‘Undercover Passengers on Number 26’ By Robert Starnes

It has been a year now that my partner and I have been undercover to find my friend Bailey’s killer, and it will all pay off soon. All we have to do now is finish this trip on bus Number 26.
Five years ago, my friend Bailey was taken, in broad daylight and thrown in the back of a van. Word around the streets was, he was mixed up in some fighting ring. I guess the people who had taken Bailey, figured as big and tough as he looked, that he would be perfect for fighting. Little did they know, Bailey left a life of being forced to fight when he was younger, he vowed to never fight again. Bailey would rather give his life than to ever have to fight again, and from what others said, Bailey did exactly that in his first fight. Gave up his own life during the fight. The other fighter had training, so when he killed Bailey, it wasn’t a fair fight anyway. We were told to keep an eye out for each other, because they were needing new fighters.
After that happened, it was only a year until I joined the Police Academy. This is when I met my partner I am with today. We went through the academy together and became the best of friends. We will do anything for each other, so when we heard about this street fighting ring starting back up, we both wanted in.
We both wanted in for separate reasons you see. I wanted in for Bailey, while he wanted in because he lost his best friend due to a street fighter. Now you see we both have someone to avenge. This past year, neither of us have had to fight, but tonight is the night that we get to meet the ring leaders behind all of the street fights in our town. Tonight we get to put a stop to their entire operation. After tonight, we will be able to go back to our old lives again, and be done with this way of violence and corruption we have been involved in for the past year. We just have to keep eyes on the other two passengers on this bus, Number 26.
They both know we are on the bus with them, but we were told not to seat near them, as it would draw too much suspicion, but we have our own thoughts as to why they don’t want us near them. We think they intend to trying to ditch us once Number 26 stops. See they know what stop to get off on and we don’t, so we just have to watch them, carefully. We don’t want to blow our cover as undercover cops.
All is going as planned, then all of a sudden the bus stops and our suspects jump out of their seats and try to exit the bus doors, but before they could the make their getaway, the bus Number 26 doors shut on them. It is if the bus knows that is not there stop. Since the bus wouldn’t let them out, we didn’t have to blow our cover, and they sat back down in their seats.
They did not try to make any other undue slips, until their actual stop with us, for they knew bus Number 26 wouldn’t allow them to leave for some reason, but we figured it was because this bus was the bus for revenge, and that is exactly what we are out for.
Thank you, Number 26. They did get what was owed to them and now Bailey and my partners’ best friend will rest easy for now on.

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