will everyone be constantly having a ‘barbie’ whilst wearing budgie smugglers? There's only one way to find out as mike makes his way around Australia; coincidentally meeting various larger than life characters and experiencing situations that seem too crazy to be true.

December 20, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment travel
‘Heavens Assassins’ By Patrick Sacchetti, , This is a synopsis of my recently edited, crime fiction, thriller suspense, black humor seasoned fiction work titled Heavens Assassins. Several local hard working, coffee drinking, anti depressant taking, psychedelic drug taking average citizens get sick and tired of being used, abused and confused by the power brokers in society who cheat them out of wages and insurance, pollute their drinking water and make their work conditions hazardous to a fault. The power brokers do this all with contempt and disdain for them and the people they represent. They decide to do something about the injustices they see in life. They decide to eliminate the root causes of society's ills, by removing and executing those who they feel are preying on those with less money and obviously without the connections available to them. In particular, they have it in for crooked pompous politicians, business leaders who pollute society and they have a special hatred for a particular phony religious preacher who uses his congregation and the Bible to enrich himself at the expense of those less fortunate. There is plenty of action, suspense, black humor, sex and violence in this. Interesting funny characters and devious bad guys who deserve what is coming to them. They are Heavens Assassins.

December 16, 2020Voteliterature-fiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Elle ‘ By Max Kincaid, Elle a musician is diagnosed with leukemia shortly before she goes on a world tour, she avoids telling her boyfriend Andrew who is an author and her family because she would have to cancel her tour. Andrew stays back as Elle goes on tour because he has a book proposal coming up. In the middle of her tour, Elle goes home to surprise Andrew but finds that he was cheating with his best friend Sasha She battles with depression and her health deteriorates as she continues with the tour and a few weeks into the tour she is taken to the ICU after collapsing on stage.

December 15, 2020Votefiction romance-2
‘Her Fallen Empire: The Prophecy’ By S.A.A ♡, , Normal. No-one was more familiar with that word than Hanna. With a part-time job as a waitress at a run-down cafe and trying to complete her studies while slaving away after her neglecting parents, Hanna had begun to believe that life was just an endless droll of misery. It was too bad that normal wasn't written in Hanna's fate. Her whole world was turned upside down when a scruffy man appeared in the cafe she worked at. Not knowing who he is or where he came from, he had simply given her a message on a slip of paper and left just as quickly as he had come. That slip of paper changed everything. Tossed into Aaru- an unknown world, Hanna is forced to come to terms with who she actually is and the purpose of her very existence, unfolding the secrets of her previously unknown powers. Not without help, of course. By her side- a dark enticing God and dashing noble warrior to guide her path. Hanna must defeat the evil lurking in the ancient lands of Aaru as the prophecy had foretold. But, will the evil be too much to overcome? Or, will her newfound relationships present as an obstacle?

December 13, 2020Voteromance-2 science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘The legend ‘ By T T, , When a group of friends hear a legend about a men with a axe in the woods they go on a camping trip but thing take a turn for the worst when the legacy comes to life

December 10, 2020Votefiction horror thriller
‘The legend ‘ By T T, , When a group of friends hear a legend about a men with a axe in the woods they go on a camping trip but thing take a turn for the worst the legend comes to life

December 10, 2020Votefiction horror thriller
‘Vampverse ‘ By Kushi B, , This is a story about Cole, a vampire on a road trip with 3 strangers. They are going to save their friend who is mistakenly being kidnapped thinking he is the runaway vampire.

