‘The Rise of the Yanira Island’ By Dámaso Avilés

After a while, the thinking of the gods had changed a lot … They no longer saw humans as mere mortals who only woke up in the mornings after having slept at night. Now they saw thinking beings who fought against all setbacks in order to survive. They had also seen envy and hatred when they saw how one brother killed the other, but they had also seen that such sad and regrettable events served as a lesson to other humans. Especially when some of them got angry because everyone began to cry remembering that terrible event and this calmed almost any situation of displeasure among those present.

It was there where the gods discovered the tears. For them, seeing that humans cried was a spectacle. And they saw it that way because it was a capacity that the gods did not possess. Therefore, seeing how humans calmed their anguish after having cried, the gods decided to encourage that this was also a main feature in the gods. The planet would then be the largest producer of this precious liquid that would then be ingested by the gods so that everyone would have the ability to cry and produce tears.

Then something terrible happened. The only way to achieve this production was to create a fusion between the purest earth found on the planet and the tears of a human who was crying in pain. But the pain could not be physical but sentimental.
For this, two of the gods had decided to end the life of an older boy who was stealing from others. They thought that this was a very cruel act since the twenty-six-year-old boy did not work at all. Then one of the gods decided to take his life, but while he was doing it, the god did not realize that the children of that young man were witnessing the event and this left the gods very terrified.

The crying they expected was that of the wife of that young man, who by the way had abandoned him that day and her children too, so she did not know what had happened.

However, the deafening crying of those children watching their father die was one that the gods could not handle and while trying to take one of the children’s tears, the children were sucked by the land of that beautiful and fertile island, thus becoming the Yanira Island, producer of water and producer of the hope of the world.

Days later the older gods discovered that the wife of that thief, (although it is true that he stole, he did to feed his family), had joined a god and this had been a great offense to the laws established. Other gods who also knew about the case asked that this god be forgiven and wanted to change all the laws regarding how to approach the mortals and this was what gave rise to the great battle of the gods.

Then several of the larger islands began to separate and form small places where some gods were quartered.

As soon as some of the gods who loved humans realized that everything was getting worse, they decided to protect Yanira Island and thus be able to ensure that human existence would last forever. Therefore, the water of the Island was converted into the most valuable need and what would later be the most coveted element for what they had to fight in a battle that left so divided the gods and demigods that were emerging and being born, especially in Gersius where most were descendants of the gods who did not want humans to continue to exist in or around the Island.

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