‘WIRED DIFFERENTLY’ By Bodé Enítàn-Bobbington

I remember walking to the take the taxi, in my hands were two bags – left hand was a black duffle bag with my best clothes, piled with my all my music CDs; in my right hand was my black travel suitcase filled with my suits, sneakers, and other stuffs I can not remember. Walking with me was my mother who had in her hand another travel suitcase, as she dragged it, in her eyes I could see as they became teary. I wondered in my heart what would I have to say not to make my mother shed tears to see me leave her as her only son, the child she nurtured for years. My mother knew this day would come, but she never imagined that it would come so soon. She kept telling me to have my bible close to me, and to never forget where I come from and never forget ‘whose child I am’. So I hailed a taxi, in the process of negotiating the price with the taxi driver, I told him the destination was Victoria Island, he said the fare would be N1, 500.00, and I agreed. I looked at my mother, trying to signal her to bring the suitcase as she did not want to let go of my suitcase she had in her hand. I had to slowly let loose her grip from the suitcase, then placed the bag in the trunk of the taxi. I hugged my mother, and because I avoided to make the situation feel too emotional I walked quickly to the taxi, with my mother saying out loud, ‘Do not forget to call me when you get to your sister’s [Oyinkan] place. This is the part I remember vividly, as the driver drove off, I looked at my mother’s reflection through the side mirror as she waved to me. All I could see was the bright light from the sun shinning against the side mirror. I tilted my head differently to make sure I saw my mother’s face; I stuck my hand out the window and waved back.

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