December 10, 2020Votehumor-entertainment mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Escaping Transylvanian Vampirism To America’ By OLGA Andrei, , This is my memoirs. I take it to stride to analyze gangster states, like Romania, Mexico, and now the U.S.A. After divorcing socialism in Romania, and Living my academic life in the USA for 30 years, as an observant Historian, can affirm that I had shivers down my spine when trump took office in 2016. Living in the United States has put me in a great position of perspective. This is why I had to leave my country of origin, beautiful Transylvania behind, and my parents. And this was excruciatingly painful for us, and for my own community in Romania. I decided I keep my country, and my new adoptive country to a higher standard, and ask more accountability from current autocrats in power. Leaving the Transylvanian virgin forest had been a very painful, uprooting experience for me. Ironically Trump turned out to be a despot, a Nazi style president himself. But Trump administration officials at the WTO are blocking the commonsense waiver. The rapid development and equitable distribution of lifesaving vaccines, treatments and medical equipment is not a partis

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‘The Best of Ken Tingley’ By Kenneth Tingley, , This is a collection of columns written for The Post-Star in Glens Falls, NY over a 30-year period. The author was honored in eight of the past 10 years as a finalist by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Book would have up to 100 of the author’s favorite columns for his career.

December 8, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment politics-social-sciences
‘On, Immortals’ By Christopher Shipman, , Imagine for a moment if you inherited not only physical traits from the many ancestors who contributed to your DNA but also their memories, even their skills! This is precisely what Noah Batson, an ordinary, uninspired office worker discovers about himself after he is seriously injured in a bizarre traffic accident. While Noah is driving along a desolate road late one night, he loses control and crashes his car after he comes face to face with the “ghost” of his long dead grandfather, Edward Batson, a man he never met, who instructs Noah to tell Miranda, Noah’s grandmother, that Noah “sees” him. While Noah is recovering in the hospital, Miranda Batson presents Noah with a mysterious key that she is convinced Edward Batson intended for him. Soon after returning home, Noah suffers terrifying blackouts, waking only to find that he may have performed incredible, and sometimes terrible, feats using diverse skills and talents he never before possessed. Noah is certain that his salvation lies with the key, and whatever it unlocks.

November 29, 2020Votedystopian fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Urban Life of Veggies by Herbert Mack’ By Herbert Mack, , Organic urban gardening pertains to growing of vegetables and herbs the natural way. This means that there are strictly no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and poisonous fertilizers and chemicals present. The soil is rather prepared and tilled using composed manure, mulch and other organic materials. The plants are naturally grown and sprouted with the help of water, minerals derived from compost and sun. The rapid growth of the local agriculture movement highlights a need to deepen connections with the food we eat. The coronavirus lockdowns are pushing more city dwellers to grow fruit and vegetables in their homes, providing a lasting boost to urban farming. From providing fresh food for your home and community to regenerating unused spaces and containers, fresh food is at your fingertips. Access to fresh food options can have a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of individuals, which can transform communities.

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‘Born to Wear the Rags of War’ By Tom Sheehan, , It all comes from this, this parchment seeking a pen in the midst of the horror, the explosion, the flames noting heroes, the dynamics of men all sizes, all brands, the warrior breeds, and the sudden hours of calm taking over your soul, letting the helping hand survive to write of what is often missing at the dread moment.

November 26, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs fiction history
‘at least we’ll always have spring’ By Taylor Balfour, Rachel was my younger sister, my best friend, my travel partner, and my confidant. When she died suddenly at 18 from a fentanyl overdose, my world fell apart. Rachel passed away on Feb. 2nd and wasn't found until Feb. 5th. Everything about her death is haunting. February has always been my least favourite month, but now I've come to truly dread it. I hate winter, but in 2019 the cold and isolation I felt didn't stop at the melting of the snow. In learning to how to heal and move forward, counsellors recommended I begin writing letters to her. In speaking vulnerably and honestly, I could escape my year-long winter and fight for the rebirth of spring. at least we'll always have spring is the collection of letters. This book will also contain photography, poems, art, and prose. These pieces are very raw, and discuss grief, mental health, drug addiction, and abuse. Divided into sections of the seasons, this novel details my progression through the lowest period of my life toward healing and regrowth. This book documents my journey to spring.

