#Marketing Mondays: Is Building an Author Website a Necessity?

        The answer is yes because if you don’t build a site for yourself, you won’t have anything to share with your readers. Fans want to be able to connect with you. So, to do that you need to build a site that will give your readers the information that they need. Building […]

SOOP on Sunday: Top 40 Book Ideas for September

As we go one of my favorite times of year with PSL’s and cooler weather. The leaves change color and football season is in full swing. It is that time of the month again. What time is that you ask? The time to post top 40 for September of course!! Don’t hesitate to check out […]

SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for September 24, 2017

Welcome SOOP Authors to the last Top 20 for September.  It seems like only yesterday we were talking about the Back To School With SOOP promotion and now we are staring at the final week for our authors to earn SOOP dollars to use toward items like Author Platform Review by one of our Social […]

# Marketing Mondays: Is Social Media Really the Answer?

The answer is yes, social media is the solution for today’s market. Social media is the new way of networking. Many businesses and individuals use social media as a way of selling themselves to the public. Create a brand that is focused on you because it needs to be unique and fit you and your work. […]

SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for September 17, 2017

Happy Mid-September faithful SOOP readers!  Now that summer is coming to an end and Autumn begins, who is ready for the change in weather?  Here in Wisconsin, Autumn sparks memories of hot apple cider, light sweaters, football, and crunchy leaves.  What do you think of when the season starts to get cooler?

#Marketing Mondays: What’s a Book Without a Great Synopsis?

Having a great synopsis of your book is one of the most crucial things a writer can have, but it can also be the most difficult. Without this important piece of information, a potential agent won’t know what the book is about, and then they don’t have a reason to read the book. If they […]

SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for September 10, 2017

Welcome to another edition of the Top 20, coming to you live from Something Or Other Publishing!  Spring and Summer have all but passed us now, and we are pushing onwards into Autumn.  

#Marketing Mondays: Should a Book be Judged by its Cover?

Do you know the importance of having a book cover for your book?             When people say don’t judge a book by its cover do they really mean that? What is the first thing a potential reader is going to see when they go to buy a book? It’s the […]

SOOP on Sundays: Top 20 popular book ideas for August 27, 2017

 Welcome to the last Top 20 of August!  September is right around the corner and that means one thing…..BACK TO SCHOOL!!  That’s right, those of you with children will see them off in the mornings which may leave you with an entire day to yourself.  What a great time to re-commit to writing, as well […]

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