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‘The Hunter’ By Christopehr Macolini, In the aftermath of a failed raid in the Peruvian jungle, a DEA agent who organized the operation faced an attempt on his life. The mission, aimed at arresting cocaine kingpin Jaime "El Pacho" Contreras Vargas, failed when El Pacho escaped just before the enforcement team arrived. The agent was less fortunate and was gunned down in a local restaurant. After being evacuated and hospitalized, he returns to Peru, determined to hunt down the person responsible. His search leads him to Villa El Salvador, a notorious slum on the outskirts of Lima, a lawless labyrinth of danger. This is El Pacho's territory, where his influence pervades every corner. El Pacho is infamous for his ruthless tactics and iron grip over his empire. Forced to operate off the books, the agent navigates the treacherous streets of Villa El Salvador alone, relying on his wits and combat skills. With no official support, he delves into the dark underbelly of the slum, taking actions that culminate in a very public showdown. "The Hunter" is a gripping tale of survival and retribution, where the lines between justice and revenge blur in the relentless pursuit of a cold-blooded trafficker. The agent's journey through the perilous streets of Villa El Salvador exemplifies the lengths one man will go to exact revenge.

July 23, 2024Votemystery-suspense thriller
‘The Gift from Aelius ‘ By Michael ColonThe Gift from Aelius is about the story of A191, an artificial sentient being from a race called Codexes. Humankind created Codexes in their image and together created utopias throughout the world. At some point in history, humanity exiled Codexes from their utopian world to a desert at the edge of the planet. It’s there that the race of Codexes built their city called Paradise with tall borders to keep them safe. A191 is different from his kind because he longs to connect with humans and wants the world to be united again. With these hidden abilities awakening within A191 and a message from a mysterious human boy, A191’s journey begins toward the truths of history, peace, and freedom.

July 19, 2024Votescience-fiction-fantasy
‘Saint or a Sinner’ By Jade Wolf, , Two childhood best friends clinging to each other for support and camaraderie through every hurdle and loss life throws at them. She is fighting tooth and nail to make her dreams come true. He wants to be a part of her dreams. Unbeknownst to her, he is here to collect on the years old promise which she thought was a joke... Now she fears that her playboy bestfriend will break her heart to no repair... Can he convince her to give him a chance? Can she overcome her fear to get the man of her dreams?

July 3, 2024Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Time In Life’ By Kanna Maeda, , 9 year old Vivian is lost in a new world. Izzy and Silver find her and help. They have to find Vivian her portal to get back to her town, but will they find it in time?

June 25, 2024Votechildrens-books fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘How to Make a Butterfly Fly’ By Amanda Ramirez, , HOW TO MAKE A BUTTERFLY FLY is a twist on the butterfly life cycle taught in elementary school science class. Children grow up learning how a butterfly egg becomes a larva, then a caterpillar, then a pupa into a chrysalis, transforming into a butterfly that then flies away from the garden. However, what happens when something goes wrong? When Ms. Lady Monarch Butterfly takes off to leave the garden, after coming out of her chrysalis, she is interrupted by a storm leaving her on the garden floor. To her dismay, she finds out she has a torn wing and is unable to fly. It seems like it is over until Mr. Opossum approaches her after hearing her loud screams while she had been falling. He shows compassion for the distressed butterfly and takes her to his friend, The Gardener, who mends her broken wing and helps her soar with the wind! My story is an allegory about life circumstances not going as planned and how they are overcome with compassion, friendship, and grace. Children ages four through seven who enjoyed Jumanji, Adventures of Frog and Toad, or Stella Luna will want to read HOW TO MAKE A BUTTERFLY FLY.

June 19, 2024Votechildrens-books education-reference fiction
‘The woman and the owl’ By BBH HA woman cried her lost love.. rejected and hurt she seek solace.. with tearful eyes walks into the woods where after sometimes she finds a water faountain She wants to wash her tears away and as she closes her eyes a submerged her face gentle into the clear water she suddenly noticed an owl standing right next to her As she tried to offer her hand to the nocturnal being it Does scratches her..causing her deep pain..after sometime soon she tries again and this time the owl complies..soon after the woman and the owl are seeing coming out of the woods in harmony The symbology of the owl represent her finding her nature spirit, her self again her returned to her own…

June 13, 2024Votefiction
‘Attract more money now’ By Latoya Barnett, , example: **Chapter 1: Understanding Your Money Mindset** In this chapter, we delve into the importance of understanding your existing beliefs and attitudes towards money. Many of our financial behaviors and outcomes are shaped by our subconscious beliefs, some of which may be limiting our potential for financial abundance. By taking the time to explore and identify these beliefs, you can begin the process of transforming your money mindset. We discuss various exercises and techniques to help you uncover and challenge your limiting beliefs about money. This self-discovery process is crucial for building a strong foundation for attracting more wealth and prosperity into your life. By cultivating a positive money mindset, you can start to shift your thoughts and behaviors towards abundance and success. The chapter also introduces the concept of abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset, illustrating how your mindset can influence your financial outcomes. Practical tips and strategies are provided to help you reframe negative beliefs, cultivate gratitude for your current financial situation, and set the stage for attracting more money into your life. Through engaging anecdotes, real-life examples, and actionable steps, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own money mindset

May 31, 2024Votebusiness-investing education-reference self-help
‘A Cicada for Charlotte’ By Melanie Fencl, , Charlotte is a brave young girl who learns about Cicadas and shares her knowledge with her mom. She is excited when they finally come out of the ground, and she finds them on her tree. She befriends a cicada named Cedric while listening to the sweet summer cicada sounds.

May 23, 2024Votechildrens-books home-garden sports-outdoors
‘Lafitte Lives’ By Christi Sumich, , In bustling, multicultural New Orleans in August 1831, the sexton of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2, Tobias Whitney, discovers a mysterious journal hidden within the tomb of Dominique You, a reputed war hero and privateer. Intrigued by the possibility of adventure and treasure, Tobias enlists the help of his beloved but irascible wife, Mary Catherine, to translate the text from French into English. As they delve into the journal’s contents, they uncover the remarkable life of Jean Lafitte, a legendary privateer and Dominique You’s half brother, as well as further mysteries that will forever change their lives. But can they trust the contents of the journal? As Dominique himself writes, Never trust a pirate! Secrets can’t stay hidden forever, but maybe some secrets should. Lafitte Lives is a consummately researched novel that takes history, as well its gaps and legends, and transforms them into a fascinating tale that vividly brings the adventures of Jean Lafitte to life.

May 15, 2024Votefiction literature-fiction mystery-suspense
‘DEBUNKING THE CANADIAN ISLAMOPHOBIA INDUSTRY ‘ By Eric Brazau, , Islamophobia is a growing concern in all of Western civilization. There are subtle differences from one nation to the other however, the effects are similarly catastrophic. In the 90s the word Islamophobia was not in the Canadian lexicon. Today, 2024, the concept of Islamophobia has infiltrated all academia beginning at elementary and culminating at the doctorate level. Islamophobia has also infiltrated municipal, provincial and federal government institutions. This book explores where this is all leading.

April 12, 2024Votedystopian politics-social-sciences religion-spirituality
‘epiphany – an anthology’ By sera aby, , STORY 1 AND 2- In life, we often encounter challenges that may seem insurmountable. It's during these times that we must remember to believe in ourselves and keep pushing forward, even when things get tough. It's natural for life to throw obstacles our way, but it's important to remember that we have the strength and resilience to overcome them. Giving up may seem like the easier option, but it will only lead to a feeling of hopelessness and defeat. Instead of giving up, we must focus on finding solutions and ways to overcome our challenges. This may require us to step outside of our comfort zone and try new things, but it's important to keep pushing forward. So, remember to believe in yourself, stay positive, and never give up. With perseverance and determination, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. STORY 3- Life is a precious gift that should be enjoyed to the fullest. However, sometimes we tend to be bogged down by our insecurities and let them define us. It's important to realize that these insecurities do not define us as individuals and we should not let them overshadow our potential and worth. Moreover, it's crucial to acknowledge that no matter how hard life may seem, there are always people who love and care for us. During tough times, we often end up f

March 21, 2024Votefiction self-help teens
‘Lifeforce Energy: The Human Experience’ By Jaime Montour, , "Lifeforce Energy: The Human Experience" is a poignant memoir that traces the courageous journey of a young Native American girl from Canada's largest First Nations community. Against the backdrop of a childhood scarred by molestation, sexual abuse, and relationship violence, this narrative delves deep into the complexities of trauma, addiction, and mental health struggles. Growing up within the confines of the Federal Indian Day School, the author grapples with the intergenerational trauma and systemic injustices that plague indigenous communities. Through the lens of her personal experiences, she sheds light on the profound impact of historical oppression and cultural erasure, offering readers a window into the resilience and strength of indigenous peoples. As the author navigates the tumultuous terrain of her past, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Drawing upon the wisdom of her ancestors and the teachings of her indigenous heritage, she explores the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. She illuminates the ways in which trauma manifests in the physical body, guiding readers on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and empowerment.

March 6, 2024Votebiographies-memoirs religion-spirituality self-help
‘Cultivating Conspiracies’ By Bethany Hargrove, , In a world grappling with a fertility crisis, Thomas and Elizabeth McCarthy, desperate to overcome infertility, discover a deadly genetic predisposition threatening both mother and child. Moving to the geothermal hub city of late-1945 Grand Junction, Colorado, they pin their hopes on a groundbreaking gene therapy. However, the newly established Global Reproductive Council enforces a global sterilization mandate, complicating their quest. Whispers of a government conspiracy arise, suggesting a synthetic hormone additive concealed by authorities is the true culprit behind the fatal defect. As the McCarthys resist the oppressive council, they uncover a resistance movement challenging the corrupt system. In "Cultivating Conspiracies," personal struggles intertwine with political intrigue, exploring themes of resilience, love, and rebellion against a world shaped by choices made in the pursuit of power. Join the McCarthys on a journey transcending fertility woes, unveiling a clandestine truth that could reshape their reality.

February 22, 2024Votefiction history mystery-suspense
‘Twelve Entries’ By J.M. PORTER, , Death assigns reapers to all walks of life, a curse and a blessing. It isn’t constant Death chooses to do so, just when it’s someone’s time. They’ll meet someone, have a bond, or be filled with warmth before Death decides to take them. As if apologizing for taking them so soon, these souls may be young, old, or between. And some of these souls don’t even know they’re dead. The reaper selected could be any person at any time, and they have no knowledge of what’s happening. Some Reapers will experience the supernatural, while others may just experience ominous happenings as they do in life.

February 16, 2024Votefiction romance-2 thriller
‘Wings of Redemption ‘ By Gemma A Summers, , Ariana, a 16-year-old daughter of a wealthy merchant in Edenhaven, has suffered abuse at the hands of her family since childhood, eroding her confidence, trust in herself, and belief in love and familial bonds. However, her life takes a dramatic turn one fateful night when her father expels her from their home, leaving her injured. This expulsion becomes the catalyst for her discovery of a new, magical world called Eloria, where she begins to find love with Thorne and starts to trust again. Yet, beneath the surface of her newfound happiness lies a dark secret about Thorne and his world that Ariana has yet to uncover. This is a tale of Ariana's journey to rediscover herself and her worth amidst the backdrop of a mystical and uncertain world.

February 16, 2024Voterelationships romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Aga Khan: Bridge between East & West’ By Mansoor Ladha, , The 113,908-word manuscript describes Aga Khan’s role as a global humanitarian, his work to help reduce poverty, advance gender equality, and improve health care and education in some of the remotest parts of the world, promoting education to prevent extremism and radicalism through sound educational policies. Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of over 20 million Shia Ismaili Muslims, is a moderate voice in a world increasingly divided by anti-terrorism and the Islamic world. Aga Khan is the only Muslim leader who has aggressively worked to eradicate radicalism and extremism. As the fiercest promoter of pluralism, he has established schools in the remotest parts of the world aimed at exterminating radicalism. He has openly admonished the West for not trying to understand Islam and gone on record to state that many of today’s so-called fundamental Islamic movements are more political than religious. Unlike other Islamic leaders, his views are heard in the West since he hobnobs with Western leaders on public and private occasions.

February 8, 2024Votebiographies-memoirs history politics-social-sciences
‘Kleos ‘ By Maariya Daus, , This book tells the alluring (yet sickening) story of Riccardo, a Renaissance artist who is fortunate enough to be under the patronage of the illustrious Medici family, working amongst revolutionary artists of the time. He, hedonistic and entirely different to his friends, follows a lifestyle that the Florentines repel with their very identity, and creates art that others are too afraid to immortalise. The promise and idea of fame roots itself in his mind and makes him obsessed. He becomes tangled in the schemes of the most mysterious family of Florence, and in a romance with someone he never would have expected.

January 30, 2024Votearts-and-photography history literature-fiction
‘Shelter In Secrets’ By Riley Baker, , "Shelter in Secrets" is the first book in a planned trilogy that took four years to develop. The story focuses on a young girl who runs away to her home village to give her brother a better life. However, she soon notices strange occurrences happening around her. Suddenly, she finds herself face-to-face with two mysterious men from 200 years in the past. She must figure out why she has been transported back in time and why everyone from that era is dead.

January 21, 2024Votefiction relationships teens
‘Lost Hope ‘ By Antonio Madrugada, , In a distant world called Gandea -The Garden World- was a once-prosperous place. Gandea was once the perfect replica of the Eternal Garden, made divine beings, the sons and the daughters of the Architect. Now, all the people have been enslaved and have lost their hope. There were once ten kingdoms that were once ruled by just and kind monarchs who ensured that all the people were treated fairly and that their needs were met. But one day, a cruel and ambitious ruler overthrew all monarchs in a campaign that lasted ten years and he took control of all the kingdoms. Then, a warrior with an amazing gift, started to spark the hope that was lost. And she started to lead a group of rebels, determined to overthrow the tyrant, and restore freedom to all kingdoms and of Gandea. They began to organize. Though they faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, they refused to give up. As the rebellion grew in strength, the tyrant’s grip on the kingdom began to weaken. The people have hope now. But it will be enough to overcome all the battles to come? Will they all have strength fight until the end, even the most daunting of challenges? There is long path and many bloody battles to survive. And it will never easy, where even love and friendship is tested to the very limit.

January 18, 2024Votedystopian fiction mystery-suspense
‘What if this happens’ By Karan Saxena, What if this happened…. A question that we encounter in all walks of life from an early age till the die we die. This question always fuels the thinker, writer, and creative genius of every person on the planet. Not a single day goes by when we don’t think of an alternative answer to the most basic of questions. What if the evolution didn’t happen the way it happened? What if the cold war never happened? What if fiction becomes the reality? What if history changes with our present? What if berlin wall never fell? What if AI becomes sentient? What if…What if…What if… This book is a compilation of 10 short stories on 10 such What if questions. You might like some parts; you might dislike most parts but at least it will get the idea going in your mind. That was my motivation for writing these stories. You can agree with a story, you can disagree with a story, both are okay. You might completely consider the story rubbish and think of your own narrative about the topic which is the best. Now you can go out and write your own version of the What if story and the best part? It can’t be wrong because it never happened….or can it?

January 2, 2024Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Andromeda’s Love’ By Noah Johnson, , Set in the vast expanse of a future in which humans occupy the Andromeda galaxy, (Which they lovingly refer to as the Blueberry Bay,) our story follows that of Rocco. A meek man with little to do and nothing going on. As he searches for a way to get paid to do nothing, he unwittingly finds himself hailed as a messiah, next in line to discover the utmost secret of eternal life. Though this is merely a joke. For Rocco never learned any such secret. He finds himself in the direct center of a cosmic hot seat. Whose repercussions spell that of eternal disaster should he fail. There is still saving grace, however, as Rocco aides himself with the help of a magical book. One whose voyeuristic abilities allow him to spy on anyone in the galaxy. And such insipid means of redemption do seem to be the only possibility of success for this man and all that he hopes to accomplish. Through surreptitious efforts, he asks to bear witness to the stories of six such souls, and these six humans do find themselves successful in the ascertaining of ever-lasting life. Through journeys that are straight up bananas. Follow Murphy, Ava, Mai, Ash, Maya, and Adam, through the lens of Rocco and his magic book, as we reveal, in essence, a long-kept secret about this cosmic score of ships and seas.

January 2, 2024Votefiction humor-entertainment religion-spirituality
‘Practical guide to forming simulation’ By Rakesh Kumar, , "Practical Guide to Forming Simulation" is a complete set of guidelines to set up a metal forming simulation in Altair hyperworks and hyperform. After reading this book, the reader would know the basics of Finite element analysis, metal forming simulation. The detailed explanation of terminologies used in the metal forming simulation set up and the method of one step and incrimental simulation are explained. After reading this book you will be able to set up the forming simulation at your own and view the results thereafter. Benefits of using metal forming simulation are quick manufacturing feasibility, accurate blank size calculation, FLD, thinning, wrinkles, cracks before die try out.