November 24, 2020Votearts-and-photography biographies-memoirs
‘JUNGLE’ By Alan Berkshire, , JUNGLE The black dust fell for over a week engulfing Wellingham, a small London suburb. Buckingham Avenue was cut off. Communications non-existent. Then came the storms, for two days torrential rain fell washing away the black dust. They thought it was just freak weather. Adam Blake, a seasoned survivalist expert finds himself the reluctant leader of the streets residents. Food is scarce, no emergency services, they are on their own. Then came the vines, blue/black, sickly purple, voraciously growing anywhere there was earth, sentient, armed with lethal venomous thorns. Martial law is invoked. Ignoring the evacuation orders Adam goes in search of a lost friend. He is attacked by a mob of creatures in Denford Park, Creeps. In a delirium he awakes in The Block, once a residential home now a fortress in the center of a hostile city. Realizing the vines will overwhelm them Adam decides the survivors need to relocate. Meeting with an army patrol Adam learns of an insane plan, Operation Inferno, its remit, to firebomb the city, eradicating the vines. Horrified Adam realizes time had run out, so have his choices.

November 23, 2020Votedystopian science-fiction-fantasy thriller
‘The Art of Co-Creating a Mindful World’ By Isabelle-Anne Belanger, The world seems to be running after its tail, going over and over into loops of chaos and fear, despite the human suffering it has caused repeatedly, for centuries. Humans can’t seem to learn from the lessons of history repeating itself. The world has arrived at a crossroads. As more darkness is being brought to the light, an opportunity for deep and collective healing is possible, as many are awakening to a higher level of consciousness. In order to move forward as a species, we must learn first and foremost, to cooperate by focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us. The systems that shape our world have reached their lifespan and don’t serve us anymore. From the way we educate ourselves to the way we heal, I believe that it’s time to create better systems that can benefit us all, thanks to mindful decision-making and compassionate innovation. It is time for the leaders of today to embody the spiritual values that we have excluded so far from the systems that shape our world, so that we can start creating a better future, for the benefit of all humans. The choice is ours to make!

November 22, 2020Votepolitics-social-sciences religion-spirituality
‘strom’ By ERGÜL YILMAZ, STORM STORM Painting drawings: Xanim ALISOVA Cover design: Ergül YILMAZ ERGÜL YILMAZ A remote farm is a charming Thai lives du . K Osh to jump like so many other sometimes much go away , days later, but he returns. One day he followed a few butterflies. He ran around the fields like jubilant children . Fresh herbs seven , he smells the flowers. She loves to be free, du , farm source of joy I have Mustku . Hope , they went to wander in the wilderness with the storm. Hope; He was a fragile, withdrawn, shy and lonely boy. Yi competence is he going to class . B had virtually every industry, but it was still his friend was alone. Because Umut loved animals very much, he had seen a few friends treat animals badly, there were some who hit them with a stick, and the one who tied them to the tree with a rope, Umut did not talk to them much outside of school because they treated animals like this. Umut loved animals very much. So F IRT to ' t be loved. The mut , fırtına'yl a very good anlaşıyord u. The current was someone else who was withdrawn , shy, fragile and lonely. It was Umut's source o

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‘The pauper’s girl’ By Amina Oladejo, , Raven stone, dubbed most beautiful girl in West hill by the townfolk, is a girl who treasures silence but craves attention, detached from the world but harbours a sincere kindness in her heart. When poor, innocent looking Hayden Keating comes walking through the doors of her class for the first time, something stirs in Raven. For some reason, she sees beyond his rumpled clothes and worn out shoes, and what she finds there leaves her helplessly overwhelmed. Hayden knows from the first time he sees the raven haired, emerald-eyed girl that she's way out of his league. However, he just can't convince his eyes to stray away from her, his heart to stop seeking hers and his mind to stop replaying every little detail about her. An unusual pair, brought together by the irresistible need to exchange words, to share thoughts, to hold, to discover, to possess, to love. For their love wasn't one written in the texts, analysed and scrutinised for the world to see. It was more sacred, a secret shared between trembling hearts that sought solace in one another. It was overcoming the fear of loosing themselves, their identities in one another, the lingering touches, the smiles that couldn't be hidden, and the feeling of finding home.

