‘True love’ By Rebecca Martin

The steam rose in slow languid streamers fogging the mirror, I starred as my hand swiped the cool surface partially clearing it and once again illuminating the image of a face I recognized but dreamed I would mercifully forget. Green eyes ringed in a bright yellow glowed in a face that appeared almost deathly pale. I could feel the contents of my dinner threatening to come back up. I’m still unsure how I found myself here again, it’s been 5 years since the last chance encounter with one of my kind.

I rake my hand through my hair pulling back a large clump of my long blonde locks, ” what the fuck!” escapes my mouth before I shake the hair free of my fingers watching as it falls to the floor. In five long years I have reinvented my life, so many God damned wasted days, months, years. My stomach begins another gut twisting convulsion as I feel a cold repulsive shudder begin at the base of my spine working it’s way to the top of my scalp in waves, I know what to expect but why!!? Why now!!?

I have a new life, an amazing career I have worked so hard for. I have the kind of clients an attorney can spend a lifetime trying to collect, I’ve worked so hard for this life and I know without a doubt after tonight it’s all gone. I’ll have to leave again, start over somewhere new. There’s not a chance in hell I can stay, a new name, a new career, a new home and friends, fuck I have worked so hard for nothing again!! The all too familiar itching just under my skin draws my attention away from lamenting the life that will soon be a distant memory.

The itch , that’s the worst part in my opinion. It makes poison ivy seem like a walk in the park and soon I won’t be able to ignore the need to claw away at it.

Sudden bright hot intense pain wracks my feet and burns up my thigh, the pain hits so fast, so hard that a scream escapes my lips. I can feel the bones in my feet elongate, cracking and popping the joints, my toes ripping free from the itching skin suit I have worn for far too long. My claws clack on the tile as they spring free from the pale flesh that has kept me confined for all these years, my gorgeous long black claws scrape the expensive tile floor of the bathroom stall as another wave of burning pain frees my tail and hind legs from the fleshy hell that’s kept me imprisoned.

The tearing continues up from the base of my tail acrossed my back as my ribs snap out and lengthen, oh my gods how good it feels to be free! There’s nothing that compares to the heavenly stretching and flexing of my muscles, bunched for so long, too long in too small of a body. My tail thrashes about, wrapping and slapping at my heels as I peel away at the flesh suit covering my front legs, shaking my body to finish freeing myself. The flesh suit still has a hold on my muzzle, I tumble from the stall I had been in, knocking the door off and sending it slamming into the sink on the far wall . As I watch it fall to the floor and reverberates on the cool white tile I catch a glimpse of myself, my sleek black coat and it’s beautiful blue green sheen glittering in the florescent light cast from above. The disgusting remnant of flesh that was a face hangs awkwardly from my muzzle and stretches up and over my left ear pinning it down and swinging weirdly from my jaw. I shake my head freeing my long furry ear and watch as the face smacks the wall with a wet thump and crumples to the ground , it’s bright red painted smile twisted into a contorted sneer as if a silent growl is aimed my way. I bare my fangs at it momentarily before my nose picks up the reason for all of this.

A male, a very strong smelling male!! I throw my head back and release a howl that feels like it’s been trapped in my throat for eternity. The screams have all died down now, it’s silent on the other side of this wall. I make my way to the opening of the room where a door lays still hanging from its bottom hinge, what a mad dash I had made to get away from the dining room before I had come to my senses and allowed nature to take it’s course.

My hackles rose, I could feel every hair bristle from the tip of my tail all the way up my back and between my ears, my jowls pulled back further and I snapped my teeth in warning before the snarl started to escape my throat. Lowering my head I slowly stepped onto the former entry door and made my way out of the bathroom and down the dark hall towards the smell of blood and urine the humans had released in their final moments.

Turning to my right slowly towards the room the stench of excrement was comming from I braced myself against the wall prepared for the battle that was to come. Tonight I would either meet my mate or the death of a wolf, his hopefully. I have danced this dance before and I looked forward to feeling his blood pump through my barred canines as his warm fur went cold and his heart stopped beating. Violence was necessary to ensure the genes were worth replicating after all.

A sudden movement caught my eye, a small hand pulled back into the shadow the table cast, the cloth had concealed the woman from the male that was currently stalking the shadows in this very room. Bodies strewn about haphazardly, oh what a thrill. It had been so long. I slowly stalked towards the cowering creature as she scanned in the opposite direction for the male who had ravaged nearly two dozen humans. In moments I would be on her, I would make it fast, I didn’t have time to play tonight.

I was a breath away and prepared to pounce, every muscle tensed and primed to spring. I could smell the fear as my muscles bunched and I lept . From my left a grey flash flung itself in my direction, I felt the impact with a bone shuddering slam. As my body crashed into the ground I felt the males jaws clamp down around my throat, a wave of growls he emitted vibrating through my body and skull … I had finally met my match!

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