December 29, 2023Voteeducation-reference science-fiction-fantasy self-help
‘A Cool Autumn Saturday Afternoon’ By Laraine Smith, , Were the leaves on the other side of the lake as equally as golden as honey during a cool autumn Saturday afternoon? Did the water of the lake mirror the small wooden house on the other side of this lake in which a heavy-eyed man and woman enjoyed their ability to do what they wanted even though the water was blurry? Were they far away from any responsibilities or obligations? Were they also far away from any difficulties that would hurt them? Were there also no unpleasant hardships to cause them any severe suffering? Were there any duties for them? Did they enjoy the fact that their little wooden house was silent? Was their pleasure in this silence and each other's company without anybody else above the average? Did this small wooden house belong to these two particular people only? Was it private? Was it distant and far away in space from the noise of Planet Earth? Did they stop thinking about everything? Was there any unease or anxiety for them? Were they worried or unhappy about bad things that may happen? Were there any troubles or negative things for this couple? Were things desirable and optimistic for this couple? Did they have a particular life that was the same as others? Were they under the control of other people?

December 28, 2023Votefiction romance-2 travel
‘Diabolical Wings ‘ By Suri T. Kom, , In a twist of fate, a couple torn apart by the complexities of life find their way back to each other's arms. However, their love is shattered when the husband meets a mysterious demise, casting a dark cloud over their union. As the finger of blame points at the grieving wife, she must unravel the circumstances surrounding her husband's death. In this thriller, past and present collide, secrets are revealed, her freedom hanging in the balance, the widow must cross a dark path to unveil the truth and clear her name, before the shadows consume her.

December 6, 2023Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘APEX PREDATORS’ By Anthony Karrier, , Apex Predators Synopses. Raised in the boarder city of Windsor Ontario by an abusive cop for a father, Mike spends his youth training as a boxer with his dad, Ed, as his coach. Mike’s dad is a bitter, angry man that only gives Mike positive reinforcement when he hurts someone in the ring, on the football field, or just because he can. At 17 Mike is making a good name as an amateur boxer, and has a beautiful young girlfriend named Tamika. Ed can’t stand the fact that Tamika’s older brother trains with a rival boxing club, and his distain for her is compounded by the fact that the young girl is biracial. When Mike is attacked and swarmed on the street by a group of boys, Ed’s hatred towards Tamika comes out in full force, causing a rift between himself and his son. When Mike decides to go live with Nick, his uncle on his mom's side, Ed attacks Mike, leaving him a bloody mess. Mike begins to rebuild his life and finally finds happiness under his uncle’s guidance, but a when reckless driver kills Tamika while she’s on the back of Mike’s motorcycle, the young man’s world is broken. After 19 months of waiting for justice that doesn't come from the courts, Mike is shattered beyond repair. Shortly thereafter, Mike has a chance encounter with one of the boys that jumped him tw

December 4, 2023Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
”Nessa’s Closet’ By John Roe, When Caroline needs a babysitter for her spoiled children, she calls on 'Nessa, an old family friend. 'Nessa has only has one rule in her home... stay out of her closet. Upon breaking the one rule, the children are taught about the less fortunate by the seemingly magic closet.

November 30, 2023Votechildrens-books fiction
‘A game of chess’ By Thomas L., There is a killer on spree on the streets of London who is leaving chess moves on the crime scene and our detective has been contacted again to solve the murder. A game of chess has been started between the murderer and the detective. Can the detective find the murderer and disclose his objective?

November 23, 2023Votefiction thriller
‘The Princess and the Guard ‘ By Abigail Grace, , Juliet’s work for her sister, Queen Odette, has kept her alive, but barely. At just 16, years of physical and mental abuse are beginning to take their toll. Queen Odette has worked out the perfect plan to save her country and establish global dominion—by turning her sister into the ultimate weapon, through medical tampering and mind manipulation. But as Juliet's friend and personal guard, Noah, soon discovers, her life is in far more danger than either of them could have imagined. When the scientists who control the princess get carried away with their experiments, Noah realizes its time to take matters into his own hands. Can he save the girl he's sworn to protect from the queen he's sworn to serve?

November 19, 2023Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Chronicles of The Lost’ By Matilda Divine, , Sarah’s life takes a haunting turn when she is poisoned by her deceitful fiancé. From that moment on, she gains an extraordinary ability to perceive the dark realm, a dimension inhabited by oracular spirits. Trapped within the confines of her own mind and teetering on the brink of death, she awakens with a fierce determination for revenge and justice. Driven by this, she embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the darks sinister intentions. Along the way, Sarah discovers a group of kindred spirits, her soul sisters, who aided her within the ethereal realm of shadows. Together, they unravel the mysteries shrouding her existence, navigating through a labyrinth of secrets and dark forces that threaten their very souls. The world has forgotten the power of harnessing dimethyltryptamine to unlock areas of the mind which were long forgotten, by doing so it triggers a glimpse into the unknown universe and shows the truth behind forces of the dark realms which are overshadowing the realm of man. Sarah finds herself caught in the crossfire, she must wage a formidable battle against both her own inner demons and the encroaching darkness that threatens to consume humanity.

November 15, 2023Votemystery-suspense relationships science-fiction-fantasy
‘Glue – A Meta-Memoir’ By Lindsay Wincherauk, , Glue The powerful follow-up to Lindsay – The Memoir. It starts with Lindsay meeting his mother for the first time, as his mother, as he stood alongside her deathbed where he said hello and goodbye. Glue shifts deftly between the present and past as Lindsay continues cobbling the missing pieces of his life together. Thirty-six interconnected stories examining the pains and joys of living—trying to make sense of it all. Along the way, life is enriched by an exchange student. Lindsay meets his father only to tell him two weeks later he isn’t his father. And then, he witnesses a gay bashing, leading to becoming a key witness and, in a true Harvey Milk moment, giving a speech in front of a crowd of 5,000+ about ending senseless violence. The case resulted in Canada’s first Hate Crime designation. And then he meets his mother. … … GLUE A story about a man trying to find himself after his parents come back to life. And then, he witnesses a gay bashing. And then, he suffers a catastrophic stroke. And then →

November 15, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment relationships
‘THE HERMIT KINGDOM’ By Donald Kraus, , In 1871, war-photographer Felice Beato, accompanies the United States Asiatic Fleet’s expedition to invade Korea. Political and Ethical conflicts arise between the Fleet’s Admiral and Washington’s Minister-to-Asia which threaten the outcome of the expedition’s goals. En Route Beato is blackmailed by a ranking member of the expedition over Beato’s homosexual past. Intrigue is heightened as the reigning Korean Regent experiences dissent within his court. Skirmishes with Korean forces result in a desperate battle and, in essence, the expedition is an utter failure. This is a TRUE STORY that combines historical facts with compelling fiction that will charge readers to re-examine the U.S. policy of Manifest Destiny. in

November 15, 2023Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘The Shadow in the Picture’ By Claudia Wysocky"The Shadow in the Picture" is a gripping psychological thriller set in a haunting psychiatric facility in 1986. The story begins with the enigmatic patient Iris, and her compassionate caretaker, Mary, whose dedication to the mentally afflicted sets the stage for a series of unsettling events. Dr. Nowak, a close friend of Mary's, becomes involved as more characters, including the new patient Anne from Germany, emerge. As the narrative unfolds, Mary's sanity begins to unravel, leading to disturbing dreams and a descent into a dark abyss. Dr. Rosen, introduced as another colleague, reveals sinister intentions that add to the chaos within the facility. Iris and the other characters also struggle within the malevolent atmosphere, with their grip on reality slipping away. Mary and Dr. Nowak's determination to unearth the truth behind Anne's murder leads to a shocking confession and a swift but unexpected resolution. The story takes a dramatic turn as Mary's fate becomes intertwined with the mysterious cottage from her dreams, ultimately revealing a startling truth about her own mental state.

November 13, 2023Votethriller
‘Glue – A Meta-Memoir’ By Lindsay Wincherauk, , The powerful follow-up to Lindsay – The Memoir. It starts with Lindsay meeting his mother for the first time, as his mother, as he stood alongside her deathbed where he said hello and goodbye. Glue shifts deftly between the present and past as Lindsay continues cobbling the missing pieces of his life together. Thirty-six interconnected stories examining the pains and joys of living—trying to make sense of it all. Along the way, life is enriched by an exchange student. Lindsay meets his father only to have to tell him two weeks later he isn’t his father. And then, he witnesses a gay bashing, leading to becoming a key witness and, in a true Harvey Milk moment, giving a speech in front of a crowd of 5,000+ about ending senseless violence. The case resulted in Canada’s first Hate Crime designation. And then he meets his mother.

November 11, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment relationships
‘E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T.A.L.’ By Lindsay Wincherauk, , Another collection of stories from the active mind of raconteur Lindsay Wincherauk. In My Day, we walk lockstep with the author as he learns how to befriend a man, he just met, who tells him he’s dying. In The Encounter (series), while reading at a park bench, a man is led into the woods for a redacted encounter which swallows him in guilt, but each time he shares the story, the redaction disappears. Day 1: On a hot summer day, a baby is born in a place where unwed mothers are sent to give birth to illegitimate demon seeds. Shortly after his birth, the baby wonders where everyone has gone? Six decades later, a man examines every crevice of his life travails in search of who he is and who he is destined to become. He watches his mother and father die twice, leading to the possibility of meeting his father for the third time. He discovers he is 48% Norwegian. As he cobbles his past together, he struggles desperately to become whole. Let’s Cut Off Our Hands: Sexuality springs to the forefront when a homophobic carpenter and his homophobic partner cut off their hands to avoid the risk of holding hands in public. This collection of twenty stories fuses fiction and non, and with the story collection winding down, the boy (now a man) meets his mother for.

November 11, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment relationships
‘Lindsay – The Memoir’ By Lindsay Wincherauk, , A shocking and heartwarming collection of stories about a child’s search for identity after accidentally discovering at age 43, the parents he watched die were not his birth parents. 15 Sections. 106 Stories. A dark family secret, religion-fuelled shame, and pain-derived humour cobbled together to make one whole in an extraordinary ride through a shattered life. A unique, riveting, intensely personal, and exceptionally candid memoir. An extraordinary account of an extraordinary life. Deftly written, complex, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. … … Little did I know, fifty-six years later, I'd be meeting my mother for the first time as my mother, at the side of her deathbed. … … Not only is this memoir rife with family drama, but it is also the only memoir with a motorcycle crash in Jamaica, an attempted coup in Panama involving Manuel Noriega, a brush with the Dalai Lama in a Vancouver food court, eating breakfast with The Thing from the Fantastic Four, and a two-on-two basketball game with Fox Mulder.

November 11, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment relationships
‘Putin and the Boomerang Operation’ By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, I'm involved in this operation in person. I am a former KGB spy and CIA "Filament".Putin's Russian World Order "The Boomerang" Operation in action. Why and how he's killing USA. Also I introduce KGB instruction how to rule America and the world.

November 9, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs politics-social-sciences
‘CPS Abuse: Crimes, Corruption & Chaos ‘ By Japonica Kearney, , Imagine going to a doctor's appointment with your child and the doctor states a treatment, medication or resource you disagree with, what can happen next is shocking. The doctor can use your refusal or inquiry into a second opinion as being "neglectful" or "abuse", based ONLY on you disagreeing with their proposal. The doctor decides to call Child Protective Services and does not state the facts, but cleverly play on words and/or make false allegations, in order to "medically kidnap" your child. Due to not agreeing with their recommendation parents have been subjected to the callous acts of medical providers abusing their power and using CPS as the "police" to take your child. Once a CPS Case Worker arrives, and you listen to the accusations being made, your in disgust as you adamantly deny "wanting to harm your child", you will be falsely accused of neglect or having Munchausen syndrome by Proxy. All these are various situations that have traumatizing effects on a child and parent. CPS arrives to take the child and you as the parent have to prove that the allegations against you are false, while your child is put in foster care, taken away from their home and family. This is what Medical kidnapping looks like and the living nightmare you will embark on will test your faith.

November 9, 2023Votefamily-parenting politics-social-sciences self-help
‘The Man in the Van (A Dark Parody)’ By Jeffrey Novotny, Stan is the man. A man with a van. And in that van he collects the objects of his desire - children from the local playground, conveniently left unattended. Now he has his eye on little Kaysen, a sassy young thing he spies from the bushes. And he has a whole pharmacy full of "candy" to close the deal. But Kaysen is smart and cautious - does he take the bait? Hint: Yes! And off they go on their playdate, as Stan tries to win Kaysen over with tempting pharmaceutical treats. And of course he needs Kaysen’s help finding his lost cat, which may or may not exist. Meanwhile, the local pool cleaning guy is making the rounds with the single mothers in town. But it turns out that Stan isn’t quite who we expect, and that his activities may even have a higher purpose. And he may even have…daddy issues? Since the van has no windows, we won’t find out exactly what goes on inside, but we’ll learn a valuable lesson about talking to strangers for fun and profit. And of course, don’t believe everyone who claims to be a doctor. The product of a clearly twisted sense of humor - if you can imagine Dr. Seuss meets _Robot Chicken_ meets _South Park_ - this book skewers a number of contemporary issues and features a rather unexpected ending which ties it all together.

November 5, 2023Votefiction humor-entertainment
‘How Well Do You Know Your Prophets?: A Quiz Adventure!’ By ANJUM PASHA, , This guide presents the pivotal figures of Islamic history in an accessible format. Each chapter highlights a prophet with an overview and multiple-choice questions, detailed answers explain the correct choices, deepening the reader's comprehension. It's a tool for all ages, with its straightforward style particularly aiding children's learning. The book adapts to several contexts: - Birthday parties: Quizzes add a fun, informative twist. - Travel: Its neat format makes for an ideal travel companion. - Gifting: Perfect for those fascinated by Islamic spirituality. - Family gatherings: Encourages enriching discussions. - Personal study: Aids in spiritual exploration. - Community events: Fulfills educational needs. This book is a valuable resource for learning and discussion, catering to anyone interested in the spiritual legacy of Islam.

November 4, 2023Votechildrens-books education-reference religion-spirituality
‘Healed’ By Sylvia van der Meer, , Somchai is overwhelmed with jealousy, and feels anxious with the unexpected arrival of Matt's ex, Dani. Insecurity hits him hard in the face, when he's confronted with this stunning beauty. Being Thai means he has to maintain a straight face and not show any weakness. Losing your composure means losing your face. He burries himself in work to keep distracted from his problems, whilst pushing away his growing anxiety. Matt doesn't want to hear what Dani has to say. He keeps telling Dani to give up, and to go back home to the UK. Matt wants to prove to Somchai that he's the one for him, but Somchai keeps cancelling their dates due to work. Matt suspects something's off and begs Somchai to talk to him. But Somchai won't budge. His fear that Somchai might have an affair with his new assistent, takes a hold of him. All emotions seem to peak at the engagement ceremony of Somchai's little brother, Sunti, and his fiancé Achara. Both parties try not to ruin the ceremony. Matt keeps confronting Somchai, whilst Somchai tries his hardest to not lose face, especially not in front of his family. Nevertheless all their good intentions, both in their own way, the situation is bound to erupt. They throw all cards on the table and learn that communication and trust will save their relationship.

November 1, 2023Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Imagination High’ By Robert Batista, , In the fall of 2007, as the social media revolution was unfolding across America, five best friends, together since middle school, enter their senior year at San Lachino Academic High. Little do they know, it will be a year filled with challenges, heartbreak and profound self-discovery, both individually, and as a group. Frankie, Whitney, Emily, Reese and Nick’s lives will be thoroughly tested, and through these urban minefields, they will forever be changed.

October 29, 2023Votefiction relationships teens
‘Long Days, Short Knights’ By Bryan Beaunoyer, , Self published in April of 2023, The first book of my "Welcome to Wendtmurhoefen" Children's Chapterbook Series chronicles the origin of our main protagonist- a misenchanted knight by the name of Sir Gilderlilly- as he is tasked by prophecy to find a missing princess and the search party that also disappeared while looking for her. Along the way, he befriends a short, chubby, overly excited, and somewhat unruly unicorn that insists on helping him in his search. With a unique and humorous approach to several well established mythical and magical creatures, as well as introductions to new ones created for the series, "Long Days, Short Knights" hopes to entertain children from ages 9 to 99 with a magically non-violent adventure that is sure to be enjoyed by all!

October 24, 2023Votefiction humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘A villain’s tale ‘ By Stella Moon, , They called them gifted. It started small, only 1% of the new generation, gifted with powers like nothing you could imagine. Some could travel the speed of light, others had the strength of gods. They were all different, all unique in one way or the other. But they were gifted, with power, and that made them dangerous. Now all it took was a dozen people to take control of entire countries and, as it should, it scared people. And so the gifted program was initiated, and as the next generation of gifted children were born, they were relocated to an island, somewhere not found on any map. Where no-one would be able to find them. They would be trained and taught, raised to fight, raised to be controlled, so they were not a threat to anyone. Of course it wasn’t perfect and that made the program all that more important. In an age where every kid dreams of being a hero what happens when the two most notorious villains kidnap a little girl with the potential to be the most powerful gifted the world has ever seen. What happens if the story is told from their point of view and nothing is as it seems.

October 20, 2023Votefiction relationships science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Trial Accord To Alan Barysh’ By Alan Barysh, This is a rewrite of the famous book by Kafka. Mr L is awakened and arrested for a crime even those who are arresting him do not know the nature of. This is his story.