November 18, 2020Voteliterature-fiction relationships romance-2
‘Elenore ‘ By Safy Bello, A demon is an evil spirit, a false God that is most poweful, A demon that has been captured and hidden in a away to save the mankind from being destroyed. Demons don't take soul, you have to give to them and will Elenore give her soul to the demon...

November 12, 2020Votehorror mystery-suspense
‘The Energy of Cancer – Unlocking Cancer’s Emotional Code’ By Desiree Brazelton, What happens in our emotional and mental selves manifests in our physical body. We can see this in simple examples such as bouts of anger that leave us shaking and warm. Anxiety can arrive as a tightness in the chest or slight palpitations. But what happens when the emotion is not acute but chronic and life long? It manifests itself within our cells as chronic disease. I have found that in my work with patients over the past twelve years, cancer patients have some very specific emotional hurts and behavioral patterns. I believe that if these patterns are addressed before the physical cells begin to change, cancer can be averted. Some of these patterns mimic what’s actually happening within the physical cell and some don’t have such a distinct link but most of the people that I’ve encountered who have a cancer diagnosis, identify with these patterns of behavior, these ways of being. Let me be crystal clear that if these patterns or feelings describe you and you have had a cancer diagnosis, you are not to blame. I am not suggesting that because of the way you are or who you are, that you got cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, I know that there is nothing worthwhile about placing blame on the patient for their own disease. I am suggesting, however, that there are ways

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‘Claire’ By Alya Khomenok, , Claire is a blind girl. She grows up in a family where no one seems to notice her disability. Claire realizes that she is different from other children, but doesn’t consider this difference as negative. Besides, her parents and her teacher are doing everything they can to make Claire feel herself an ordinary child.

November 11, 2020Votechildrens-books family-parenting teens
‘Besos bajo la luna ‘ By Jade F. C. J, , Besos bajo la luna es la historia de una chica que mientras lucha con problemas de ansiedad, inseguridades y miedos, encuentra el amor. Sin embargo, las cosas que pasan: celos, desconfianza, mentiras y ex amores pondrán prueba el aguante de ambos. ¿Qué estarías dispuesto a soportar por amor?

November 9, 2020Voterelationships romance-2 teens
‘SIN’ By K. Tantsi, Sin Savage is a monster. As the leader of the most feared mafia in America,the New York Familia,he has earned that title.Nobody goes against the monster amongst men.Slayer of those who dare oppose him.As his name suggests,he is a walking sin. Penelope Von Chur is blind to all that is wrong in the world. Having been homeschooled her entire life and not been allowed to go out with her home because of her overprotective father,she knows nothing about the dangers that lie outside her doorstep.Her naïvety and innocence are both an endearment and endangerment. A Saint and a Sinner meet in an explosion of feelings that will either bring light to their world or burn them to ashes.

November 9, 2020Votefiction romance-2
‘There is No Journey’s End’ By Gary Hogenson, “There is No Journey’s End,” chronicles vignettes from the author’s temporal existence that guided him on a quest for life’s greater meaning. Gary’s story is told in four tranches. Each unravels a segment of his life he feels shaped and polished his character and led him on a pathway of uncovering his true reality. They are stories of adventure, heartbreak, danger, growth, reflection and sometimes foolishness. Collectively, they are about his spiritual transformation. In a sense, they are everyone’s story. Most don’t become “rich and famous,” we live ordinary lives, but each of us has our own unique story, and it’s the author’s hope that the reader can find his or her own story in these words.  Join Gary’s pilgrimage to the land of Oz, arriving in California in the turbulent sixties to take his first steps toward adulthood,.  Become his vicarious companion, when he takes his first footsteps across the border into Mexico in 1968.  Travel with him on his dream job, over Latin America’s mountains, valleys, deserts, and jungles in pursuit of a sale.  Return to Israel, the place his daughters call home, and where he and his family lived for eighteen years. Readers will keep turning pages to follow his story, to discover something new about the world, and themselves.

