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Brilliant but shy seventeen-year-old Ava Pierce is locked away and forgotten by parents embarrassed to know her. Online she makes a connection with someone sharing her humor and deepest desires.

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Albright poses as his hunky older brother on a dating website for profit. Little does he realize, he’s put his own heart at stake.

Popular eighteen-year-old soccer star Alec Albright is loved by all but troubled by a dark past. What happens when he ends up falling for the same girl as his brother?

Gorgeous classmate Taylor Ford is used to getting what she wants, but what happens when what she wants is the one thing she can’t have?

Follow Ava’s journey in this role reversal of Beauty and the Beast.

The Beast of Bellevue explores the meaning of friendship, the value of beauty, the boundaries between the virtual world and real world, and the importance of developing one’s self-identity.

“… a mesmerizing young adult fantasy tale that follows very interesting characters in a complex setting where relationships can be precarious and challenging… Intelligently plotted and expertly written, The Beast of Bellevue explores the reality of the virtual world, coming of age, and complicated relationships. The novel is filled with realism and humanity and Grace Chen does a wonderful job of exploring the complexities of contemporary dating in a virtual world.”Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite 5/5 stars

‘A thought occurred to her that made her blush even deeper. Even if she couldn’t be on the outside, that didn’t mean she couldn’t be a part of it from the inside.’ Along with the characters that keep readers turning the pages, the plot remains interesting throughout, making this fairy tale twist easy to read in one sitting.”– Yousra Medhkour, USA Review of Books

The Beast of Bellevue is a gripping story that keeps even seasoned fantasy readers guessing to the end. Its ability to present riddles, explore parent/child interactions, inject believable magic into Ava’s evolving life, and cement all with characters whose lives each hold challenge and change makes for an engrossing tale that’s hard to put down. “Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

We’ve described 25 Servings of SOOP as a “literary wine tasting of up-and-coming talent.” This wine tasting has the sweet rosé of “Frank and Lily” by Sian Fullerton balanced by more intense flavors such as “The Storm in His Eyes” by Charmaine Kimbini and “The Unpainted Portrait” by M.D. Jerome. Heartwarming stories are juxtaposed with stories of absolute horror.

While all of the stories we’ve chosen to include are quite enjoyable on the surface, many have special notes on which we hope you’ll pick up. Many of our authors did an admirable job of subtly addressing social issues. Many stories feature diverse characters and highlight the challenges faced by people who are, perhaps, a little different from us. We, of course, hope you will be entertained by this book, but it’s our deepest wish that you will take away from at least one story the desire to understand, respect, love, and empathize with others better.

“The anthology is a diverse amalgam of intuitive perspectives published in digestible waves of love, fear and the human condition.” — Ike Fredregill, freelance journalist 

“A fantastic collection of stories, each with an intellectual depth. Any one of these deserves to be taught as examples in a creative writing course.” – J Trevor Robinson, author “The Mummy of Monte Cristo”

“The loving care put into this superb collection of short stories makes for a perfect book companion to be savored word by word.” – Nicole Collet, author “RED: A Love Story”

“A tantalizing, flavorful collection of satisfying writing.” – Rohini Singh, author “The Time Manipulator’s Son”


Life at 12 College road by Eric Mondschein

It’s not always the earth-shattering events that are most significant in our hectic lives. More often, it’s the small things, many long forgotten, that touch and shape us most deeply. Our memories of these events might bring smiles, or anger, or even a desire to forget. But every one of them helps to make us who we are today-and in some ways, who we will become tomorrow. Join Eric Mondschein at the unhurried pace of a cup of coffee for a surprising and powerful journey in which laughter inevitably mingles with tears, sorrow turns to joy, and loss almost becomes bearable.

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Like listening to wholesome and entertaining stories from Prairie Home Companion or The Vinyl Cafe.” — Chris Kavelin

“Humorous and poignant, and thoroughly enjoyable” – Elizabeth Walker

“This memoir is a heartwarming expression of love of family and gratitude for the life presented to Rick and Jeff” – Paul Toloui-Wallace

“Really enjoyed it. I was almost like sitting listening to Eric telling the strorys” – Tony conroy”


The Time Manipulator's Son by Rohini Singh

Powerful aliens hide on an asteroid floating above the planet Chyspah. Fearing for her child’s life, a widow breaks the laws of her people and makes contact with the leader of the planet. Her actions kick off a long series of strange occurrences and unexpected discoveries that lead three boys to solve their parents’ mysteries as they’re caught in the midst of the royal family’s fall from power. Daniel experiences bizarre episodes of time travel, while Anomar learns he was adopted-and that his real parents belong to a species of aliens with supernatural powers. With the reluctant help of their timid friend Benardo, the boys dig deeper to find the truths hidden in their own lives. What they learn will change everything they thought they knew about themselves-and each other.

