‘Woods fever’ By Devon Commons

Woods Fever is now adapted into a film and will be release this October! it tells a story of Danny, that lost his cool one night after leaving home begin disobedient to his mom. he always runs off into the woods but this time it wasn’t like the last. he goes missing for two days causing his big brother Marcus, and his mother to call the cops to search for him but the cops has not found any clues of Danny in those woods at night. Marcus decided to do things in his own hands by going out to those woods of darkness to search for his little brother Danny by asking a few of his close friends to help him do so. while they all search things started to get deep and they started to discover something dark, unknown that lives within those woods that wants to imitate humans and possess them to kill for him which is his name is “Woods Fever.” they all have to survive the night without becoming apart of it and survive the night while searching for Danny before all is lost.

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