October 13, 2023Votefiction mystery-suspense
‘About Not Losing’ By James Ogsbury, The book is about the experience of being a medical defendant in a high-stakes malpractice trial, actually written during the trial (something that has never been done before). I was the neurosurgical attending for a patient who underwent a procedure by others that I did not wished to be done from which she had a terrible complication. A lawsuit was filed by her Native American husband and the famous Native American attorney, Gerry Spence. My attorney suggested that I write about the experience of being involved in such an endeavor. The writing took place throughout the trial, and, because the lead defense attorney and trial psychologist both keep diaries,, the manuscript was written by three intertwined voices. The trial came to an abrupt end with a small settlement to an Indian tribe, which led to an unsatisfactory ending from a literary point of view. Therefore the manuscript was not published. However subsequently, I had a recurrent dream about completing the case and, with the help of a litigator attorney and the trial psychologist who was still in practice, there is now a dream sequence which adds a whole new perspective to the end of the story. My question is whether this Situation with death threats, attorney intimidation, etc would be be appropriate for publishing

October 11, 2023Votediet-health-fitness dystopian
‘Ilyusha’ By N.D. Wolk, , In revolution-torn Russia, novice monk Ilyusha discovers unusual healing powers which draw on the energies of people around him. He leaves his monastery to become a healer. But his former seminary friend turned big Party boss, Kolya, wants to jail Ilyusha and use his gift to increase his political power. Ilyusha flees from Kolya to America. He settles among Utah Mormons and marries a local girl, Zima. Soon he discovers that he’s lost his magical powers. He suspects that they only work around his former countrymen. Ilyusha learns that Kolya took hostage Lyubanya, a girl he once loved and still can’t forget. He decides to return to Russia and give himself in to his former friend to save the girl. His powers continue to fail him at home. He realizes that they must have been changed by his decade-long stay in US. Kolya threatens to kill both him and Lyubanya if Ilyusha doesn’t fix his magic. Meanwhile, Zima travels to Russia to free her husband. She finds herself in grave danger after confronting Kolya. Now Ilyusha must find a way to make his powers work to save the two women he can’t choose between and to make good on his healer’s calling—even if at the cost of his own life.

October 11, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘An Edge Without Desire’ By Blake BarksdaleIn the realm of Evryn, the Reaper Throne, which grants the power of Gravesight and control over the land, is coveted by all. Shor, the current ruler, fears his time may be ending due to an unconventional contender. With another trying to seize the throne, the A’kilam worries of a new age driven by dark desires. Darvyn awakes from death with no memory, but discovers a way to regain his past. He travels across all of Evryn, facing horrific creatures and enemies of boundless power and magic in search of his memories and the truth behind the current throne. As tyranny looms, Darvyn must decide if he can save Evryn by challenging a ruthless A'kilam. In this gripping fantasy, the fate of a realm teeters on a throne, and the battle for power will determine the destiny of a world on the edge of chaos.

October 10, 2023Votescience-fiction-fantasy
‘BEHIND THE SCENES OF MY DREAMS’ By J.J. McCombs, , Sara Walker is one of five students in her High School who all possess a very special ability. This ability allows them to take their dreams past a point of lucid dreaming, to where they can have a physical presence in the real world. She learns that she is only one teenager in the world that has this ability. Sara realizes with the help of others, that while this ability can create the potential for great adventures, it also creates the real possibility of doing great danger in the real world. She bands with a group of other similar kids to fight a group of reckless and even dangerous teens who are taking advantage of their ability for their own gain. Along the way Sara meets Dustin, a kid much like herself and a relationship develops. While exploring her new world, Sara must also tend to her father, a single parent, and a socially inept car salesman.

October 8, 2023Voterelationships science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Kingdom of Flames’ By Helena ChristianIn the Kingdom of Visonia, a reoccurring issue has quickly progressed. The dragons that had once lived in harmony with the Visonians are now shifting into a destructive and harmful state, turning the priorly beautiful and vibrant lands into shambles. In discovery that a young girl, Natasha Cadel, has an ancient power called Napájení, which is the lost ability to return the dragons to their peaceful state, the Visonians throw her into training and preparations for the harsh circumstances that she may experience in her near future. Throughout the duration of the novel, Natasha fights many battles within herself and the kingdom she's destined to save. She's willing to give everything she has to save Visonia, however she will soon discover if everything she has is really enough.

October 4, 2023Votefiction
‘J.A.S./The Jihadists’ By Aaron Houston, , A near-retirement intelligence officer has been tasked with preventing a massive global terrorist plot from being carried out by a mysterious organization comprised of evil men and women holding high-ranking positions in many governments, corporations, and criminal organizations from around the world. He has been teamed with a beautiful foreign agent but things get complicated when their relationship develops beyond a professional one.

September 16, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction thriller
‘Nightmare ‘ By Cheyenne Jamerson, , Nyx, a warrior named after the Goddess of night, magic, and hellish things, wanders the dream realm to destroy Nightmares who have escaped from what the dreamers call, The Nightmare Door. The Nightmare Door is a creative portal. It creates the most terrifying nightmare of anyone who looks through it, with its own horrific twist. Unlike the bogart from Harry Potter, it creates more than monsters. It has been known to create entire universes whose sole intention is to torture the looker with their worst fears. The door faces to open a portal to the real, physical realm. Nyx battles the nightmares ferociously, as she questions why and how the door was made, she is faced with the possibility that the answers she's looking for might lead her to darker places than she could ever imagine, and to the end of her own existence.

September 12, 2023Votehorror science-fiction-fantasy thriller
’30 Something Christain Recovery’ By Anna Adams, , Stories behind a single 30 something that grew up in the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” era. Go to Christian College, you will meet your husband and all you waited on will matter. Wait, that did not happen. Must be because of you, nothing to do with the Christian culture. Then you loose your virgins to a pastor’s son. See following sample. To the Paster whose son I gave my virginity to Almost 15 years later…..still single, still scarred, still hearing from shame in my head, but on the road to healing, recovering, and empowerment as an amazing, sexual and empowered woman. I use the word gave instead of lost. ….. This coming from a man who years later I learn about hiding and protecting a man who did despicable things to his children. Who guided a mother to follow his direction and “forgive” or not report this gross abuse because “men can be counseled.” In this case it took the brother of the girls to come forward. He made me feel like I was just as bad if not worse then this man because he protected a sexual abuser. All I did was give in to normal human wants. And even more even though I was 20, God created us as sexual beings. Women have been reprimanded and put down for their sexuality and in reality it is their strength to use.

September 8, 2023Voterelationships religion-spirituality self-help
‘When Black Shoes Turn Red’ By Thomas McKenna, Can a somewhat computer-challenged Boomer navigate his MacBook Pro and the realm of Indie Publishing to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating his first book? Can he conquer those pesky copy/paste commands and those never-ending 'hard-returns?' Find out in Mr. McKenna's hilarious short-story, 'Confessions of a non-Best-Selling Author.'

August 29, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment
‘A Man Named Harrison Ruger’ By Deanna Cree, Getting stuck in a storm and needing to find shelter Harrison found his way into a doorway of a tiny shack of a home in the emptiness of the prairie. Hearing a gun shot echo from the tiny home he made his way onto the porch and slowly opened the large door into the home. Witnessing a young boy barely 10 holding a revolver still smoking he saw two people covered in blood on the other side of the room. Cautiously making his way to the boy he was able to take the gun from his little hands and give him a sigh of relief from the scene he was looking at. The young boy told Harrison that his father had shot his mother and he was going to hurt him and his brother, the young boy had no choice but to protect his brother, so he shot his father. Harrison wasn't a very good husband to begin with and now he was going to have to learn to be a good father to two orphaned boys now, this was not in his plans whatsoever when he decided to leave town. Many years later Harrison is gunned down and his boys now grown have moved on and fought in the Civil War and survived only to have one hell bent on finding Harrison's killer.

August 10, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction
‘The Orbs’ By Joseph KeckIn the Village of Happiness, Villagers harvest Happiness Orbs into energy that powers the town. All Orbs contain a single Sadness Speck that, naturally, the Villagers don't want to deal with so they go and store them in a hollow tree at the end of the Village. After decades, the tree explodes and Sadness spreads across the Village. Gathering the Specks together at a field, the Villagers begin to talk about their own sadness and feelings more openly. Then...a miracle happens! All the Sadness Specks in the Field coalesce back into Happiness energy and the Village is restored. However, the Villagers now begin to process and use BOTH Happiness and Sadness to fuel their lives. Thematically, the book deals with the dangers of diffusion of responsibility, the value of individual action, and the importance of dealing with difficult emotions. Thank you for your consideration!

August 8, 2023Votechildrens-books
‘America the Poor: A Wanderers Tale: Volume One’ By john duran, , A dirt poor but genius abused boy grows up in Buffalo NY. Wanders the city getting into strange misadventures and tragedies. Ends up going insane in unrequited love, and gets forcefully committed to an mental asylum for years, and in a orphaned boys home for a few more years. Then ends up homeless for over 35 years wandering across all of America's cities. Eventually getting into crazy impossible adventures, and surviving by his wits and strength of will and refusal to give up and die.

August 5, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘In that Quiet Empty Place’ By Sam Reece, , Tobias Clancy is abused by his father, Judge Shanahan Clancy, and suffers from dissociative identity disorder and forms another identity Kyle Clegg to take the abuse. Clegg becomes a serial killer, and Detective Dan Brennan and his team must bring him to justice. Shooters enter the restaurant where Detective Sergeant Dan Brennan dines with his wife, whom the two shooters kill. Dan is wounded but able to kill the attackers. He takes a long time to recover and cannot work for months. The question is—why did Judge Shanahan Clancy grant the killer’s bail? —dominates Dan's mind, so he resolves to find the answer. Brennan must find the murderers after recovering physically from wounds and mentally from the death of Diane. Dan is sure the killers were granted bail by Judge Shanahan Clancy when pressured because of his homosexual activities. Dan starts drinking to eliminate his pain. Two years later, restored to good mental health, he is heading up a section in the Major Crime Squad. Narelle (Dan's daughter) arrives to live with him, to study pathology at the university and obtains a part-time job at the forensics centre. Kym, the wife of Tobias Clancy, is murdered. Dan and his team quickly discover the murderer is Ralph Fenwick, Kym's lover. A phone call summons Dan to Sn

August 3, 2023Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Hello My Name Is…… label here’ By April LeeMy life story is nothing short of unbelievable. I was born to an addict. She had 9 children by 4 men. I was the 3rd oldest and us 3 were left at a family's home to be babysat. When my mother didn't arrive to get us after 3 days the family called child services. I was adopted by said family, one of my sisters was adopted by my adopted Aunt and Uncle. The oldest went with her father to Arizona. Neither adopted families were the best. So we had it rough with neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. I was introduced to sex at age 4 by my adopted brother. Age 8 abuse began by my friends dad and Sunday School teacher. Throw in a sprinkle of boys that attempted assault and sexual gratification throughout my childhood and you get a damaged soul. I was known as the weird one. My Uncle referred to me as the "runt" of the litter. I was the butt of the families jokes often. (Now at 42, I've discovered that I am definitely on the spectrum) This first installment of my life story, my label, my name was runt, weird one, or as one neighbor referred to me; the crack baby.

July 28, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs
‘Spontaneity’ By Marilyn Stephan, , I met a guy along the beach who claimed that he could write a story based on spontaneous content. If I gave him a topic then, he could turn into a story. Well, I wanted to test his claim. So, I suggested a knotty piece of driftwood as a topic. He took out his pad and pencil and began to scribble. "As I was walking along a beach. I noticed a piece of driftwood had recently washed ashore. Just laying there and slightly moistened by the morning dew. I approached the driftwood curiously. I studied it for a moment. All at once it hit me to turn it over. Beneath it I saw a sea urchin, a couple of snails and a strip of kelp. I thought how intriguing was this discovery. The snails were alive. The kelp held moisture as it laid entangled on the driftwood and the sea urchin was balled up like a scared porcupine. I thought I would take a few pictures and send them home to family and friends who had never stepped foot on a beach. I twirled the driftwood around to it's side. There was a hallowing that had been naturally forged by it's seaward travels. I peered into the hole. I gazed my eyes upon an octopus. This driftwood was teaming with life. I decided to lay it back down on the wet sand for another to discover.

July 27, 2023Votechildrens-books family-parenting fiction
‘Risen from the Ashes’ By Jon Daniels, , A John Doe is found stumbling from the remains of a car, sent to a New York dump for disposal. Naked, wounded and no way to identify him. He breaks free from the hospital when the nurse in charge attempt to put him in a psych hold and makes his way to the only place in the city he knows: The address to an abandoned subway station he gave to the nurse as his residence. The place is not abandoned and it looks like other people are searching for someone. They find him and try to attack him. While John shows himself more than adept at handling them, help comes in the form of a young woman with a sniper rifle across the street. She calls for them to go into the subway station, where he finds that the place was something of a hideout for the woman and her partner. She questions why John is there. The woman explains that her partner was a phoenix, and various powerful elements in the city have wanted to have such a powerful creature on their side. She went out to work out a deal to get them both out of the city the night before and never came back. The longer they speak and work together, as a few snippets of memory start to return, it becomes apparent that John is the phoenix returned, and they need to find his murderer before they try again.

July 23, 2023Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy thriller
‘save the democratic system, a blueprint for a better society’ By adam efronSYNOPSIS:Saving the Democratic System - A Blueprint for a Better Society By : ADAM EFRON The purpose of my book is to question the accepted dogma of different aspects of the Democratic system and propose amended sustainable methods that will serve the citizen better. It is written in response to the different shortcomings that I have encountered as a business owner and as a citizen in three democratic countries. The book is based on my experience as a citizen, a scientist and consulting engineer. In the 53 chapters of my book I explain the shortcomings of different aspects, like the existing Parliamentary system, the legal system, and many others, and propose amended ones that will solve them. In conclusion, I try to convince the reader not to accept the cliché that Democracy is a bad method but that there is no better alternative, that a change is forthcoming, that it is within his reach, and as a result, his quality of life will be much improved Chapter 1:"Your Life in My Ideal Democracy" is a more detailed synopsis addressed to the reader of my book.

July 20, 2023Votepolitics-social-sciences
‘Watch Out, Don’t Fall’ By Lulwa Naman, , An unexpected dystopian cross between 1984 (George Orwell) and Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare). Humanity was divided into two rival groups a hundred years go, the Books and Suits. They are haunted, separated, spied on, and dictated by the robot-Seers. When the worlds of Rachel Book and Nehemiah Suit collide, their forbidden romance becomes a hide-and-seek saga for survival. Will they be discovered and executed by the apathetic, heartless Seers? Or will they prosper and find hope in their secret enchantment?

July 18, 2023Votedystopian fiction romance-2
‘Five Souls’ By Aaron Walker, , Five souls enter. None can leave. Anna and her team of paranormal investigators have heard the story about the house at the edge of town. If you have four or less, or six or more people in the group, the paranormal activity would be minimal at best. But if you have exactly five in the group, the difference in activity is monumental. But why? They will try to solve that mystery as they fight to stay alive just one night.

July 12, 2023Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘Uncorked UK’ By Ka Khavali, , In the verdant landscapes of the United Kingdom, an ancient tradition is thriving anew. Welcome to Uncorked UK, your comprehensive guide to English wine country. Amidst the rolling hills and picturesque countryside, you'll discover a rich history, diverse grape varieties, and an array of vineyards and wineries eager to share their passion for English wine. Though wine production in the UK dates back to Roman times, the English wine industry has recently experienced a remarkable renaissance. As a result of climate change, advancements in winemaking techniques, and the dedication of pioneering vintners, English wines have taken their place on the international stage, winning prestigious awards and critical acclaim. This guide gives an overview of the history of English wine, charting its ups and downs and celebrating the resilience and innovation that has led to the industry's current success. One of the fascinating aspects of English wine is the diverse range of grape varieties cultivated in the UK, from the classic Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier to lesser-known varietals such as Bacchus, Dornfelder, Solaris, and Ortega, British vineyards are producing a wide array of wines that cater to all tastes. This book outlines these grape varieties, their unique characteristics

July 11, 2023Votehome-garden sports-outdoors travel
‘Ruby Smith Welcome addresses for various occadions’ By Ruby SmithIn my book there are stories about God that will encourage and inspire you

July 11, 2023Votereligion-spirituality
‘Echoes of Valor: A Collection of Short Stories ‘ By Jean Bleakney, , Echoes of Valor is a captivating anthology that delves into the depths of human courage, sacrifice, and resilience through a collection of gripping war short storie. Spanning across different eras, conflicts, and corners of the globe, this poignant anthology offers a vivid exploration of the human experience during times of conflict. Within these pages, readers will embark on a profound journey, encountering soldiers, civilians, and individuals whose lives are irrevocably shaped by the horrors and challenges of war. Each story is a standalone piece, meticulously crafted to showcase the emotional landscapes, moral dilemmas, and extraordinary acts of heroism that can arise amidst the chaos of battle.

July 11, 2023Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘Ruby Smith welcome addresses for various occassions’ By Ruby SmithWhen you receive a promise from God it might be delayed but it won't be denied

July 11, 2023Votereligion-spirituality
‘Somebody myself’ By Amaru ShakurMy book is about redefining family. Listening to the silence in valleys where there is no wind. It is about outside the box where the truth ultimately resides. It is about Russian roulette . It details a journey through locked closet doors to scars not lost by the passage of time.

July 7, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs
‘My Angel Book’ By Mary Brotherton, , My Angel Book is a gentle introduction to spirituality that presents some of the many ways angels interact with us while it explores how children can use nature, music, numbers, and pets to communicate with their angels. The book encourages children to be aware of their surroundings and promotes positivity in a fun, uplifting way. The author used artificial intelligence and her imagination, in a program called Midjourney, to illustrate the pages of My Angel Book.