November 7, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs travel
‘Psychopath’ By Jade Arce, , "Porque él mataría por ella y ella moriría por él" -AHS Rich Caspersen: a simple vista puede parecer alguien tranquilo, no problemático, tímido e inseguro. Alguien casi perfecto. Pero las apariencias engañan. Rich Caspersen tiene un lado oscuro que casi nadie conoce, y Venus Maxwell tuvo la mala suerte de conocerlo: manipulador, posesivo, con problemas de ira, todo un... psicópata. Cuando entras a la vida de Rich Caspersen no puedes salir tan fácilmente.

November 7, 2020Votemystery-suspense romance-2 teens
‘THE SHADOW OF DEATH — THE CONQUERING DARKNESS’ By Lucas Hault, , Truth, as they say, is a dangerous weapon and must be used with caution. For the City of Harot, this is not a proverb, but an absolute reality. This is a place where even the sun's rays cower in shadow. The city has lain dormant for decades, but now three ambitious people have entered, starting a chain of events spelling destruction for the land. As the President of Syneria attempts to fight back, another disaster hits the territory. A dark force, invisible and savage, is loose on the streets, preying on humans, animals and wild beasts. Amidst the confusion, Lord Elias Rayne sends his son Borkan on a perilous journey to seek answers. He must find the fabled Clan of the Holves, an ancient race who hold the key to understanding the chaos. This quest will take Borkan through a series of nightmares, each of which will alter his life forever. For some, dreams are a fool's paradise, but for Barbara Maddox, her dreams are sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrifying, and always truthful. Can her dreams help humanity survive, or will they lead them to their doom? The North-Eastern dictator, Antonio Calaway continues to expand his territories, utilizing an arsenal of fear, wealth and treachery. Will he realize a greater game is being played, one in which he is a mere pawn.

November 6, 2020Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy thriller
‘No More Worries’ By Colin Devonshire, , Book 5 in the 'No Worries' series. Half brother and sister are 'busted' from a jail in the north of Thailand by an evil woman. The woman plans to destroy the religious faiths in the country. An antique Muslim prayer mat is used to murder its owner. A Christian cross is used to kill the Catholic head of the church. Leaving the Buddhist artefact for an explosive ending. The heroes from earlier books in the series are on hand to aim to quell disruption throughout the country.

October 31, 2020Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘Think and Grow Happy’ By Rochelle Elmore, Think and Grow Happy I will explore the power of positive thinking and how it may have gone too far. is it hurting us to block all the bad thoughts and feeling? Is it eroding our ability to feel empathy for ourselves and others? Is it impacting our health to only be allowed to express our positive emotions.

October 27, 2020Voterelationships self-help
‘Call me for the Ring 💍’ By Rahdric Courtland, , This book is a true story on how I spent the past 7 years of my life building a phone only relationship with my future wife that I will propose to on MTV Catfish soon. We have never met in person but spent hours daily talking on the phone and on social media. We have overcome my first marriage, my two children, and lots of lies and deceit. What makes this story different is that we are not your average catfish type characters.We knew we both were real so there never felt the urgency to meet in order to build a relationship. In this book the reader will travel down our journey that started on POF and continued on through Instagram and phone conversations. We had many failed attempts at love which each time ended in heart ache. The roller coaster of emotions is what makes the book compelling to the average reader. It's today's dating but with the twist of success that ends on the show (catfish) that is known for people not succeeding at finding love. The book will also expose secrets and lies that relate to today's audience. *I am not an author but I do have years of audio because all our phone conversations for the past 7 years were recorded* Hope to do business soon we also plan if things go well to pitch a mini web series with POF to promote their dating site.

