‘The Straggler’ By Nathan Nixon

In a distant future after a nuclear holocaust nearly ends all of existence; a small group of survivors are forced to repopulate the world. Due to the need for mankind’s very survival, traditional monogamy dies out, and procreation becomes more important than old timely ideas such as “love.”
Soon after, evolution takes hold and traditional relationships vanish from the world. No one looks to one person as their “soul mate.” No one is jealous, no one longs to be with that special someone. Our story follows a girl named Samantha, She is a just a teenage girl, living in this loveless future, and she doesn’t fit in. Every person in this new world strives to join “a tribe,” where they and all their partners will eventually move into the same home and raise each others kids as one big family. If you can’t find a tribe then you are branded an outsider; a “Straggler.” Those people are condemned by society.

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