July 3, 2023Votechildrens-books relationships religion-spirituality
‘Go with Angels’ By Mary Brotherton, , Go with Angels is 88 pages of short stories that reveal secrets about the author's angelic encounters and communicating with deceased loved ones. Stories tell about near-death encounters and angelic advice that has been praised as inspirational, comforting, and calming.

July 3, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs relationships religion-spirituality
‘The K-Pop Scandal’ By Chloe Gilholy, , A k-pop duo are pretending to be a couple for their management, but for one of them, it is not an act.

June 20, 2023Votehumor-entertainment romance-2 teens
‘Between the pages’ By Camellia Starr, , The captivating novel, "Between the Pages" delve into the world where reality and fantasy get blurred, and love takes an unexpected turn. Aurora, an avid reader finds herself amid the book she was engrossed in with some twists and turns, she never expected to arrive. Little does she knows that the book which previously portrays the character of the main lead turns into the devilish villain. On her way carrying on the journey in the new world, she finds the new-found peace, she slowly starts to notice things that don't line up with the story she was reading. Rather than falling for the prince charming hero, her heart slowly softens toward the villain she hated. Steadily, she unlocked the dark secrets of the hero as time passes by and the sweet softness of the villain beneath his cold armor. Between the pages opens the door towards an unexpected love story defining the complex nature of human behavior. Whatever goodness shows to the world is not always the truth that lies beneath, and shows the power of choice a person could have. Will she follow her heart and embrace the path of the unconventional path or walk into the expectations of the original novel?

June 18, 2023Votemystery-suspense romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘It’s Tragic’ By Lakisha Wilson, , This is an help aide to heal child keepsake interacting book pertaining to grief loosing a loved one/pet. This book has introductory with corresponding fill in blanks for response of the child in mourning/grief. The opposite side of the page will be open for the child to paste pictures of memories. This book is curated by myself inspired by my six year old grandson who lost his father/my first born son.

June 13, 2023Votechildrens-books family-parenting religion-spirituality
‘Stepping Into Another Woman’s Shoes’ By Sandra McKinney, Five year old Helen was fostered, upon her mother’s death, by a family, complete strangers to her. She was one of five children “farmed” out in the 1920’s. It was a time when many mother’s died giving birth. Frank, the father not only had to work and heavy drinking took the remainder of his free time. 10 years later, at age 16, Helen would be in a relationship with the foster parents son-in-law; 20 years her senior. 17 year old Helen & 37 year old Lester were my parents. The unfolding of this story, in decades were family secrets were well kept, unfolds from Census reports, city directories, county documents and sharing from a 90 year old aunt who wouldn’t share until all the players were dead. Helen stepped into the first wives shoes; ones that had been worn for 14 years.

June 11, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs relationships
‘God, Jesus, Christianity – There Must Be a Better Explanation’ By Chris Korte, , After 2000 years we still don’t completely understand the teachings of Jesus, God, or the Bible. There are thousands of competing Christian denominations, which one is right and true? This book examines many of the problems in the Bible, and reinterprets them from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. It explains everything in life including why we are here. I use A Course in Miracles to address the discrepancies in Christianity and what Jesus actually taught to explain how to live a happier, more peaceful life no matter what is happening in the world.

June 11, 2023Voteeducation-reference religion-spirituality self-help
‘The House on Old Plank Road ‘ By Melissa Jones, , Ada had walked the halls of the house on Old Plank Road many nights in her dreams. It beckoned to her, pulling her into a world full of restless spirits and mystery. A house that she never knew existed outside of her dreams until her husband Rob, brought her to see it as a possible future home for their family. It was a mystifying experience, even for someone that had grown accustomed to the unexplained over the years. Ada knew immediately she belonged there but was she prepared for what was to come?

June 10, 2023Votefiction mystery-suspense romance-2
‘The Realm Between’ By L.D. Olsen, , Tahira Fiore imagines being safe from the constant threat of death but best friend, Ayne, breaks into her thoughts via telepathic communication to say lying will get her killed. On Tahira’s way to the Educata, School for Young Perceivers, she encounters a fresh horror to intimidate them into renouncing their faith and swearing fealty to the impostor. Undaunted, Tahira trains the novices to merge souls in higher and higher degrees by vanquishing inner demons that sabotage their way back to the higher realms. As the persecution escalates, Tahira discovers she must open the convergences they must cross to escape annihilation by an army of unholy abominations. Supernatural combat is waged on multiple fronts, leaving Tahira to decide who lives, who dies and who is left behind.

May 12, 2023Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘The Music Within Your Heart ‘ By Isaac Miller, After Sophia discovers her big brother’s mutilated body in The Lake of Tears, she attempts to take her own life at the tender age of thirteen. Her endeavor is halted by a life-changing encounter in The Midnight Forest that exposes her life’s biggest secret. The Midnight Forest is full of deep secrets and the revealing of her powerful gift. Sophia’s seismic encounter during the summer of 1963 in a racist community in Marin County, CA ignites the beginning of an unlikely romance. The Music Within Your Heart is a heart-tugging odyssey of an unforgettable love story between a young, gifted Black girl and her questionable soulmate.

May 8, 2023Votefiction romance-2
‘Growing the Next Version of You – The LeadershipN Accelerator – A Journey for Growing Successfully in Life, Love and Business’ By Michael Rochelle, , This book is designed to help leaders at all ages and levels awaken to their intrinsic worth, their unique giftedness, their ultimate potential to BE and DO good in the world. It is the beginning, or augmentation, of a lifetime journey of discovery that will have you exceed your current view of your potential as you seek to Grow the Next Version of You every day. Are you ready to take the ride of your life? I hope so because together we are going to push you like never before by working on all the spheres of your life that make you powerful to get results. Why must a leader go on this journey daily? So, you can engage in the building of the journey for all you lead, and seek to help, so you can wonder at their potential, as much as your own, and push them to grow beyond themselves, to create innovation so naturally that is flows as a natural by product of your ethos. So, you can lead them to new heights as you too continue to grow. Transformation of your mind IS the ultimate journey and how better to define, grow and lead an organizational mindset than to authentically live it, and gift it, to those you love and lead. Joyfully Yours, in Love and Peace, Mike

May 7, 2023Votebusiness-investing relationships self-help
‘Perfect Strangers’ By Justin Marlowe, , "Perfect Strangers" is the concept for a book written by Justin Marlowe. The title pulls from the 1980s sitcom by the same name, although they bear no acute similarities. The story centers on the auto-biographical relationship between protagonists Justin Marlowe and Nicos Eaton, who met, by chance, during their time in high school. Justin and Nicos are African-American, male, suburbanites living in Stafford County, Virginia. Justin is snarky and cynical athlete, as well as a military brat, that often comes off as callous and shallow. Thanks to his father being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Armed Forces, Justin and his family were able to move and travel all over Europe. After settling in the states, they consistently relocated before finding a permanent home in Northern Virginia. Conversely, Nicos' youth was primarily spent in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Their meeting was spear headed by their casual relationship with the same female. She “cheated” on Justin with Nicos, which causes some initial conflict. One might assume that this would cause lasting tension, but it ended up producing a fruitful friendship. . It is the process, the intrinsic relatability, and the humor, that make for a massively engaging story.

April 26, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs relationships teens
‘The Tennessee Three’ By Edmund KinghamIncluded

April 7, 2023Votefiction
‘Predator in Flames ‘ By Kari Henry, , Aiden was once a hitman who hated himself. Laurier was his “employer”. Laurier was like a father figure to Aiden. Laurier manipulated Aiden to go into the business because of his own greed and knowledge of Aiden’s skills from the military. Aiden decided he was finally done with that life and wanted to start fresh. But lies have a way of catching up to you. Aiden had done some horrible things but always ended up defending himself, saying he had his reasons and he just wanted to protect himself and the ordinary life he was trying to rebuild. Aiden pissed off some people, including someone from his past who hired him to do a job Aiden ended up refusing to do. That is when Katherine is hired to kill Aiden. She is an incredibly skilled hitman. She watches Aiden for months. Learning everything there is to know about him. She ends up teaming up with him. Not because she pities him. She has her own survival in mind. They end up bickering constantly. Especially Katherine. They end up falling for one another, but don't end up admitting it. Katherine refuses to get involved with him because she is focused on her own survival, something she has always put first. Aiden ends up betraying Katherine in the end by lying to her about something that is incredibly personal to her.

April 7, 2023Votefiction humor-entertainment mystery-suspense
‘Query “A STAIN ON THE RED BANNER” (fiction)’ By Polina Krymskaya, , Seva and Zhenya are ordinary schoolboys, unlucky enough to be born gay during the difficult Soviet times. They discover their feelings for each other are far from ‘friendly.’ This realization completely knocks them out of their rut; no one knew this was even possible. It becomes a difficult ordeal for the young boys. Every day, they struggle with fear, misunderstanding, and rejection. It is both of them against the whole world, waiting only for the night to come to be their guardian angel. Their feelings would be insignificant if all this became an obstacle for them. However, while trying to sort things out, Seva and Zhenya make many mistakes – and enemies. Their new detractors decide to get even with the boys. After accidentally learning about the boys’ feelings for each other, Seva’s classmates capture their kiss on film. Shocked by the betrayal, Seva and Zhenya think this is the worst that could happen to them. But all the children were ignorant of the fact that Seva and Zhenya’s relationship was not only “wrong”, but also against Soviet law. Their detractors had no idea how this innocent revenge could turn out.

March 29, 2023Votehistory relationships romance-2
‘Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3’ By J. O. Quantaman, "Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3" is a stand-alone police procedural. Dog Breakfast co-op continues to battle the transnats, seven transnational corporations with a billion wage earners on their affiliated payrolls. ___It is 2076. A brutal rape-murder has been committed in an urban megadome over the Fraser River delta. Nyssa and Shepp volunteer to go after the perp. In LA they rescue two-dozen young women before they're shipped to the Asian sex trade. Lack of funds stop them from pursuing further. They're joined by Jen and Griz. Then all four travel to Tijuana where they outfox funds from a strip club that holds death fights. ___At last, four operatives of Dog Breakfast confront the perp in Quito, Ecuador. A double ambush occurs... ___The back story describes future educational techniques in public classrooms and home schooled. Themes covered include PTSD, martial arts, gender justice, fitness excellence, camaraderie, trustfulness, teenagers from a primitive fisher village adapting to post-modern urbanism, socialism versus capitalism (seeking the best of both ideologies). ___519 pages (in print) ___112,400 words ___Available as a printed paperback with page-by-page footnotes. AND-OR a PDF document with color pics and hyperlinked endnotes which can be re-coped to Book

March 28, 2023Voteliterature-fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘She’s Taking A Break’ By Joyce Gerber, , I wrote my 80,000-word manuscript, SHE’S TAKING A BREAK, in hopes of being part of a long tradition of romantic literature. For the past few years I’ve been referring to my novel as a Cannabis Romance, and have written it because I know there’s a market for it. When Annie McGrath returns to her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after being on the road with her husband’s band for twenty years, she moves back into her childhood bedroom to figure out how things in her life went so terribly wrong. Dottie McGrath welcomes Annie home and is happy to have someone else in the house besides her ailing husband. And when Annie seeks a compassionate listener in Father Lorenzo - her next-door neighbor and childhood best friend – in the confessional, the threads of Annie’s life begins to unfurl. Annie is a habitual cannabis consumer and throughout the story cannabis is normalized and accepted along with the unfolding story of Annie’s secrets in order to upend the stigmas that have been created around cannabis use.

March 28, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction romance-2
‘The curious case of Marie Annette Danes and the clockwork kid’ By Jay Pumpkinhead, , Fairytale horror of love gone wrong.

March 19, 2023Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘Alphabet Hemlock Soup’ By Ray McCoy, For many Americans the acronyms just roll off the tongue - the NAACP, GLAAD, ADL, SPLC, and at times the actual meaning behind those names doesn't come to mind. Similarly, these organizations have each in similar ways experienced mission creep. The original purpose of their formation to defend or promote the interests of a vulnerable group has morphed into the asset truly valued by the rich and powerful: a civic institution with major financial and social cachet. The groups that are examined here all had noble goals that carried them through troubled times, but after they met that summit a natural question was raised: Where to now? For these organizations the allure of influence, wealth and prestige has corrupted the legacies of their forebears, but it didn't happen all at once.

February 27, 2023Voteeducation-reference politics-social-sciences
‘Middle Grade Monsters’ By Jeremy Dreamy, , Everybody knows middle grade school is full of terrifying surprises. 11-year-old, Monty Moonshine dreaded going to his new middle school in Stone Heart. Because he is a troublemaker, he gets away with most anything. After pulling a prank in his last school in gym class, the principal and his parents send him away. Only to learn the true nature of his discipline would be to unleash his real monster spirit. By awakening a student exchange student whose sleeping in a coffin in the school basement. If the vampire girl, Traci Troll, wakes up, she'll hunt the middle grade students until they all become undead vampires. Can Monty make her his friend before she makes him and the kids in middle school as monsters forever? Or will Monty must slay Traci before she awakens an army of middle grade monsters? Can Monty learn to survive middle grade before graducation? Or will Monty the his friends let the dark students rule the school if they don't succeed in finishing their eduaction?

February 15, 2023Votefiction horror humor-entertainment
‘Savage tales of Vanhellmont book 1’ By Nathan B Vandrick, , When God created Adam out of the Earth he also created a woman named Lilith who like Adam was created equal she was giving to Adam as his first wife but there was a dispute between them about a matter that when it comes to sexual intercourse she had to lie beneath him during sex however considering herself to be Adam's equal she refused Adam unless he decided to lie beneath her in time he agreed but as time went on they experimented with all types of sexual positions. When Adam was asleep Lilith knowing she is with child growing inside her womb not telling Adam as she kissed his forehead she Rose from their bed and left the garden of Eden thinking to herself "there's got to be more people like us outside of this garden than just us too" as she left the garden she left Adam all alone.

February 13, 2023Votefiction history science-fiction-fantasy
‘Data and ai master genius ‘ By Jacob MilburnI have a book idea that teaches people how to use data in better ways and to actually create more things for data and how to create things with data in with ai how to use ai better ways and how to become a master of a futurist type of guy

February 12, 2023Voteself-help
‘Mountain Santa ‘ By Jennifer Herron, , As a young girl I loved Christmas my father worked in the cole mines deep in the mountains of Harlan county Kentucky my dad was a proud hard worker man but despite that the mines started closing we barely had money for food and housing little on money for Christmas presents it was the same story on every door you knocked on but God sent a angel to the poor children of Harlan Co his name is Mike Howard but I knew him as Santa Claus and every Christmas since 1975 he his family and volentereers fill up the back of there trucks with donated toys and set off making sure every child gets a gift and a goody bag with fruit nuts and a candy cane it's something to behold my Santa Claus didn't come in a sleigh but in a big red truck with lights a flashing and Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn Christmas Carol's playing over a loud speaker what was it that made a man want to dedicate his life to bringing smiles to the poor cole miners children on Christmas Eve for a many of us children that's the only gift we received Mike Howard is no longer with us he passed away five years ago but his legacy will live on forever his family continues to do his work to this day I am not a writer but I do feel there is a story to be told here in Harlan Kentucky of a man know as the real Santa the Mountain Santa

February 11, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs childrens-books humor-entertainment
‘A Cool Autumn Saturday Afternoon’ By Laraine Smith, , Were the leaves on the other side of the lake as equally as golden as honey during a cool autumn Saturday afternoon? Did the water of the lake mirror the small wooden house on the other side of this lake in which a heavy-eyed man and woman enjoyed their ability to do what they wanted even though the water was blurry? Were they far away from any responsibilities or obligations? Were they also far away from any difficulties that would hurt them? Were there also no unpleasant hardships to cause them any severe suffering? Were there any duties for them? Did they take pleasure in the fact that their little wooden house was silent? Was their pleasure in this silence and each other's company without anybody else above the average? Did this small wooden house belong to these two particular people only? Was it private? Was it distant and far away in space from the noise of Planet Earth? Had this couple had stopped thinking about everything? Was there any unease or anxiety for them? Were they worried or unhappy about bad things that may happen? Were there any trouble or negative things for this couple? Were things desirable and optimistic for this couple? Did they have a particular life that was the same as others?

February 10, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction romance-2
‘A Cool Autumn Saturday Afternoon’ By Laraine Smith, , Were the leaves on the other side of the lake as equally as golden as honey during a cool autumn Saturday afternoon? Did the water of the lake mirror the small wooden house on the other side of this lake in which a heavy-eyed man and woman enjoyed their ability to do what they wanted even though the water was blurry? Were they far away from any responsibilities or obligations? Were they also far away from any difficulties that would hurt them? Were there also no unpleasant hardships to cause them any severe suffering? Were there any duties for them? Did they take pleasure in the fact that their little wooden house was silent? Was their pleasure in this silence and each other's company without anybody else above the average? Did this small wooden house belong to these two particular people only? Was it private? Was it distant and far away in space from the noise of Planet Earth? Had this couple had stopped thinking about everything? Was there any unease or anxiety for them? Were they worried or unhappy about bad things that may happen? Were there any trouble or negative things for this couple? Were things desirable and optimistic for this couple? Did they have a particular life that was the same as others? Were they under the control of other people?