October 27, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs relationships romance-2
‘Buster Bill: Reality Policeman’ By Christian England, , Buster James Bill is an anthro rabbit/spaniel cross who leaves the British Army after a snap general election because he cares about the sharp rise of Political Correctness in a new political party in the UK called Red Rose. Their leader, Ronald Damien Foxx takes up the Prime Minister role, along with his family taking up various roles in the government, all of whom are responsible for twisting Britain for the worst. Buster, after losing his mother to this conspiracy and falsely arrested for her murder, is later released by a man called Dexter Laurence, who employs him at a top-secret activism facility called Forever Fighters, employing him as a secret policeman where he gains the title 'Reality Policeman', and must now counterattack the actions of the Metropolitan Police to enforce actual justice instead of Politically Correct Injustice. The main difference, however, is that Buster gains a power from meeting Dex that makes him unusually strong against the law, but can he use it to his advantage?

October 24, 2020Votefiction politics-social-sciences science-fiction-fantasy
‘bookideahum’ By testalex bookalex, , bookidea

October 16, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs dystopian hobbies-crafts
‘Dead Man Walking’ By Joshua Adams, , Benjamin Knox has always been an outsider. Hiding from a dark and bloody past, he wants nothing more than to settle down and live under the radar. But a slumbering town sheltering a hidden corruption; a mysterious arrival that seems to know too much about Knox and ghosts from the past returning with murderous consequences means that the past and present collide in an explosive fashion. Who is Knox really? And what secret does he harbour closest to his chest? As the bodies begin to drop, it's clear that underestimating the slumbering predator is a fatal mistake.

October 16, 2020Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘The Morph Chambers’ By Kayne Quinn, , A young man, Jasper Orion Bigsby, lost his parents at 2 years old and was thrown around the system a while. Until a couple adopted him, gave him a good home and education at their estate and academy. Jasper finds himself breaking into a restricted area of the labs at the academy and discovers an encrypted information key. The English inscription tells him that he must unlock to know what secrets lie within. And can only unlock ionce the key and him have become one. He is baffled but intrigued. Upon unlocking the key jasper discovers a major secret about his society and its founders. And then the device did something to him that was unexpected and changed his life forever. What will he do with this information? And what will happen to him after this major change? Will he try and confront the Elders? Read The Morph Chambers to follow Jaspers journey through the year 4020 where the world as we know it is gone.

October 13, 2020Votedystopian mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Learn zoology with Pokemons’ By Reuben Mathews, , Children can be very stubborn to learn science. They won't be interested in reading encyclopedia and britannica if they are not presented in a way which is fun to read. But they are very interested in reading comics. Pokemon is a very popular brand among children of all ages. So, why not combine the two? Pokemons are inspired from real life animals and objects. We can teach children the biology of animals using pokemons. That way they can learn faster. I have used pokemons and the real animals from which they are inspired and written the science behind the animal like their strength, behaviour, lifespan etc. You will get the idea once you see the sample manuscript I have sent. (It still requires work though. I’ve just stumbled upon the idea and I need your opinion on the idea.)

October 13, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs childrens-books education-reference
‘Under Earth’ By Brandon Sazue, , Nonfiction: Imagine, Legends of old, Folklore, Time, the universe explained in one book (story), two unique characters and a dog named tex accidentally, unexpectedly meet, instantaniously becomming the first time travelers of the time. This story is about two ordinary guys of a different race, one biblical, the other athiest, a man of science. they stumble upon the journey of a life time in the back drop of the great Paha Sapa (Black Hills) of South Dakota. They fall into an alien vessel, while trying to hide from Big Foot (Sasquach) and Tall man. They travel through Earth and out into under space, deep down they land on Under Earth of another time, Native American world untouched. There lies the answers, the Holy Grail of all answers we as human beings today do not have the answers to, only theory. Legends are uncovered, the cosmos is foretold, time is answered, the Earths secrets are unraveled, all the while here on earth the answers were always right in front of us, we just didnt look hard enough. Sonny & skip only want to go home, they did not expect the unexpected. The only way home is up, they must navigate a land of Giant porprtions, a holy mountain, to the pyramid of life itself to hitch a ride back home. You have to read it to believe it, Prepare to be blown away!

