A nephew visits after a long time his grandfather who lives in the Ligurian Riviera. During those days, he is filled with curiosity to discover the existential secret of his grandfather, happy with his old age, who believes it is kept in the cellar of his house, because his grandfather has always kept jealously locked up that place. A secret that the grandson believes is inherent in the period of life of the relati-ve prior to his marriage to his grandmother, whom he never spoke of.
Taking advantage of his grandfather’s rest periods, his nephew manages to enter the cellar and steal-thily discovers a manuscript diary from his grandfather, in which he transcribes that secret. Reading, the nephew discovers that the grandfather, orphaned since childhood, is delivered by evil uncles to a family of peasants, where he was mistreated and forced to work; while the sisters, two were en-trusted to families of Genoa and one locked in a convent. It will be the wedding day when Grandfa-ther discovers he has these three sisters, last truth about his past existence, which he shamefully wants to erase from his memories. The nephew, however, does not tell his grandfather of the disco-very, out of respect for his will and places in the cellar the diary where he had found it. That secret will remain hidden in the heart of his nephew, happy not to have upset the old age of his grandfather.
Setting: Noli in Liguria, Italy.

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