“Overall, I would say I thoroughly enjoyed this book, more than I felt I would. I can’t wait for the second installment in this series!!!” — Alya17

“The Time Manipulator’s Son is one of the better coming of age stories that I have read. The characters are very relatable and you feel like you are part of the story.” – Nina Butler

“Extremely immersive book. Couldn’t put it down for too long once I began reading it.” – KeshiPeshie


The Eyes of the Comet by Dennis Lee Hague

The Eyes of the Comet – An American Slave Odyssey is a “highly charged” historical novel whose time has finally arrived. The story captures the “vibrancy” of the South during the ante-bellum period. An exciting adventure, packed with all the intrigue and passion necessary to fill the reader’s imagination, the book represents a carefully researched compilation of material woven into various “themes and connections”, which provide us with a fresh examination of the era. Scenes throughout the novel are based on careful research and simply not manufactured, which addresses the old adage that “the truth can be stranger than fiction”. Uniqueness abounds since historical novels devoted to this epoch are in such short supply.

“I loved this book. The author stayed true to history. Many slaves had visions and religious experiences to such a level some passed out and had seizures in their Sunday services” — Ruth Hackman

“A gripping story that captivates you from the beginning to the end, “The Eyes Of The Comet” deserves to receive a lot of attention. ” – Amazon Customer

“This is a terrific book by a brand new author.” – James Strauss


The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara

Lottery winners beware. You must navigate to a distant shore and virtue is not a sufficient lifeboat. Author Carey Azzara’s 3rd book stories present conundrums of wealth dreamers who discover a hellish side to their windfall, facing the long odds of finding happiness after the big win.

Brandi and Myles step into a life few ever know, but Brandi is ill prepared for the transformation and the depths of her depravity. Myles drawn into wantonness finds his fate is a bitter one; he’s on trial for an atrocious crime. Yet, he discovers a strength he didn’t know he possessed.

Natalie grieves her husband and is shocked when his will requires she buy lottery tickets or lose her inheritance. Later, it’s as if he has a hand in her lottery win from the grave. She protects her children from the lottery’s vagaries, leaves a legacy, but a trust betrayed leads to rage.

“THE LOTTERY CURSE is based on a premise that is both unique and truly compelling.” — Eleanore T.

“A good read, fast moving and well written. Offered thoughtful insight into how winning the lottery can snowball into a host of changes in life relationships. ” – cquala

“A collection of three short stories detailing the way that winning vast sums of money in the lottery can destroy everything you hold dear.” – Glen Davis


Beyond Terror by Anne Marie Waters

Beyond Terror addresses Orwellian nature of this problem, laying out the facts about Islam’s concerted and shocking efforts to undermine the fabric of Western Civilization, and how this broad movement, affecting every Western nation, is being aided and abetted by liberal political parties. This book seeks not to attack an enemy, rather to inform the populations of nations already under attack, to enable a wider discussion about immigration from the non-Western world, the teachings of the religion of Islam, and the collusion of far-left groups with Islamists and jihadists.

Anne Marie’s message is connecting with millions of people. A majority of Europeans expressed, in a 2016 survey, a desire to ban immigration from Muslim societies altogether. And yet leaders and the media in most of these nations ignore those expressing legitimate concerns about Islam as ‘racists’ or ‘bigots’. This book reveals the opposite, that what many oppose is the spread of Islamic subversion of the rights and freedoms of women, in particular, and the societal norm of freedom of expression previously considered sacred in Western nations. Her mission is to engage in public discourse on the future of society to ensure that the rights and freedoms that we, in the West, currently enjoy will be passed on to our children.

“Anne Marie Waters is a courageous woman with integrity who stands on the strength of her convictions.” — Kirralie Smith, Australian Conservatives.

“This book should be taken as a template for what must be done, and for how everyone who values freedom must now become an activist – before it’s too late.” – Robert Spencer – Director, Jihad Watch

“The threat to the west goes Beyond Terror, and Anne Marie Waters’ summary of this threat is incontrovertible.” – Jack Buckby, Author and Journalist


The Wise Men of the West Volume I by Jay Tyson

America was ablaze with millennial anticipation in 1844. Reflecting upon Scriptural prophecy, signs in the heavens, and the gospel of the kingdom having been preached to all nations, religious leaders expected Christ’s return was imminent. Hundreds of thousands of laypeople also looked to the skies in joyous anticipation — or dread.

Clearly, their expectations were not fulfilled; were these wrong, or simply misunderstood? In Perth Amboy, New Jersey, devout Quaker Josiah Thompson is convinced the answers lie in the Holy Land, but is too aged to travel. So his son Zach and British scholar James Lawrence take up the quest, only to realize the question is far larger than they imagined. And what they discover will have profound implications for not only for them, but all humanity as the modern age unfolds.