October 9, 2020Votemystery-suspense religion-spirituality science-fiction-fantasy
‘The BIG ADVENTURES OF LITTLE HARLEY’ By RHONDA MANSFIELD, , Every adventure for Harley is big because she is so small. Harley does not think of herself as small and is never afraid to explore her world, she is strong and brave. She lives in a world of possibility never doubting herself always eager to satisfy her curiosity . Harley is a rat, who has soft grey fur , flecked with white, soft pink ears, and beautiful black eyes. She lives with her friend Liana in a small cozy cottage that overlooks a vast sea. The waves crash against large rocks spewing water into the air covering Harley with a fine mist, when she is close enough to shore. This is one of Harley's favorite adventures taking a walk near the shore, she will always find something new even though the path is the same. Sometimes Harley and Liana will explore different paths, but at this special time of day, when the sun is starting to go down over the sea blending the gold with the blue of the sky , they prefer their familiar path.

October 6, 2020Votechildrens-books education-reference fiction
‘Lost Memories’ By Jean-Pierre Le Roux, , Lost memories is about a young man who suddenly starts getting very bad headaches and realizes something is wrong. He then gets talked into going to see a therapist. While talking with the Therapist he starts realizing he has lost memories and for him to get better he has to face them. The memories start coming back to him and he and his tough therapist start sharing the memories and start realizing that they are connected. Long story short they realize that they were both kidnapped when they were very young and she escaped and he didn't. They never saw each other some they couldn't recognize each other but as their story gets told the connections start coming together.

October 5, 2020Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘When the Sun Meets the East’ By Alexa Knoll, , Nestled in the quaint lakeside town of North Hero, Vermont a young college student Emma Astoux falls in love with a mysterious young man named James Wetten whose family’s history holds a wild and supernatural secret. Following the death of her mother, Emma begins her junior year at University of Vermont. Haunted by the memories of her mother, and the forest on her lakefront Victorian home. Emma begins to untangle hidden messages from her dreams and memories of her childhood that directly impact her new found relationship with James. Emma discovers that James is a Sasquatch, and that his family has a deeply rooted history on Lake Champlain. As Emma is quickly swept off her feet by James, he invites her to the Toltec Meeting. Hidden deep in the Black Forest, Emma joins James to the ten year clan tournament. A whole new world is undiscovered as she meets all types of Sasquatches.

October 4, 2020Voteromance-2 science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘When the Sun Meets the East’ By Alexa Knoll, , Nestled in the quaint lake side town of North Hero, Vermont a young college student Emma Astoux falls in love with a mysterious young man named James Wetten whose family’s history holds a wild and supernatural secret. Following the death of her mother, Emma begins her junior year at University of Vermont. Haunted by the memories of her mother, and the forest on her lake front Victorian home. Emma begins to untangle hidden messages from her dreams and memories of her childhood that directly impact her new found relationship with James. Emma discovers that James is a Sasquatch, and that his family has a deeply rooted history on Lake Champlain. As Emma is quickly swept off her feet by James, he invites her to the Toltec Meeting. Hidden deep in the Black Forest, Emma joins James to the ten year clan tournament. A whole new world is undiscovered as she meets all types of Sasquatches.

October 4, 2020Voteromance-2 science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘The Butterfly witch of Bodmin Moor (Cornish Mist 2)’ By David Lenderyou, , The Butterfly Witch of Bodmin Moor (Cornish Mist 2) Antoinette, the French niece of Philip de Albret, has seen a route for massive self improvement and wealth. She and her accomplice, the lowly begotten son of the French King Louis, connive and scheme together for their own success irrespective of the cost to the Cornish and others about. However, some people, at their peril, just do not believe the Cornish Myth, the Lady of the moor, Zelahnor.

October 4, 2020Votefiction history mystery-suspense
‘Slowly, slowly catch a Frenchman (Cornish Mist 1)’ By David Lenderyou, , Slowly, Slowly Catch a Frenchman (Cornish Mist 1) In the year of our good Queen Anne, the French, pay rolled by the rich and arrogant Philip de Albret, have put enemy sleepers deep into a Cornish village. Their plan is to kill all local resistance by injecting a newly designed lethal chemical prior to a planned invasion. Joshua and Rebecca, inexperienced and unbeknown to each other, are brought into a secretive Cornish world to stop them aided by sometimes rare strategic information from hushed means.