February 10, 2023Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘Potential Realized: An Action Guide to Self-Actualization’ By Alise Cortez & Stratton, , A positive book and message for the ages: the power to be more than you are resides within you and you’re never too old to activate it! This book will focus on how to discover your potential, create and execute the plan, thereby securing a meaningful, successful future. It will help you put your ladder against the right wall, the wall that calls your unique gifts and is just right for you,and cheer you on to keep climbing. This book is about personal success, personal joy, and a meaningful life of impact. Reading it will turn you on from the inside out and set you on your path to make the contribution the world sorely needs from you, right now.

February 2, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference self-help
‘Cycles: Two EPs’ By Alejandro Hirsch Saed, , Two independent tales about the search for soul, spirituality, grief, coherence with nature, and meaning. A non-fiction memoir follows the coming of age of a bullied kid struggling to cope with his grandmother's Alzheimer's disease by finding a path to spirituality through nature and music. The second tale is a fiction narrative told from different animal and plant perspectives, with an eye towards climate change and the environment, the impact of humans on the world, and the constant cycle of rebirth of the soul and the whole.

January 10, 2023Votefiction literature-fiction religion-spirituality
‘The Mind’ By Lakshan Seneviratne, , They built it out of stone-dark grey stone, pried loose from the unforgiving mountains. It was located far-far away. It was a house for those who could not take care of themselves, for those who heard voices, who had strange thoughts and did strange things. The house was meant to keep them in. Once they came, they never left.

January 9, 2023Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘King of the Globe’ By James Ekunode, , Evan is the newest student arriving at Global U, a modern and prestigious university known for its high standard of living and diverse cultural representation. Things are quite hopeful for Evan at the very beginning, but he's dealing with a run-in with one of the most powerful students, Stacy. This chance encounter would lead to his eventual meeting with the notorious Lacea, who sits at the top of the school's totem pole among students. The ranking or standing of a student is determined by an elusive forum called The Hierarchy and Evan finds himself at the very bottom(6,543rd place). He doesn't seem too bothered by this and even relishes the opportunity to rise in the rankings. But this comes with its own consequences, many of which lead to finding out more secrets about the people around him, the school, and much more. What will Evan discover during his first year at Global U? That's for him to mess around and find out about.

January 5, 2023Votefiction romance-2 thriller
‘Cook Stove Hands’ By Valerie Davis, , Brief Description of Project- A true story is told through memories/flashbacks of a decorated Marine from Kansas and his family of volunteers. This narrative guides the reader to become motivated to volunteer and make an impact in their community. Wayne and his wife led their family to become positive contributors to those around them. The unique part is that none of the events were superhero except for the descriptions of Wayne’s service during the war. These retellings are important to document because of the aging population that took part in these events. Their stories and impact during their service would be lost without these accounts being recorded.

January 3, 2023Votebiographies-memoirs relationships science-fiction-fantasy
‘Weeds & Wildflowers: Art, Meditations, and Poetry on Nature and the Soul’ By Ivy Wren King, Weeds and Wildflowers is a charmingly beautiful compilation of art, meditations, and poetry. Full nature mandala art, meaningful meditations, and poignant poetry, it is an excellent guide for anyone longing to find the beauty in life and develop a deeper connection to the world around them. Author, Artist, and Meditation Teacher, Ivy Wren, began creating mandala style art from unique items she found in nature as a way of mindfully engaging with the world around her and satisfying her need for creative expression. It turned out to be a deeply therapeutic practice that helped relieve her anxiety and support and advance her healing from long-standing depression. Now, she wishes to share her experiences with you through the wonderful art, insightful meditations, and thoughtful poetry and quotes contained in this book. Weeds & Wildflowers is meant to be an interactive, soul-nourishing experience by encouraging you practice the nature-themed meditation exercise and to get outside and connect with nature in a more fully sensual and spiritual way. In the end, you will find yourself feeling more at peace, more connected to the world, and refreshed in body, mind, and soul.

December 30, 2022Votearts-and-photography religion-spirituality
‘Moonborn’ By Luca Post, Moonborn takes place in a reality called 'The Evermore', a place of boundless arcana and unspeakable mysteries. Moonborn is a work of fiction in the fantasy genre, focusing on subjects of neglect, mystery, sacrifice, arcana, and the search for one's place in the world. It follows Syrella of Vorlion, a lady of a powerful royal house located in the east of a continent known as 'Statera'. Syrella is Moonborn, marked by the ancient curse of a dark god, or so the public would have everyone believe. In reality, Syrella's soul is in constant conflict as otherworldly entities fight for control, something that even Syrella herself is unaware of. She lives a life in the shadows, until one day she witnesses the image of a primal god, which sets her on a path of more questions than answers. She sets out to find a long-lost cousin who was all but erased from the palace archives. In search of answers to her questions, she comes across those who seek the same thing, but also distant horrors that would infiltrate the world of the living. Travel with Syrella across Statera in search of the family she did not know she wanted, and witness as she uncovers bit by bit the power some wish had been erased ages ago.

December 30, 2022Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Au Toons’ The Stickman’ By Kai Stenerson-Gilliam, , Is the book made somewhere in the 1900's. Is show us about evolution of the new life. The 1900 Au of the Lost Book These book are lost over 121 year ago by some guy who made that.

December 28, 2022Votearts-and-photography childrens-books education-reference
‘Into the Furnace – A Brief History of the British National Party and my Journey Through the Winning Years. 2002 – 2012’ By Julian Leppert, Into the Furnace is my political memoir chronicling the history of the British National Party from its 1982 inception, though focussing mainly upon the years in the sub-title. Five years in the writing, the book includes extended quotes and anecdotes from most of the party's biggest names from the era, together with the foreword written by the late Richard Edmonds. As a former BNP district councillor, two-time parliamentary and London mayoral candidate I have a high profile in nationalist circles myself and I'm currently a councillor on Epping Forest District Council representing the British Democrats. I have already paid for some professional cover artwork but the final draft is currently not quite ready. I hope you will consider having a look at my project and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

December 15, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs politics-social-sciences
‘Reclaim’ By Robert Hunting, Sabrina Hamdi, a privileged member of the classe moyenne superieure, never thought of taking up arms against the occupiers. A rape by three French detectives changes everything. She plots her revenge, lies in wait outside the prison that held her, guns them down, and flees into the night. Avenging the crime isn’t enough; the detectives were part of an immoral occupation; without its presence, the rape wouldn’t have happened. She joins the Algerian Maquis. Luc Jaundreau, a captain in the Foreign Legion, is deployed to Algiers. During a night patrol, the light from his Jeep catches a young woman on a deserted street. He stops and questions her. Terse, she offers a flimsy excuse about searching for her runaway dog. Luc doesn’t think her story is credible, but lets her go anyway. They meet again as combatants during a nighttime firefight. Luc comes out the worst, staring into the barrel of Sabrina’s rifle. She spares his life. A third encounter finds both at a New Year's Eve soiree. Shocked at the presence of each other, they manage an awkward, guarded exchange before separating. Yet a different, non-let

November 19, 2022Votefiction history
‘Process > matter means beyond of matter and life.’ By Pawel Kozycz, , This book/project is a continuation of the previous six books on futuristic topics, or rather an outline of the neo-evolutionary model, active participation in shaping the micro-macro cosmos and its properties. - "Masters of life and universe", - "100 Verses for Life and Space Re-creation: Nature Must Be Changed, and It Will Be Done", - "Neo Creation of Life and Space / Matter: Or Micro Drone Revolution", - "Towards the foundation of the mechanism of (neo) creation", - "Beyond the nature of life and stars". It is an indication of the directions, models, and formulas for the transformation of all structures and their properties generated by shaping and processing these structures by every participant more or less consciously participating in this neo-evolutionary process, and at the same time not closing with any permanent laws. The book is a proposal; it is a manifesto; it is a definition; it is an established right and, at the same time, the human right to participate at this end of the economy of resources, structural and process potential of matter and life. The book(s) is based on articles written on LinkedIn Pawel Kozycz, Twitter kozycz@,, and earlier also on Facebook with about 3 000 fans...

November 19, 2022Votebusiness-investing education-reference politics-social-sciences
‘Cyberspace government network ‘ By Jacob Milburn, About the future of the government and how science and technology would definitely create better opportunities for people who really rely on technology and the government and would change people's everyday lives and to help people create better fundamentals for science of cyberspace including transition to cyberspace government from modern government like digital transformations that will help people become smarter and more richer and more innovative with more creative ways for social media

November 18, 2022Votedystopian education-reference
‘The Book of Power’ By Charles Quince, , My work The Book of Power is an epic, 40,839-word supernatural thriller featuring Hope Bankston, an ambitious but inefficient financial investment manager who must decide if achieving her greatest desires is worth the price of losing her soul. Hope has fulfilled her dream of working for a prosperous investment firm. However, there’s one caveat: her inability to do the job. Her situation would be hopeless if not for a beacon of light in the form of a magical book that she received as a gift from a fortune teller. Without the book’s help – provisional on a troubling set of conditions – she would never have made it at the investment firm. Then, disastrously, she loses it. Her confidence in her own future is threatened along with her already tenuous position at the investment firm. Unable to keep up with her job’s demands, Hope finds herself in despair. The dark entities associated with the book are closing in on her. The book falls into the hands of one of Hope’s co-workers, who finds out not only about its magic but also about the darkness attached to it. Ultimately, with a good friend’s advice – Hope learns that the most important thing is the magic of believing in oneself.

October 31, 2022Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘GOOD CAR, MA’ By alan hurst, , It is a biography of a woman and her 50-year-old Volkswagen van. Peggy and her husband and three children traveled around the world in a 1972 VW camper that they took to seven countries and forty-eight states over a period of four decades. The car is still on the road today. The family lived in England, Mexico, Canada, New Jersey, and California. They traveled and camped throughout Europe. It's the story of a strong woman who kept her family together and provided her children with educational experiences that lasted a lifetime. My name is Alan Hurst. I am the author and narrator of this story. My parents bought the car when I was eight years old. This is not a picture book. It is 22 chapters, 38,000 words, which I understand is short, but I am not wasting anybody's time. It started out as 250 pages and has been whittled down and is tight and fast moving, deep and clear. It is like Old Man and the Sea: Old Woman and the Van. I am attaching Chapter One, as well as an article from the Santa Barbara Independent which I wrote that summarizes most of the story up to 2013, but it doesn't end there.... Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards, Alan Hurst (805) 637-9179 https://www.independen

October 15, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference family-parenting
‘And Then She Persisted’ By Kenisha Coon, , And Then She Persisted, Is the story of overcoming generation trauma, abuse, and neglect. It is the story of standing up against racism. It's a story of advocacy, passion, alliship, and surrendering to stepping into one's purpose. I am a Biracial, activist, speaker, DEIB consultant, child welfare expert, and ally. This book started as many blog journals, schooling, training, therapy, light night talks with my friends, channeling into my spirituality, and a plethora of other methods to work through compartmentalizing though the childhood trauma I endured, and finding myself on my journey to being Antiracst. Although I did not know at the time, childhood trauma, and systemic racism that our county is built upon, really conditioned me to be a person that I had to persist against. Throughout the memoir, I walk through my childhood and all of the trauma, abuse, and neglect that I endured from my birth until moving out of my home. It covers the importance of relationships in my life. It covers finding myself as a biracial woman, who was raised in a white home with no access to my black family, struggling with my identity and finding a springboard of support to really put my all into my journey of identity development and Antiracism education.

October 10, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs politics-social-sciences self-help
‘The Virtues ‘ By Luciana Campiglia, , Bangranstens Academy of Philosophers. Or more commonly called B.A.P. Was at some point a place for the greater good. The most important philosophers would bring their teachings and pass them on to the younger minds. Generation to generation till it came up to teaching every single aspect of life. Now the faces of those great teachers are plastered as sculptures on the halls, its teachings printed on textbooks and they are exhibited on the wall. Their grace will always resemble the elegance of the marble flooring and modeled columns. But at its core, the Academy was broken and no longer kept the greatness it once had. Snobby and foolish kids roam the halls without a single care of what is to teach, or at least for the most part. While the teachers come for the bigger salary that more fortunate families are able to give. But why? Where did this place lose itself? The reason for this hides inside the walls and in the incomprehensible concept that it is time. Because if the students were more careful and opened their eyes just enough to see through the past they would have lived through those big noisy doors at the start of term. But of course, they didn't. Because there are things that can't be forgotten. And the Bangrastens Academy tradition doesn't see

October 9, 2022Votemystery-suspense relationships teens
‘Hall of The Dead ‘ By James PalfiSynopsis for The Hall of The Dead There are a number of realms, The timeless and in-between realms, the abyss, the underworld, the surface world, limbo, purgatory and heaven. There is a lot of magical beings from different magical systems like The Supreme One, Lucifer, Zeus from Greek Mythology, etc. ‘All the myths are true.’ There are transcedents, the most magical of humans that have an ability to flit between realms and left unchecked this could destroy the universe. Eve the first human outside of Adam is tasked with identifying these transcedents and sending them to The Abyss. Meanwhile there is power shifts in the heavens with The Supreme One trying to hold onto power and powerful beings like Lucifer trying to become even more powerful. Possibility of a cold war. Just here it is not nuclear but magical.

October 5, 2022Votefiction
‘The Broken Road: The true story of 10 years of abuse’ By Stephanie Bradshaw, , My book is kind of like an autobiography but its not about my entire life. Its about the ten years that i was abused in every way possible by the father of my daughter. He also abused others so i had to watch as well and they watched as i was abused physically emotionally verbally and mentally. The sexual abuse was done behind a closed door. In my book i describe how i finally go the help i needed to escape and save my children from experiencing the trauma i did.

October 2, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships self-help
‘All The Way To Santa Fe’ By Jackie FerrellSome of us may ask ourselves "do I live or do I die?" when facing trauma and loss in our lives. Considering these exact words may not form in our conscious minds, the feelings themselves can still be overwhelming and all consuming. In my memoir, these feelings were in my conscious mind as a senior in high school and again recently when losing one home after another mostly as a result of mold. When indoor dampness and mold leads to allergic rhinitis, this results in a cost of $3.7 billion annually. With 70% of the homes in this country containing mold, 28% of the US population also carry the genes that make it impossible to process the mycotoxins found in mold regardless of the amount of exposure. When my husband and I begin losing one home after another mostly due to mold, the trauma of each loss triggered memories of my early childhood abuse, resulting in a healing journey no one expected. With each loss, we began another search for a safe and healthy home bringing about healing and revelations never considered for those suffering with the scars of severe childhood abuse. My story begins with the commonality of childhood abuse and neglect, but it's a story of adapting, of determination, and most importantly of never giving up.

September 29, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs
‘Coloring Life: The Experience of Learning Lessons from Losing the People We Love the Most’ By Alise Cortez, , You've lost someone you love. Or, maybe you're about to, or in the process of helping someone make their exit. Your whole life is changing, possibly turning upside down. How do you make sense of it? How do you get through the loss? How do you carry on? This book shares the story of my parental loss in the hopes that doing so you find solace, solidarity, and enlightenment in your own loss. It's also a beacon call to draw strength and lessons from that loss in order to live the best life you can. Death is a great teacher. It helps us learn to live more fully from losing the ones we love the most.

August 31, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships self-help
‘Dancing in the Ring’ By Susan Sage, , DANCING IN THE RING is the story of the tumultuous marriage of Catherine McIntosh and Robert Sage. They meet at Detroit College of Law in 1922. Propelled by their optimistic era, they both dream of ridding the city of poverty and festering crime. Romance blossoms, and then turns serious. Catherine easily passes the Bar exam – Bob fails his first attempt. Yet her success will depend, not so much on her brilliance, but by gaining acceptance in a profession ruled by men.

August 30, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs fiction history
‘Self Diagnosis ‘ By Sam Murray, , Meet Doctor Michael Self, a driven, brilliant heart surgeon who seems to have the world at his fingertips. But when his four-wheeler hits a tree and loses his ability to operate, his life is in turmoil. At the same time, his attention mysteriously shifts toward his family, much to the surprise of his beautiful wife, Melinda. Can he keep his marriage together as ghosts from the past surface, and his ambition for the future drive him to his limits? Throughout the novel, Mike Self discovers both the fallibility of the human body and the resilience of the human spirit.

August 23, 2022Votefiction humor-entertainment relationships
‘The Village Drummer and His Teenage Friends’ By Okachi Kpalukwu, , Alete is a young boy of 13 years old who suddenly came into contact with an old man who was sitting on his hut on a rainy day. The old man saw Alete running home from school and being chased by a fiercely approaching thunderstorm. He did not like the sight, so he invited Alete to take shelter in his hut and wait out the rain. Alete accepted his invitation and sat next to the old man. Fascinated by the old man’s looks and his virulent command of their language, Alete started asking the old man questions, something the old man did not expect. Surprisingly to Alete, the old man spoke freely and without holding anything back; instead, the old man spoke to him as if they were equals, and this uprightness mesmerized him. What got him overwhelmed above all, however, was the old man’s wisdom and wise words. He was so enthralled by the old man’s words of wisdom that he decided to invite his friends to meet the old. At first, his friends were skeptical because they could not fathom an old man befriending their friend, so they dismissed his invitation, calling it a farce. Eventually, and because of his persistence, they acquiesced and went to see the old man. Within hours of talking to him, they too were converted. Their friendship with the old man lasted until the day he died

August 12, 2022Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘The Tale of a Denatured Neighborhood’ By Okachi Kpalukwu, , Daniel Ohahuru is a journalist, an environmental activist, and a native of Rumu-Orashi, a village in southern Nigeria, the Niger Delta to be specific. All his life, he has watched oil companies, such as Shell PB and Mobile Oil, plunder, pillage, and destroy the environment around his village. When he could not take it anymore, he resigned his teaching job and joined a group of Nigerian environmental activists like Ken Saro-Wiwa and others and began fighting the oil companies and the government of Nigeria, on whose behalf, to his knowledge, the companies were operating. Because of his activism, he was arrested and jailed many times, but he never gave up. He came to loggerheads, again, with the government and the oil companies when he joined forces with a group of childless elderly and newlywed women of the village. These women had been made barren as a result of inhaling the air, drinking the water, and eating the food grown in the land. Even though the doctors in the local clinic had told the women privately that their barrenness was as a result of the toxic chemicals in the air they were inhaling, the water they were drinking, and the food they were eating, the doctors could not come out and say it publicly because the government and the oil companies had bought them over

August 12, 2022Votefiction history literature-fiction
‘The Last Daughter of Atlantis’ By Pearl McNamara, , Salina, a girl who lives in an inn raised by an innkeeper and his wife, meets and becomes enamored by a handsome young prince. While out on the town with this prince, Salina finds a man who turns out to be her long-lost father, and learns that she and her long-lost father are the last living members of her race after their homeland was destroyed by the Gods in a story of self-discovery and self-understanding.

