#Marketing Mondays: Choosing your Post and Blogging Topics

As an author, you may wonder what your audience would like to see on your blogs and posts.  The answer is simple: give your readers something memorable!  Tell them a little […]

#Marketing Mondays: Blogging

Blogging is one of the things that authors should do on a regular basis to connect with their fans and others through their writing. I spoke about having a blog […]

#Marketing Mondays: Author Branding

What does it mean when someone says author brand? It means you must build a way for people to see you as an author.  You should present yourself to the […]

#MarketingMondays: What is the Best Social Media Platform for You?

The question you may be asking is which social media platform is the best one for me or do I need them all? The answer to that is it depends […]

#MarketingMondays: Building Connections

Building connections can be one of the most crucial parts of being a writer today. Without these connections, marketing your work will become harder. You will want to connect with the people […]

#Marketing Mondays: Beta Readers

Beta readers are some of the most important people you may encounter as an author. They can help you see where your mistakes are or help you with story direction. […]

#Marketing Mondays: Self-Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing

Self-Publishing versus Traditional publishing that is the question. Would it be easier to self-publish and make sure that your book gets published, or would it be better to have an […]

#Marketing Mondays: Promoting your Book through Book Trailers

Book trailers are a great way to promote your book. SOOP has partnered with International Book Promotion to help our authors promote their books. Jasveena is the founder of this […]

#Marketing Mondays: Do You Know How to Gain Followers?

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to gain followers. There are several things that you as the author can do to help gain followers. You first need […]

#Marketing Mondays: Is Building an Author Website a Necessity?

        The answer is yes because if you don’t build a site for yourself, you won’t have anything to share with your readers. Fans want to be able […]


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