October 4, 2020Votefiction history mystery-suspense
‘One Hundred Brushes With Fame: My 50 Years of Celebrities ‘ By Ruthe Macris, A movie writer for the San Francisco Chronicle for 50 years looks back on her hundreds of interviews with movie stars and writes her memories of the time spent with them alone in a room. Her goal is to make readers feel the way she did hearing Renee Zellweger, fresh from a love scene with Tom Cruise, , blurt out, "People are out of their minds if they think he is gay." To quotes like these, the author adds her impressions of celebrities she has et, answering the question friends often ask: "What was Tom Hanks or Oprah or Madonna really like?"

October 1, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment
‘Lost Personality’ By Madalin Rosu, It is about a simple man, with an ordinary job, a salesman in a mall, but who hides a secret not understood by him either: he does not have his own personality, he instantly emboldens the personality of those around him. For this reason, he cannot fall in love, he cannot make friends, he cannot eat what he likes because every day after finishing the program, he goes home with another personality. One day, the village of this situation, is looking for a solution to turn this curse into a gift, borrowing the personality of those around it according to needs: as a bad boy, as a melancholic, as a dreamer or as a sportsman. For a while, everything goes well, but slowly, his body begins to give way due to the change of personality several times a day. Finally arriving at the hospital, he takes courage and talks to a psychologist, fascinated by his problem, who wants to help him and study at the same time. After many attempts, they both come to the conclusion that the only solution is for him to keep a single personality, the one he was born with ... but, which is that? In the end, the two conclude that the only solution is to isolate themselves in a forest, just the two of them, without contact with other people, the only personality he would borrow would be

September 30, 2020Votefiction mystery-suspense
‘The Game of Life’ By Grace Couchman, , In the 2050's there's a group of 7 teenagers, their job is to outlive each other, but at the same time plot and murder the others. Here's the catch, there's a point system. Each time you murder someone they lose 3 points, and each time they save someone from being killed they gain 2 points. After a month their is a point total you need to meet. Say after the first month they need 5 points, if they do not meet the minimum they die. If they exceed they get advancements to help them throughout the next month. After each month the minimum point total increases by various amounts.

September 28, 2020Votedystopian fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Tuffet ‘ By Samantha Daugherty, , My book creates a kingdom where all the nursery rhymes you remember as a child co exist. Jack and Jill are royalty. Ba Ba Black Sheep is a person who sells wool. Red riding hood’s parents were killed by the wolf not the grandmother. And that’s not the end of the list of characters who all live in the kingdom of Tuffet. These aren’t the rhythms you heard as a child. Much darker.

September 28, 2020Votehorror mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Words Have Power ‘ By Dominique Fields, , I have been on a mentally and emotionally draining journey the past few years. Accomplishing both a bachelor and master’s degree, one would think I would be on a high from my achievements. Yet, that is when my life took a major left turn. I began to realize that anxiety and depression were facets of my life and that I needed to face my issues head-on in order to start enjoying my life again. I turned to some lifestyle changes like a healthier diet and exercise, but I still had more work to do. I then began meditating and changing the thought process of my mind and taking away the power of negative thoughts. This e-book, Words Have Power, encompasses sayings and affirmations that have gotten me to a much better place after a tough, years-long battle. The power of words and manifestations is real and I wanted to share my “wealth” with others in hope that it can help others as well.

September 22, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs diet-health-fitness self-help
‘Sherman’ By Kelly McNally, A biographical narrative of the ideological shift within the Republican party during the Taft administration, written by the great-great granddaughter of J.S. Sherman.

September 21, 2020Votebiographies-memoirs politics-social-sciences
‘Tunnel City’ By Brianna Doggett,