July 31, 2022Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Misfits Now, Misfits Forever’ By Sasha Symington, , Set in the late spring of 1999, a group of High-School Seniors who bonded at their local skatepark band together to save their precious childhood skate park from a business wig who plans on turning it into a fancy resort, and in their efforts to save their skate park, the tight-knit group of friends learn valuable life lessons about treasuring past memories, and embracing the future instead of fearing it.

July 31, 2022Voteliterature-fiction relationships teens
‘The Daily Dose’ By MK Foster, , This book walks someone through many bits of advice to aid and encourage their walk with God while struggling with mental illness. It is my personal advice because it's what I learned from my own experience.

July 21, 2022Votediet-health-fitness religion-spirituality self-help
‘ Being Bullied’ By Simon Morrell, , “Growing up is hard enough without the extra baggage of fear.” Being Bullied is a true story and a young adult adaption of the award winning From Bullied to Black Belt. Simon Morrell and his family move to a small Welsh seaside resort from the Merseyside area and this immediately sets him apart from his peers.Skinny, with goofy teeth and a shy manner he quickly falls to bullies and fear. It is a condition he will stay in until his recovery as a young man,He becomes the target for a vicious youth with a grudge. Jimmy, with his skin head, tattoos Carrie’s a knife and his lack of fear is met only by his hatred for Simon, who becomes agoraphobic and suffers panic attacks.He meets Julie and finds salvation as the pair become inseparable. She sees through the hard man image Simon’s father has created for himself as he too becomes a bully to Simon.His factory becomes a shop floor for Jimmy’s drug dealing as bullying turns to violence including an attempted knife attack in Simon.In the end he is forced to make a choice, gain courage or spend a lifetime in fear. With Julie’s help he chooses the latter enrolling in a Fight Academy, surprising everyone, himself included by excelling in the gym and beyond.This true story has been called “the UK’s Rocky Balboa” by the Film Agency for Wales.

July 19, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships teens
‘My Fight with Covid’ By Tangina Ann, My fight with Covid isn't anymore important then anyone else's. It doesn't matter what side of the political fence Your on, if you're pro vacation or not we've all Been affected in some way or another. But Why, How, and who is the cause for all this pain and suffering.

July 16, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs relationships
‘Don’t Touch My Hands’ By Anouk QaraA young girl battles with her inner demons, unaware these demons don’t visit everyone else. The filth beneath her nails consumes her, the unseen germs are everywhere. She begins to figure out that her thoughts and compulsions should be hidden from her family and friends, lest they realise she is different. As years pass, the germs consume her life and she continues to keep a lid on the excruciating pain of knowing the germs are there. Other strange things begin to happen, too. The voice inside her head gets louder each year. The guilt of the words this voice shouts to her grows until it takes up every corner of her mind. The lid is about to pop, as she struggles to hide the truth from the world.

July 16, 2022Votefiction
‘Leonard in Line ‘ By Jessica Skogstad, , Leonard in Line is a story of a young boy that learns the difference between being aggressive, passive and assertive. After lining up in different lines throughout the day, he learns a lesson in treating others fairly and standing up for himself. Leonard learns that when he is aggressive and pushes to the front of the line, his classmates and teacher become upset with him. He learns that when he is passive and lets everyone else push ahead of him, he is quite sad and misses out. After his teacher reads an important fairy tale to the class – Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Leonard tries to find his “just right” behaviour. Leonard learns that he can join a line without pushing in, lettings others know that they can’t jump ahead of him. He then sees a girl at the back of the line, being pushed further back. He invites her to join the line, ahead of him.

July 16, 2022Votechildrens-books family-parenting relationships
‘The Healing Connection: Creating a Partnership for Your Health’ By Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH, , Dollar driven decisions by administrators at hospitals, health insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies are wielding too much influence over our medical decisions as patients (and sadly as physicians as well). Alarmingly, one hospital CEO of a $1.5 billion healthcare system said, “People need primary care but not necessarily a physician relationship.” As patients, we are prone to place excessive importance on convenience and satisfaction, as well as the number of healthcare interventions we can obtain at the lowest personal expenditure in both dollars and effort. A 2012 study though showed that patients who were most satisfied with their healthcare had more hospital admissions, higher total healthcare and prescription drug expenditures, and even greater death rates than patients who were less satisfied. The link no doubt is that we report being satisfied when we get more medications, more healthcare services, and more hospitalizations, which then lead to an increased risk of death. In this book, I will explain why I passionately believe that it is only in partnership with an experienced, trusted physician that we can arrive at a joint decision regarding the medical interventions most appropriate for our condition.

July 9, 2022Votediet-health-fitness religion-spirituality self-help
‘Gamesland’ By M.a hill Telar, , Finally, the world treated them right! Sammy, Natalie, and Danny are involved with problems that are much older than their age. But now, Sammy, who has always desired to be a great footballer, Natalie, who wants to be the world's greatest pop singer and Danny, who has strange aspirations, they all possess the most magical instrument in the world that can easily help them achieve their dreams. But that's not all. When deadmarch game begins and all the dead return to the city, Natalie does not expect her kind deceased mother to be one of the zombies. But this is just the beginning and only one of the games.

June 20, 2022Votehorror mystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Bulls and the Bears’ By Shelby Leet, , Sesame Street meets Wall Street in this tale of bulls, bears and cherries. When a bull and a bear have to share their cherries, they cannot agree on what should be done. One wants to plan and save for the future while the other is only worried about today. But what happens when it’s time for the bear to hibernate and there’s no more fruit? The Bulls and the Bears is a story of building security that lasts - and it’s never too soon to learn! This fully-illustrated picture book runs 350 words and teaches children the principles of investing through metaphor and rhyme.

June 17, 2022Votebusiness-investing childrens-books fiction
‘THE COME-FROM-BEHIND HORSE’ By Howard GiordanoThis is a collection of “one-off” short stories. Their only commonality is they deal with the human condition. While the milieu of each story varies, they illustrate the complexities of relationships. Each story emphasizes a strong emotional core, and their characters, authentic and relatable, have very real and relevant conflicts.

June 8, 2022Voterelationships
‘Anecdotes, From an Unexpected Source’ By Richard Saxbee, , Fifty very short stories about my very successful life as musician, artist/illustrator-designer, sculptor and businessman. Creativity in the forefront, a dad, husband to three always a life of hard work, long hours and love of life with family and friends. First home ownership at twenty and a parade of homes new and remodeled making money on each one still a fun story and exciting adventure. Often folks say " you did all that?" So I put it all on paper for others to enjoy...

May 15, 2022Votearts-and-photography biographies-memoirs relationships
‘COFFEE-Count On Feet Finding Endless Excitement Excitement in Seattled Senseless’ By Featherz Oomph, , A true story! Dually diagnosed mentally ill and substance use/abuse disorders of an x homeless survivor of Streets finding housing in DESC SHA funded apartments. After coming out of a cardboard box with frostbite that turned into gangrene and got her toes chopped off at Harborview Medical Center. And was there for three months before being sent to Western State hospital for three months. She was also pregnant and after having the baby at Tacoma General Hospital and sent back to Seattle without the baby yet with purpose in mind, to get housing with DESC, ending her ongoing long-term battles with feeling hopeless & homelessness. She would do it for Summerose, her beautiful newborn baby! Big blue eyes and big cheeks, she was a cutie and the time spent together was godly and sacred. Nothing could ever stop her from one day being able to see or be with Summeroses again. Or against. Pics were all she had, after being deemed unfit by the courts to keep custody. History of mental illness with over 16 x spent in Western State hospital.& PALS, a group home on WS grounds. Yet, finally, DESC offered her housing in one of their numerous properties and so began her new life in her own apartment. A home at last starting at the Morrison, moving to the Canaday, ending up (5years)at the Estelle!

May 6, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment self-help
‘Protectors of Life’ By Shari Carper, , The lives of five girls at Valleyview Community college are about to change forever. Aurora, a fashionista with a mysterious past in school to become an esthetician. Poppy, an exchange student from Japan who studies Psychology and phlebotomy. Cami, a self-taught warrior, who takes IT classes. Ella, who is usually quiet and is taking criminal justice classes. Last but not least Sylvia who is the outcast goth and taking psych classes. In one way or another they all came together on just clicked. The first to find out about being a Protectors of Life was Aurora. She found a mysterious necklace with a beautiful jewel. She found it cleaning out her attic in her things she inherited from her grandmother. She decided it was time to go through the boxes. The beauty of it mesmerized her, so she dusted it off and put it on. It would be later that she discovered the other four necklaces that she would give to her closest friends at the college where they all attended. When she put on the necklace for the first time, this mysterious energy came over her, but she also felt a strange uneasy presence. This presence felt familiar from the past. She tried to shrug it off and just focus on this new found beautiful necklace. She had no idea that with the amazing feeling was also going to come a

April 26, 2022Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Pangea crossovers’ By Anthony Payne, , So the story goes like this. The reader will follow the footsteps of John O'Brien a former game warden who has quit his job in Kenya and is now living as a hermit in blackwater state park, Florida panhandle. He is constantly living with nightmares because it was on that last job that he lost his entire family. Suddenly rips and the timestream start appearing throughout the world allowing prehistoric species from the oldest fossils recorded to more recently extinct species to pour forth and spread throughout the world. Power goes out globally and people start to panic. These spatial anomalies also begin to transform the landscape, thus causing land masses to rise up out of the ocean and creating a spider web version of pangea. To make matters worse, a prehistoric mosquito has come forth, and several of these little insects are carrying different strains of various prehistoric diseases that as the reader will come to find out only 10% of humans have an immunity to. How will John and the rest of the people he saves survive? And what is the deal with this terror corporation that is taking an active role in possibly weaponizing these dinosaurs and other creatures with a new strain of rabies?

March 28, 2022Votefiction humor-entertainment science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Wizard of AAAHHS!!!!’ By C.T. HendersonIn this Halloween twist on The Wizard of Oz a little girl named Dorothy is swept away by a tornado to a land filled with monsters where good witches are ugly and wicked witches are beautiful. In order to go home Dorothy must go and see the Wizard of AAAHHS! Along the way she meets a Zombie Farmer without a brain, a Tin Knight without a heart, and a Cowardly Werewolf. The four friends travel together in order to get their wishes.

March 19, 2022Votechildrens-books
‘Casper’s Butcher’ By Benjamin Mailloux, , Clyde Holding is an overnight retail worker at Martins in the city of Casper, Massachusetts. One night, Clyde acquires a pair of crochet hooks that allow him to create whatever he wants. Clyde then learns of the Power and is guided by a ghost girl Serena, who only he can see. Clyde uses his powers at work on night, which causes his bosses to be suspicious of him. When Martins is robbed one night, Clyde uses his powers to repel the attackers. Clyde believes himself to be a hero, however, he is blamed for murder by corrupt sheriff Mark Durn, who seeks to take the crochet hooks for himself. Now on the run, Clyde creates a fortress for himself and prepares himself to fight against Mark and his followers. Clyde longs to be innocent, but how can he be when a whole city is against him? Clyde must decide to either fight and cause more destruction or surrender to crimes he didn't commit.

March 17, 2022Votefiction horror thriller
‘Trust in the eyes of the beholder’ By Latoya Kidda woman who does not know who she wants to be with.her grandmother has her own views about her choice of significance other but she believes that it’s no right . To please her grandmother she sexed with a man who was a drug dealer but she soon realized what a jerk he is when he invite other women into the bedroom she goes off to Canadian to find love and she did but then she wonders was this fantasy or reality so she goes back to the Man and then get pregnant by him twice and the woman wins her back and then there was another situation and that was the babies and then the grandmother has her same views about gay marriages and she tried to stop them but it did not work and now her. Mother has recent the grandmother. She realizes that she wants to be a lesbian Daughter wants her the Grandmother realizes that she has to be faithful to her Bible and her church and then the grandmother turns her back on her family. Her granddaughter realizes that her grandmother is never going to change so the granddaughter had to break way from their grandmother she and her moves into a new place but they had to face another problem there were some neighbors who. Did not approve their life style and there other Neighbors that were opened minded and they decided to fight for the lesbia

March 3, 2022Votereligion-spirituality
‘The other side of the Face’ By Little Red Jones-Smart, , My choice and my mistakes have molded me into the passive nature I am today. I allowed him free will for a life unknown to me. The desire to settle the dust under the cover has exhausted my humor and common sense.....why....he don't get it...

February 26, 2022Votemystery-suspense relationships romance-2
‘Different Worlds ‘ By Maddie Green, , The year was 4035 when a giant earth quake snapped the world in half, it slowly begin to cave into itself. Heptapods (spaceships that fit 10-15) kids, begin to ship kids of the age of 10 to 14 into space to a different planet called Lillon TZ8. This planet is able to sustain life but the Co2 level is very high (this cause symptoms like rashes and boils on the skin) The kids were force to separate from their parents and leave them to die on earth. Any kid that restrain would be killed by a Quakebot (Robot of AI). Quakebots would then erase the kids memories so they had no knowledge of Earth before they brought them to live on Lillon. Lillon TZ8 could only hold 200 kids so once this number was reach the Quakbots would kill any remaining human on crumbling Earth....

February 23, 2022Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Those Giants … and Me (The Most Exciting Challenges in Physics)’ By Moh Tamimi, In this book, I will not explain what is already proved in physics or astrophysics, I will not explain the certain concepts of Kinematics or Dynamics, and also I will not talk about the physical measurements or physical quantities. But I’ll just explain if my researches had made some changes in physics, or just they left some real considerations in the whole field of mechanics.

February 17, 2022Votebiographies-memoirs education-reference
‘Stuck in a1970’s Boat Commune’ By Laurel Kamada, When Aurora, 20, moves to Bellingham in the early 1970’s for university after high school, she gets into a bad, controlling relationship with Sam who takes control of her life and has her join him in a boat building project which soon takes on the form of a hippie commune where Aurora comes to feel trapped. Her only salvation is her friendships with other women, particularly Rose, the first-person narrator of the story. Aurora meditates and maintains her sanity while kneading bread and making meals and taking over the housework for a growing group of hippies who she dislikes. She is finally able to escape after the boat building is completed and launched by splitting up with Sam and moving back to her hometown. While the boys all dream of sailing off to a South Pacific paradise, Aurora is the first one to actually travel east to Japan shortly after leaving Sam and his unrealistic fantasies to get on with her own dreams. She learns how to take control of her own life and to pursue her own goals.

February 1, 2022Votefiction romance-2
‘Zavaliv: Spirit of Legends’ By Roman Kurys, , A magical realism fantasy novel that is based on true historical events of the 1700s and is rooted in Slavic mythology and mysticism: Cossacks and Ottomans, Reality and Slavic Pantheon, a nation's struggle for independence and life in a small town on the outskirts of the Empire blend together in an exciting adventure for your heart and mind alike. Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth is torn by constant war and turmoil. On its eastern borders lies a province of Ukraine, a land of proud people whose Cossack army protected Europe from the Ottoman Empire for a hundred years. Roman Petriv, a voivod , retired in a Galician town, Zavaliv looking forward to enjoying some peace after a lifetime of warring but fate has other plans. Ancient forest gods of his predecessors do not feel threatened by a sharp edge of a steel weapon. Ancient Slavic paganism religion and its deities still exist in deep and abundant forests of these lands. Sometimes they become one with the people and meddle in human affairs. When the town witch prays to the old gods and they answer her, things begin to spiral out of control. Will she stand by people who embraced her, or will she choose to explore the power the old gods remind her she has?

January 14, 2022Votefiction history science-fiction-fantasy
‘Drivefree’ By Jacob Milburn, , Drive free is a book about poetry and crime in the futuristic world about a woman and a boy in a relationship that fights crime in China and America like Batman that does martial arts people has never seen before and makes it the coolest popular ways that people love them and thier news stories all the time and the whole thing is like a new style of a sci fi movie it’s the coolest book u will ever find or come across with martial arts in it I have made new styles of it and everything I even come up with new inventions and put it into it to make it feel more futuristic I hope u guys will love it!!

