‘“The WOW Factor”’ By Lakisha Wilson

Have you ever been in a place of recurring events? Losing the ones that you love and known your whole life in such a short distance of time between each of them.Not given much time to breath or mourn. Not being able to put together the understanding of how to fathom it all. First the guardian of the house; being the family dog. His name was Storm and he was a beautiful Husky. No one dared to enter with approval.Three months later we lost my grandfather; to the family robbing illness by the name of Alzheimer’s. Three months after losing the breadwinner of the family, my baby brother at the age of fifteen gets murdered by the hands he once called friend. Five months from dealing with his horrific death we lose my best friend, my go to, my spiritual advisor, my grandmother. She had been battling in secret unbeknownst to the family for years. The life sucking disease of cancer took my grand mother away. She was the backbone of our family. Everyone thought the worst would come of me after losing her, but it was because of her teaching, her live, her guidance and her determination that resonated in me to all I can do is just smile and be grateful and thankful to had been blessed with such an angel in my life. I look back at how far we have come as a unit it was shaky, we blamed each other, at one time we distance our selves from each other then all of a sudden the wow Factor hit me, this wasn’t how we was raised or taught. I sat back to analyze and the final result was we were acting out of hurt. We didn’t know how to cope. So much had been lauds upon us and we never had a chance to heal. This was the greats wow factor…… I put a dinner together to start the healing process. It turned out to be the best move we ever made! We lost what was precious to us, but it took what was most valuable to us to make us realize and embrace to begin the healing process. Family is my wow factor. Family may take you on a roller coaster of emotions, but it’s the strongest for sure thing that we have and is guaranteed to us because it’s ours.

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