“I enjoyed the historical information interjected with the plot to help me appreciate the context. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the protagonist.” — Jacquelyn Pillsbury

“This book was excellently researched, brilliantly written, and a page-turner. I can’t wait for the sequel!” – Kindle Customer

“I read The Wise Men of the West in a single day (in spite of being a slow reader) and found it fascinating. It’s well researched and factually very accurate.” – Christian Lee


RED: A Love Story by Nicole Collet

RED is a tale of forbidden love that has received over two million hits on Wattpad. It was endorsed by journalist Debra Picket, a former columnist of The Chicago Sun-Times and contributor to CNN, as “an intriguing first novel – a thinking woman’s 50 Shades of Grey.” Set in Brazil and the US, RED is an unusual contemporary romance featuring references to philosophy, psychology, music and literature. If you enjoy the works of Sylvain Reynard, you’ll love RED.

“A thinking woman’s 50 Shades of Grey, this intriguing first novel covers familiar territory but adds plenty of new twists.” – Debra Pickett, journalist and author of Reporting Lives

“A feminist erotic novel with an empowered heroine.” – Amy Guth, WGN radio host and author of Three Fallen Women

“This book is an absolute diamond! Every sentence made me feel like the author selected the words straight from a passionate philosopher.” – Kai Alexander, Readers’ Favorite


The Rod of Iron by Wade Fransson

Casey Kasem, the author’s radio companion throughout his troubled teenage years, summed up the approach to this book with his famous byline: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” The Rod of Iron brings the author’s gut-wrenching emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey to a startling conclusion. Across this trilogy the author carefully, and in a hugely entertaining way, documents the unexpected twists and turns of an obsessive quest for coherence. “Truthy,” superficial answers would not do.

The global digging for satisfactory answers that began in The People of the Sign, at the 1981 City of David archaeological expedition continues unabated. The Tower of Bab-El story is a mysterious “X Marks the Spot” starting point in The Rod of Iron, which quickly becomes an elusive destination – located in our modern era. The search leads to the ruins of ancient temples at Göbekli Tepe and then stretches outward, towards the heavens, as the author finally connects the dots on earth to those indicated by distant stars.

“There is a mind-blowing section on quantum mechanics, fractals, and infinitesimally small packets of energy.” – Bill Fairchild

“An Amazing Story of Spiritual Quest and Fulfillment” – JayTee


The People of the Sign by Wade Fransson

What do divorce, kidnapping, the Stockholm Syndrome, ancient prophecies, and the collapse of the Soviet Union have in common with the music of the Beatles? The People of the Sign effortlessly weaves these together, proving once and for all, that truth really is far, far stranger than fiction.

“I especially appreciated the spiritual aspect of this book and the struggle to improve and grow and overcome. Well written and encouraging.” – Donsabai

“I found Wade Fransson’s life journey in “The People of the Sign” to be heartfelt & incredibly inspiring; it’s a journey of great pain, soul searching, & optimism. ” – Margaret Van Deurzen

“Honest, well written story of a spiritual journey we all need to understand” – Ginger


The Hardness of the Heart by Wade Fransson

The sequel to the surprise hit “The People of the Sign” follows the protagonist around the world, as he continues his search for answers. In the process much is lost along the way, some of which brings freedom and opportunity.

“ It is a well-written story of personal triumph with universal appeal – one that will be of interest to, and motivate, seekers of all faiths.” – Eric Mondschein

“Another great read in Fransson’s trilogy of his life story. This one takes us to Pasadena, Germany, Russia, and India as we follow the author’s spiritual journey in which he keeps trying to understand what he believes to be God’s will for him to accomplish in his lifetime” – Bill Fairchild


Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Meredith Mast

Willow Rose Learns Honesty is the first in a series of unique new children’s books created by Authors Meredith Mast and Marvia Karol. Ms. Mast, the founder of Storybook Ballet, needed a different kind of story for her young students to dance. She needed s stories that don’t rely on fantasy princesses, but instead have relatable characters that would teach a set of virtues to empower children for life. In this delightful introduction to the concept we meet Willow Rose – who is lonely in her new garden. The flowers and the insects don’t want to be friends with her, fearful of her thorns. Then one day she tells a lie to a grasshopper. When she realizes that not being honest hurts, Willow Rose must learn to tell the truth no matter what.

“This is a wonderful book for young children, both to tell them a story and to gently teach them a lesson. I am looking forward to further publications by Meredith Mast.” – Cat Lady

“What an amazing book with wonderful lessons for adults and children alike. My children loved it and we will be buying more as gifts for friends.” – AliciaM

“This book is delightful and it is also a good learning tool. I highly recommend it.” – Denise Broderick


The Lamb of Life by Jon Michael Lawrence

Author Jon Michael Lawrence and celebrated illustrator David Harston team up to tell the story of Yesu the lamb, who lives on a farm with his friends. Unfortunately, every year the farmer chooses one of the animals for the family to eat for Christmas. This year is different from the others because this is the year Yesu shows everyone what true love looks like.

Parents and teachers alike are grateful to have such a beautifully illustrated children’s book to tell the story of Jesus in an accesscible way to their toddlers and young children.

“ In The Lamb of Life, the actions of Yesu the lamb, who shows everyone what true love looks like, tell the excellent allegory of Jesus for children.” – Wayne S. Walker


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