January 9, 2022Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘Brilliance’ By Roger Keller, , Born to this earth of human mothers and angelic fathers, learn the story of Brilliance and her friends as they discover who they are, the powers they possess and the battle thrust upon them with the Fallen Angels, their fathers and their demon creatures. See how the hidden messages around the number eleven are completely told. Learn more about our heroes, the villains, the powers, the love stories and this story of perseverance, friendship, betrayal and family being told by Grammy Brill. Our heroes battle Ramiel at the first Landmark, The Eye of God, in order to break the path toward dominating and obtaining power from the other ten landmarks. Brill and the other half angels find their wings and harness their powers against the dark army. They needed to break Passion’s will turning her away from the dark side. Ramiel harnesses her power to control Brill, Mag and the others. Ariel visits Earth to return Ramiel to the Angel Academy washing him free from the darkness. Tiger returns after being lost and presumed dead setting the family toward a future confrontation with Asher’s mystery still to be solved. The story continues.

January 1, 2022Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘They Came From Afar’ By Mike Fuller, , In a small southern town called Elderwhindge of Hollander County, the sheriff’s office received some reports of extra-terrestrial sightings. Initially the reports came from an unreliable local, named Bobby-Ray who claimed to know a space princess, and were disregarded for the source. However, after being contacted from an obscure federal government office, interest in the odd claim was regenerated. The investigation soon discovered unexpected results for the sleepy southern town, and things were not what they seem nor people who they claimed. The federal investigators were never federal but common investigators of pseudo-science. With a concerned religious group also investigating, the sheriff, Edmond Strayer, discovered the lack of validity of a space princess. Learning the true identity of the space princess and having her incarcerated lead to a court hearing resulting in a parent’s stern reaction to the claim. As interest waned in the little town’s story of UFOs, people concluded back to their lives. Tragedy and deceit in its history was just its history. The place from afar was never very far away.

December 29, 2021Votefiction teens thriller
‘Puppet Masters’ By jordy mandersPeople make fun of you? People are rude? People are disrespectful? People humiliate you? People misbehave? People don’t care for you? People hurt you? Do people get worse every day? Movies make fun of you. Movies are rude. Movies are disrespectful. Movies humiliate you. Movies misbehave. Movies don’t care for you. Movies hurt you. Movies get worse every day. There’s no need telling me all about it. There’s a need in me telling you all about it. You have that need. And I’m here, so, from now on, you can continue life by enjoying the ride, instead of leading your life more devastating every day. I know, possibly unlike anyone else, what life is when people do nothing to you but hurt you. And I want everyone to understand the things that are to be blamed, and how they can change those things to turn their unhappiness into happiness.

December 24, 2021Votepolitics-social-sciences
‘A Jasmines Bloom’ By Nimi Jack, , Jasmine expected things to be different coming down to Nigeria from East Sussex but she could never expect the things that followed her arrival. The scintillating hatred they possessed against her, the secrets of her parents past and death threatening letters all bearing her name.

December 21, 2021Votefiction teens thriller
‘THE APOCALYPSE & GLOBAL WARMING’ By Alex Domenech, , I developed a comprehensive method of biblical interpretation based on Relevant Religion Research, the Bible, and Scientific Environmental Science. Thus, bridging the gap between Biblical/Religious Content and Anthropogenic Environmental Issues (Man Made Causality). My Interpretations include Biblical Verses, Associations, Biblical Climate Change i.e., = 3years & 6months Drought of Elias, The Apocalypse = 666, and Anthropogenic Climate Change = 3.6° GLOBAL WARMING. Thus, my Interpretations are based on Research, Numbers, and Science.

December 17, 2021Voteeducation-reference history religion-spirituality
‘Boomer and Halley – Election Day, A town votes for civic responsibility’ By Mary Jane McKittrick, , Look out! Red, white, and blue streamers and confetti can mean only one thing - an election is taking place in the small Southern town of Shady Pines. As his name implies, Mayor Beauregard P. Fibbs may not be telling the whole truth about the town's missing money. What should the people do? Who will run on the Common Sense Party ticket against the mayor's Gimme Party? The Sanders family of four will play a big role when Boomerang, an Australian Shepherd dog, and Halley's Comet, a silver streak of a cat, elect to get involved. Parents Harold and Edna have some banner ideas of their own. Honesty and responsibility are up for debate, and the kindness of a close knit community is the big winner! The book includes four embedded basic values (Honesty, Forgiveness, Responsibility, and Pet Care) Questions on a perforated bookmark allow for discussion between adults and the 6-9 yr old reader. Author Mary Jane McKittrick wants to repackage this timely, Mom's Choice Gold Award-winning, previously self published book with the help of SOOP Publishing. Mary Jane is a native of Los Angeles, California, with a career that spans television entertainment, TV broadcast news (anchor, reporter, producer), corporate communications and consulting.

December 10, 2021Votechildrens-books family-parenting humor-entertainment
‘Just Between Us’ By Ted Chase, The story opens in 1950 when Brad Reynolds enrolls in college. He is the well brought up son of an African American physician and his wife. It is an upbringing that stresses propriety. Brad meets his roommates...Eric Moore the confident son of a black judge, and Tony Williams the reticent son of educators. They cautiously take part in campus life, but they remain inseparable which causes them to confide in one another. Eric reveals a terrifying secret, made worse when an unspeakable scandal erupts on campus. Eric’s secret stuns Brad and Tony, but they also have secrets. Still reluctant to use the ‘H’ word (homosexual), all three roommates come to grips with their preferences. After two turbulent years of college, and against the objections of their families, they move to New York. Eric, Brad and Tony are nonchalant about the advantages of prep schools, summers at Sag Harbor and Cape Cod, and trips abroad; but there are unexpected dramas. The most shocking is the near-death experience one of them has when returning from Europe with his lover. The experience forces them to understand that life is too short not to reveal who or what they really are. They must face their secrets with no outside help. There are no black churches or organizations to provide guidance or affirmation.

November 23, 2021Voterelationships romance-2
‘Crisis Zone’ By James EkunodeLife is as usual for a young boy, in a small, quiet town on planet Tron. Waking up, scavenging for items in the Wild Pit, avoiding the Sovereign's Order, and coming home to his roommate and friend for most of his adolescence, Meta. That is, until one day, he wants to realize his dream of becoming a Starwalker, a soldier who is highly trained to take on multiple missions to protect the galaxy and beyond, one of those tasks being to eradicate the pandemic that claims the lives of hundreds of millions of lives throughout the galaxy, known as the Exo virus, by fighting the monsters that create and carry them known as Exos or Exo beasts. Many don't believe in him because he was rendered unable to grow in power, but his determination is going to start him on a journey that he won't soon forget, carrying him through events that shake Agus star system to its limit.

November 22, 2021Votescience-fiction-fantasy
‘What is Indigo?’ By Marcus MulengaThis short story explores the colors of the rainbow, focusing on indigo as the least known color that we need to find examples of. It is a very unique and creative story told in rhyme that is also very educational, but in a subtle way that won't seem too overbearing. At the end, readers will be able to name plenty of things that are indigo!

November 8, 2021Votechildrens-books
‘Bella’s Check Up’ By Chelita Hagan, , 5-year-old Bella is a little nervous about her check up for school.

November 1, 2021Votechildrens-books education-reference family-parenting
‘Testing The New Books’ By Sonu Sodh, , Flow Test

October 28, 2021Votehumor-entertainment politics-social-sciences religion-spirituality
‘The notes of a Valravn’ By Atlasi BehniaSeren had grown up as a malevolent Valravn, like any other kid who their parents are Valravn. One day, Seren finds out that her parents can’t keep her anymore and they want to send her to the Ravenville mansion for ever. There, in ravenville mansion, Seren finds a few friends who are valravn like her, but there’s a problem: those young valravn’s are stuck in Ravenville because of a lord who no one knows his name. The only thing they know from that lord, is that he has no human-friendly goals. Because that lord is Helblindi, the brother of the trickster god, Loki.

October 27, 2021Votefiction
‘More Than Just Friends ‘ By L B Hulme, Lauren had always been unlucky in love until she was introduced to an amazing man. He was off limits to her but that still didn't stop her. Or him. She was playing with fire and it was only a matter of time before one or both of them got hurt.

October 20, 2021Voterelationships romance-2
‘VICTIMTOWN: An Unavoidable Destination and the Gifts it Offers’ By Liz Long, Unsolved murders are sensational. Liz’s trauma was not knowing if the family member was alive or dead for five years. Seven ‘funny-not-funny’ childhood memories show readers how she adopted similar futile coping mechanisms as their own. Victimtown is designed for awareness through an analogical exploration of the Ego Arena, Control Factory, Guilt & Shame Café, Denial Walking Trail & more, by the voices in our heads. The Heart Voice (HV) Power Plan enables our exit. To Catch a Killer, on the Oprah Network, July 13, 2015, featured this case. We are all victims of our childhoods.

October 7, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs self-help
‘The Prodigal Mom’ By Lynne ShaleThe true crime story of how I used Facebook to solve my son's murder.

October 4, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs
‘A Heck of a Hex’ By Doug Robbins, , Dalia is cursed by a fan of her YouTube channel at the mall after she spurns him

September 23, 2021Votehorror science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Quick Quick Slow’ By Bob Duplantier, , "Quick Quick Slow" is a screwball mystery set in a ballroom dance studio. Entire manuscript available at

September 15, 2021Votefiction humor-entertainment mystery-suspense
‘My Father’s House’ By Mathew Daniel, , My Father's House, a fictionalized memoir set in India, is about an Orthodox Christian
family from Kerala. They live in a third-floor tenement in a mill town in Bombay. Daniel's
clerical salary is not enough to take care of his wife Rachel and three children, let alone the
helper Narayan and the two or three constant guests who live with them till they find jobs. He
has to borrow left and right to keep up this kind of philanthropy. The older children, John and
Elisabeth, resent the self-inflicted penury and know the cause. To Mathew, ten years younger
than John, every new face is a playmate.

When Daniel is 44, an auto accident severs his arm at the scene. An improbable survival
story follows, and their lives change forever. John joins medical college a month later, and
Elisabeth follows three years later. Daniel's caretaking and comfort become the mission.
Tenement living is the first issue. After John leaves, the family moves to a ground-floor railway
quarters bungalow in the suburbs. Next comes the luck of the draw. Mathew, 11, escapes being
killed crossing the railway lines.

Daniel's health declines after he faints at work when he is 50. Under the neurologist's
care, it only worsens, and after one fateful encounter with him that becomes a death sentence,
Daniel's condition nose dives, and he soon dies at 52.
Problems brought on by John's interfaith marriage to a classmate enflames the joint
family after Daniel's demise. Sad beyond sad and missing his father's guiding presence, Mathew
sees a glimmer of hope when he steps into his father's mansions. He makes a consequential
decision and leaves home to veer back on track.
The inspiring story unfolds with insight, humor, and humility as seen through the eyes of
a child. Told in the first person, it covers the boy's first 17 years.
I retired early to write it. Got it down to 72000 words after it bolted to 87700 words.
Beyond My Father's House, a second book nearing completion, tells a story about a friendship
forged in India and renewed in the USA. Steeplechase and Other Stories, a book of short stories,
is also in the works.

September 13, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs relationships religion-spirituality
‘The Bowen Book of Poetry’ By Lizzie Bowen, , The Bowen Book of Poetry is a collection of poems discussing mental health, death, grief, life, identity, and what it is to share the human experience with others. This book seeks to find like minded people and bond them through the love and art of poetry.

September 13, 2021Votearts-and-photography religion-spirituality self-help
‘ A LIFE OF PURPOSE’ By mercy karanja, , This is my story, a black African woman born in rural Kenya invited to support work in Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in Seattle, USA. Growing up in rural Kenya to a farming family, with no electricity or running water, my early life involved picking coffee, working the land with hand tools, fetching water uphill from the valley everyday among other household chaos. This was the normal life in the rural community for every family, hard work, with meager returns. I was convinced life could be better than my experience. That fueled my passion to study agriculture with the urge to improve the lives of rural communities. I attended a primary school with no textbooks and no record of graduating students to high school. My older siblings attended a better school about five miles from home. When it was my turn to be enrolled, asked my father whether I could go to the nearby school. He told me this school had never graduated a student to high school. I said excitedly, then I will be the first! My father agreed! I went on to be first student to get distinction in the life of that school. The headmistress of the best high school in Kenya then, came to my home to enroll me to high school and see this “unknown primary school”. This enabled me to pursue my dream.

September 10, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs family-parenting religion-spirituality
‘Illusion’ By Daniel Ugwueze, , Detective Lee Cha-Eun just survived a plane crash while returning to Korea from his vacation. At the same time the girlfriend of a famous book writer is murdered and the book writer becomes a suspect. When Lee Cha-Eun is put in charge of the murder case he tries to put the missing clues together and catch the murderer but ends up bringing about an even bigger mystery.

September 6, 2021Votemystery-suspense romance-2 thriller
‘Cape to Falls: Notes From The Road – An African Adventure Travel Journal’ By Juhi Modi, On an ambitious road trip through Southern Africa, covering nearly 6,000 km in 4 countries over 21 days, the author saw stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife. She traveled on lonely highways in some of the remotest parts of the planet and developed lifelong friendships along the way. The endless, empty spaces made her marvel at the vastness of the world. She slept under wide, open skies with the stillness of the night interrupted only by the sounds of the African bush. The deep isolation of the Namib Desert and the unique beauty of the Okavango Delta left her spellbound. Starting in Cape Town, South Africa, and ending at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, this epic road trip took her through some of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. This travel journal is a description of the experiences and sights that made her gasp in amazement, accompanied by beautiful photos that capture the essence of this great continent. Be warned, this book will make you want to pack your bags and take off on an African adventure.

August 28, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs travel
‘Deep Testing Book’ By Deep Testing, , Just started testing this Book idea for my ZOHO Development

August 24, 2021Voteeducation-reference science-fiction-fantasy self-help
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Abhi Kumartestify

August 18, 2021Votereligion-spirituality
‘Sherlok Homes’ By Abhi Kumartesting

August 18, 2021Votedystopian
‘Inception’ By Ben Ten, , Testing the document in CRM.

August 17, 2021Votechildrens-books religion-spirituality romance-2
‘Tofo’ By Tomy Blinder, , testy

August 16, 2021Votebusiness-investing humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘Tofo’ By Tomy Blinder, , testy

August 16, 2021Votebusiness-investing humor-entertainment literature-fiction
’49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy’ By Bill Kuhn, , An outrage book about the Republican Party, one that will inspire anger and action, particularly in new voters. That’s what you’ll find here, in 49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy, which makes the case that Donald Trump was not an aberration but the logical conclusion of what’s been happening on the right for years. I’ve divided it into 49 different short chapters, each of which focuses on a different way that the Republican Party has poisoned our political system with a deceitful, no-hold-barred, and often blatantly racist style of politics. The chapters are configured in such a way that readers can easily share and debate a single chapter in isolation; each stands alone as a well-researched entry contribution to the national conversation and debate. But they also work as a whole, in that form equipping readers with a fundamental understanding of how the GOP has operated in the past several decades—what their motivations and allegiances have been, and how they’ve done a masterful job of propagandizing and fear-mongering.

August 12, 2021Votedystopian education-reference politics-social-sciences
‘Show man respect’ By Raeshawn Roche, , This is a 5 page book that everyone could read or give it as a gift for father's day or birthday even if their is a male figure in ur life that you look up to Pg1. Show man respect It is very important to show man respect because when you show man respect you are making man stronger and wiser you are showing that you appreciate the hard work and effort that man is doing. No matter if you are male or female knowing that God created a man to be strong and powerful is respecting god at the same time. man go through so much on a daily basis in life that man needs family or friends to help ease the pain that he go through in the evil world. Who will protect his family with all of his power through rain or stormy days? Who will hug you tight with the strength of a bull to make you feel like you are safe. Pg.2 The lord put man on this earth to be a hard worker a provider and a loveable husband and that's for sure if you ever have problem with man make the situation better and give man space and time. Every man is a good man some times man can distracted by other things in life that makes him wanna give up and we all been their before with love and showing respect we can keep man strong and natural as the lord created Pg3. Eventually man can get tired from everything build up and

August 10, 2021Voteeducation-reference family-parenting relationships
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Ben Ten, , testing the duplicate entry

August 10, 2021Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘Chetan Bhagat’ By Ben Ten, , testing the duplicate entry

August 10, 2021Votefiction horror mystery-suspense
‘zoho’ By piku pie, , testing website

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality romance-2 self-help
‘zoho ‘ By piku pie, , testing website

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality romance-2 self-help
‘Bahubali’ By gaurav singh, Testing The Webform In Crm And Flow

August 9, 2021Votemystery-suspense relationships
‘Ramayan’ By RAHUL SHUKLA, , Ram Goes To lanka To rescue Sita From Ravaan

August 9, 2021Votearts-and-photography business-investing politics-social-sciences
‘Marvel’ By Amit Kumar, , Iron Man Fight With Thanos

August 9, 2021Votehome-garden politics-social-sciences science-fiction-fantasy
‘HBO’ By Mark GegarberkBatman Fight with superman

August 9, 2021Votehorror
‘Avengers’ By Pem PemiA team of Superhero Fight With a space Fight With thanos

August 9, 2021Votereligion-spirituality
‘Testing ‘ By Testing KumarTesting The Flow

August 9, 2021Votepolitics-social-sciences
‘Redemption’ By Jason Bahre, , Danny is from New Jersey, his Occupation is a criminal defense lawyer and while away on a business trip to DC he meets a young and woman named Julie. He has an opportunity to have sexual relations with her but his conscious wouldn’t let him. One week later Danny’s curiosity overwhelmed his conscious and he found himself back in DC to meet with Julie. Danny broke his vows of marriage and without his wife Jolene knowing- as of yet. He lost her trust, her love and her companionship. It was a cold Christmas morning when a stranger knocked on the front door of Danny’s house bearing both good and devastating news. The stranger significantly changes the directions of the lives of three people with the news that was brought fourth to Danny and Jolene this Christmas day. Years later Danny’s life is changed again when Kevin tries to take a vengeance on Danny’s daughter. Angela is Danny’s new found girlfriend and her father is a very powerful influence and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards women

August 5, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘TO Kill A MokingBird’ By Sohil Khan, Mystry And Crime

August 5, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense
‘Sherlok Homes’ By RAHUL SHUKLA, Seach Crime Mystry

August 5, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs mystery-suspense
‘Sherlok Homes’ By gaurav singh, , Mystey

August 5, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs relationships romance-2
‘Sherlok Homes’ By gaurav singh, Investigation in London Crime Sceen

August 5, 2021Votemystery-suspense science-fiction-fantasy
‘Vice Versa’ By Michael Goodwin, Imagine if the US 2020 presidential election was the mirror image of the 2016 election, with the Biden campaign accused of receiving funds from China. In this alternative universe, the media is mostly pro-Trump and the FBI rife with MAGA supporters. Imagine a different election result, thanks to this China falsehood. Thrown into this vortex of political intrigue, disinformation, media complicity and FBI abuse of power is Gary Wang, a minor staff member of the Biden campaign. As a result of unfortunate co-incidents, drunken misunderstandings, and erroneous presumptions, Wang becomes the primary suspect in arranging money from China to Biden. Consequently, his life is turned upside down and inside out. The only people who stand beside him are his lawyer, Ramon Aruba, and his Jamaican girlfriend, Amancia “Manny” Carleton. A dark secret from his past causes him to flee as a fugitive from the FBI. He finds sanctuary in the most unlikely place, with his estranged brother, Joe, who runs a criminal enterprise out of Chinatown. Vice Versa is a satire of politics and media in present day America. Both sides of the political spectrum have their oxen gored. Vice Vice Versa is also a romantic love story between Gary and Manny as as well as a brotherly love story between Gary and Joe.

August 1, 2021Votefiction thriller
‘Unearthing Utopia (tentative)’ By Dhara Parekh, , The year is 2125. It is tragic getting your Earth visa stolen before you even land on Earth’s spaceport, but there is no greater tragedy than having your lifelong dream shattered and getting deported back to the only home you’ve known- an asteroid called Zenith. Lyra is an introspective and detached citizen of the said asteroid, an almost utopian nation colonized by humans in the 2050s. As an asexual individualist prisoned in a traditional, collectivist society, she wants to escape her restrictive life and move to Earth even though the planet has turned into an authoritarian superpower. In doing so, her path crosses Aryabh, an ingenious, self-serving hacker from Earth who has spent his entire life with a tunnel vision of doing just the opposite, escape the tyrannical Earth and settle on Zenith. To achieve that, he is ready to do just about anything, including con and use Lyra. Desperate and lonely, and having immigration to a different land as their only goal, both Lyra and Aryabh face their fears, fight their demons, question the status quo, and explore their individual societies. In their chaotic lives, their only solace is their evolving friendship with each other.

July 19, 2021Votedystopian literature-fiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Pay For Our Sins’ By John Kerr, , What would you do if a serial killer, like Hannibal Lector was able to access your cellphone, every bit of information on it and control it remotely? That is the question "Pay For Our Sins" asks. Joe Pope is nearing retirement from Riverside PD when he must travel to his former homicide division in San Diego to deliver evidence in a murder case. No sooner has he set foot in his former hometown, Pope is caught up in an investigation of a serial killer terrorizing America's Finest City. Pope quickly discovers the killer has a brilliant mind and is always able to stay one step ahead as the police pursue him. No one with a cell phone is safe.

July 15, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Disorderly Justice’ By Chris Murphy, , An ex-police homocide detective who, after seeing lots of injustice, and ultimately losing his job, decides to take matters into his own hands. He becomes a hitman, but if the reason the customer wants somebody dead isn’t acceptable, they might find themselves in the firing line.

July 14, 2021Votefiction mystery-suspense thriller
‘Blended’ By Tiffany Riggins, , Violet is a Freshman in college, coming from a large family she needs to get a job to help pay her expenses away from home. She had saved up enough from her summer job to pay for her first semester and planned on using that time to find a job on campus. She is offered a position there as a busser most days at one of the local holes-in-the-wall cafes. Ecstatic about working at her self-proclaimed home away from home she begins to get to know the other staff. They all went to the ballet together just before spring break and Violet could see the magic in the way the women moved and seemed to almost hover in the air. When they returned they found the café had caught fire, the cause was unknown but the theory was that one of the machines shorted since they were all second hand. This is when, while consoling Melissa they find out the shop had only barely been getting by. They need $50,000 to repair and replace everything they would have to permanently close. After several fundraisers, Melissa tells them the landlord that owned the space would be canceling their lease. Everyone was shattered by the news. Violet told them she had an idea to keep everyone together if they didn’t mind a few changes. They opened up their new shop later, Brews n’ Books.

July 12, 2021Voterelationships science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘I want you only for me ‘ By Melany Velasco, , My life since I can remember has always been perfect, and that was the problem, not all my life I had the use of reason or was aware of my actions. Being in the black hole that I was in was not having a perfect life, being honest with myself for the first time, I never had a perfect life, I just pretended it was. But I was never aware of it. it's like being locked inside a glass cube, everyone thinks it's beautiful inside but only you know how catastrophic it is It all started when I met him, losing control for love is the madness that any human being could not commit, but still he does. We do anything to grab the attention of those we want and when we are in that limbo, we don't know what to do, knowing that we will lose the game, even if we have three men scattered on the bases and two strikes, we only have to stand in front of that person and say "I love you just for me" and it is there where the glass breaks and everyone is aware of what is really happening, but is it good or bad? (This is a book written in Spanish)

July 9, 2021Votemystery-suspense relationships teens
‘Have you slept in Cabin 13?’ By Britta Tellvik, , Stephanie Wallace, or as she preferred it Steph. Short and simple just like her life. That is, until one summer when she decided to go to camp. Her and her little group of friends set out on a camping trip that would change their lives forever. The "MOUNTAIN CORE CAMPING TRIP". Coming from Wallace town and being the Mayor's literal daughter there was a lot riding on this trip. Not only was she supposed to help out with relations with the people from the town next door since they weren't on such good terms. She was supposed to also not get into trouble. Now that's a bit hard when you are as curious as Steph is. Especially when all her friends tell her not to sleep in cabin 13 but she decides to sleep there anyways. Secrets are uncovered, rivalries she never knew existed, friendships she never knew she had, long lost siblings? Her world comes crashing down as she uncovers them one by one. This thin web of lies, but will she decide to reveal them to the world?

July 7, 2021Votehorror teens thriller
‘Vaticinium’ By Erik J. Wolfe, , Vaticinium centers around nineteen-year-old Alexander Jacobs, a witch who is told since birth that he has some incredible destiny. The thing is, he has never been all that spectacular with average grades and seemingly no magical prowess. The winter of his nineteenth birthday he goes for a walk to clear his thoughts, but as Alexander turns to go back the way he came. He suddenly realizes he isn't leaving any footprints behind him. The snow isn't heavy enough to have already cleared away his tracks, and there are now two moons in the sky above him. Still dealing with the emotional aftermath of leaving his own world for another and living with elves, he desperately needs a confidant. Owen Leinster, one of the elves who rescues him when he first arrives in Ellond. Owen and Alexander have an instant and natural connection and soon become fast friends. But are they just friends, or more? Can Alexander figure out his prophetic fate all while trying to figure out his own sexuality?

July 4, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You’re Running Out of Time’ By Ryan LindnerOne day everything went black. “I’m going down now,” I said to a young woman a few seconds before the darkness—my first cardiac arrest. It soon became maddening to hear a client expressing their distress about the all-consuming daily problems that now seemed so small to me. Problems often become magnified when you have the energy to give them. You could say THE HALF-KNOWN LIFE is a book about productivity, and it is, yet not productivity in tasks but rather productivity in experiences. It’s not just a book about being busy; it’s about the Why? and the What for?

July 3, 2021Voteself-help
‘Ocularum: The Artifacts of Lumin Book Two’ By Alia Luria, ,

What if we had to take a 600 year break from technology to save the Earth? That is the backdrop to the Artifacts of Lumin series. Advanced technology, all of which is derived from the electrochemical properties of plants, has become nothing but myth to most of the populace of the planet Lumin, but to those who keep the secrets of the past, a war wages between those sects that think it's time to turn the lights back on and those that think the planet needs to be preserved at all costs.

The Clerics wish to protect and limit the use of the Network so as to preserve the planet. The Druids believe that only by activating the Network fully will humanity find a way to solve their power problems permanently. Two factions work for the same result, but will they ever get along?

Three friends, fractured. Mia hears the trees and feels them, desperate to heal the planet. Cedar, now partially blinded, has walked the path of peace since birth but grapples with a growing rage boiling in his blood. Both have chosen their side, and Taryn, their former friend, has seemingly chosen hers, but all three must face their past betrayals as they try to understand the truth and their roles to come in the future of the planet Lumin.

July 1, 2021Votedystopian science-fiction-fantasy teens
‘Spencer the super owl vol 1 ‘ By Michael Hinton, "Hero's are born not made"Spencer always wanted to be more then he was, he longed for adventure.But Spencer couldn't have predicted the events that unfolded, the people he would meet, friends and enemy's and the sacrifices that were made and would have to be made.

June 18, 2021Votefiction science-fiction-fantasy
‘Clutter in my Closet’ By Brendon Holden, , Jill is an average young girl, or at least she thinks she is, never recalling the pain she buried deep inside, presenting herself to be flawless. During a pandemic, she helps some of her newer friends escape the sickness happening on the outside world—and in doing so she uncover some new things about the new mansion her family just moved into. Bizarre things begin to take place within the mansion, including traveling to other realms within the closets—of the mansion; some she goes on by herself and some her friends experience with her. On one of these journeys, she meets a critter named Clutter that begins to threaten her and her friends, saying, “I will burn down your house.” She, her siblings, and friends must stop Clutter and save their fortune—to have a family and normal life once again.

June 15, 2021Votefiction literature-fiction teens
‘the shadows chasing us’ By britta tellvik, , Ashley, 15 is your average American girl. Well, not so average after she finds out that she has "abilities" that surpass human understanding. She meets Luke who's 16, arrogant, confident and handsome. Through everything that happens they somehow circle back to one another, always. She also meets Jacob, who's 15, shy and handsome. But the main question is, who is meant to be with her? Through this tale of love and pain Ashley learns not only the meaning of sacrifice but the meaning of true love. She struggles with the deepest feelings as she navigates through life without anyone ever having been there for her.

June 14, 2021Votefiction romance-2 science-fiction-fantasy
‘the Knights Of Bael’ By Andrew Saum, , In a Bleak Future two brothers must venture into a a world of of magic and terrors to find out why the earth has gone and demons are arriving, can they save mankind in time. With Tarot cards that summon Demons to aid them and Sinister groups of men after them its a race to save themselves and humankind.

June 8, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense religion-spirituality
‘Alfie’s Adventures – Hyacinth Macaw’ By Hayley Jane Smith, , I have written and fully illustrated a children's picture book called ‘Alfie’s Adventures’ which educates children about the plight of parrots in the wild in a fun and engaging way. The book aims to educate children about how man-made environmental destruction is threatening the species of fauna and flora on this planet, and how this can be addressed through ecological conservation. This is an issue I strongly care about and want to communicate with the world. There is potential to make this into a series of books, with stories about other species of endangered wildlife, I have already started one on wild African grey parrots. The premise of the storybook is: 'Alfie the African grey parrot loves educating children about the plight of animals in the wild in a fun and engaging way. Alfie's first adventure to Brazil sees Azul, the naughty hyacinth macaw, experiencing the effects of people's destruction to his rainforest home. Can Alfie save the day or is it up to us?' I have attached the fully illustrated and written storybook to the submission form. Please feel free to take a look at my website which includes a portfolio of my other artwork

June 8, 2021Votechildrens-books education-reference fiction
‘Sophia and Cassius’ By Anna Canić, , Sophia and Cassius is the first prose work by the author Anna Canić in the genre of historical fiction. The writer presents well-known stories about the lost paradise and the decadence of the ancient civilization in a different light, focusing on the religious, philosophical and esoteric themes. In the prologue, we meet the true face of the first woman – wise, strong, determined and good-hearted. Sophia brought the art of writing to the world, desperately wishing to love and be loved. Unfortunately, to meet her perfect man, she had to wait... for death, three thousand years and rebirth as Julia Drusilla, the Roman princess. However, this work is not just a love story. In the new body, Sophia is chosen to lead the epic battle of the Good against the Evil. Together with her friends of different nationalities, statuses and religions, brave Drusilla exposes the conspiracies and deceptions of the archenemy. The novel abounds in interesting historical and biblical figures such as Boudicca, Mary Magdalene and Seneca. Despite the celebration of the female principle, the main heroine is not at all similar to the suffragettes, nor does her inner revolutionary clash with the natural order. It is also interesting that the end of the story actually suggests its continuation.

June 7, 2021Votehistory literature-fiction romance-2
‘Grace Anslem’ By Nora Spunky, , PROLOGUE "Maybe I was destined to forever fall in love with people I couldn't have..." Grace was a soft touch, yet remained tough when the tough gets going. It was his guess that she would always forgive. She cleared her throat, gave another wink and sighed. "Laura said that's all part of moving on. But this love thing is hard to find, to forget nor keep." "True" Laurel replied. "Love is never supposed to hurt. It seems you had high hopes on him". "Not really. I only hoped, but was totally wrong". "Don't you think it's for the better?" "Maybe". She said smiling. Right there, he knew he'd have to hold on to her. What do you think?

May 30, 2021Votefiction relationships romance-2
‘All About Leo’ By S. Fatima, , Hazel is a high school student, struggling through her boring life. Her life is filled with joy, cheerfulness and fame,her being the beauty Queen of the school.Everything is perfect, just the way she had always wanted. However, nothing lasts forever.... Things around her start to change as she meets Leo, a mysterious yet charming exchange student from Seoul,South Korea. He is charismatic but sometimes his uncanny conduct leaves Hazel uncertain and puzzled about him.There's something about Leo that lures Hazel into an adventure that she has never imagined before....

May 25, 2021Votefiction romance-2 thriller
‘Lunaria ‘ By Lunaria White, Lunaria is a girl that lives alone in her family mansion deep in the haunted woods. Weird things happened in there but what happened this time was the worse

May 22, 2021Votehorror mystery-suspense
‘A Dream Inside Of a Dream’ By Kaylee Sullivan, , Dreams are more than a dream, they are the life that you manifest to live, all it takes is just a little bit of inspiration and a push of courage.

May 13, 2021Voteliterature-fiction romance-2 teens
‘Straight outa money… ‘ By Lil Gary Phillips, , I'm 44 from East Texas. I been a electrician for 22 years now. I am a Single father of 3 and their all grown up now. So I have time to write about things I been through. Now then I write Poemsic's ( Poems+music) it's music that can only be read and a beat that only your mind can play.... At least that's how I feel when I read them anyway. So I guess that's makes me the world's greatest poemsic writer! Wow! How lucky you are to meet a living legend! But hey y'all I'm just a normal guy and the pleasure is all mine as well as yours. Hell let's just say we both got pleasured and I hope you enjoy my poemsic's!!!!!

May 6, 2021Votebiographies-memoirs humor-entertainment literature-fiction
‘Of Flames and Thorns ‘ By R.B. Ellis, War looms and with it shadows rise. Destiny always picks its chosen one. Garrett was just its next victim. After a plague ravages his home, he is taken in by a young girl and her father, Lord Drathus Firehart. Of course, as a child of destiny, Garrett soon finds out he is the Goddess's chosen. The Druid. It is up to him to save the world from the coming darkness. Is it truly that simple though? With elves at the center of the malice in Faerungarth, it seems impossible to unravel the riddles and bring light onto the shadows. What truths will be revealed? What is destiny's plan for Garrett and who is the one pulling the strings?

May 4, 2021Votescience-fiction-fantasy teens
‘The August Things’ By Alexander Gerolimatos, Lucas is a teenager who is a member of a tiny wodded farmtown just outside of Allentown Pennsylvania. You may not know this area, and that is by design. You see, in this town, things happen that cannot be explained by mans actions or sciences deductions. Recently for example, 33 people have been visciously murdered beyond recognition. The papers say it is the work of a serial killer, but the folks of Brodheadsville know otherwise. This is the work of The August Things. And although nobody knows why or how they are there, everyone recognizes their presence. What are these beasts? Is anyone responsible for this? Lucas, fueled by small town boredom, stumbles upon the first breadcrumb of the trail to truth. But, where their are lies may there also be conspirators who seek to protect their lies from those who wish to find the truth.

May 2, 2021Votedystopian horror
‘Ashes Burning’ By Liss Suarez, , Ashes is a 21yr old psychic witch. She has always been able to predict future events and sometimes even speak to the dead. However after a car accident leaves her with a mild concussion, she is unable to predict the future events about to happen. Like her own kidnapping. Will Ashes be found on time?

May 1, 2021Votemystery-suspense romance-2 thriller