‘The Rise of the Divine Feminime’ By Camilla Nichols

We can save ourselves, thank you. We are Warriors as well. We were Matriarchal societies long ago but that changed when humans began to compete for food, water…and war led to Women being taken as goods…possessions. The Divine Feminine was erased (along with her Wisdom and Mercy) and we had forgotten for a few millennium who we truly are – Partners. The Divine Feminine is Rising. Before the Divine Masculine, who was replaced with the Warrior Archetype, can Awaken to take their place shoulder to shoulder with the Divine Feminine, she had to Awaken first for two Reasons.

The Primary Reason being that She needed to Remember who She was. It was necessary for Her to Rediscover Herself and once again Stand in Her Gifts and Power. She had to Remember who She was and who She Had Been. Disempowered Eons ago, with each passing Generation She was slowly Forgotten not just by Herself, but by all. Her History was Erased and Her Archetype altered to a Female SubServient to the Destructive and Ego-driven Warrior Archetype who, over Time, Replaced the Divine Masculine. Both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Forgot that they used to Stand Side-by-Side in Balance as Co-partners and Co-Creators. They Forgot they Balanced not only Each Other but they Balanced the Societies and Cultures in which they lived. JudgMENt Balanced with Mercy, Love instead of Hate, Unity instead of Division, Nurture Balanced with Protection. When She disappeared, the World became a place of War, Suffering, Poverty, Greed, Selfishness and JudgMent.

In order to Re-Establish Balance the Divine Feminine had to ReClaim Her Power from the self-professed Superior Warrior Masculine Archetype. Over Time this Archetype had Replaced the Divine Masculine, so that Men, too, had Forgotten Men and Women are meant to Balance Each Other. It was Her Remembering that would be the Catalyst for Awakening Her Counterpart, the Divine Masculine.

The Warrior Archetype is one of Power, Dominance, Control, PunishMent and War. With this Archetype are not regarded as Partners and Equals. There is no Balance of Mercy to the Warrior JudgMent. The Feminine traits of Compassion, Nurturing and Love were seen as Weaknesses, not Strengths.

It was tragic, this emergence of the Warrior. It led to centuries of War and EnslaveMent. It led to centuries where Women had no Voice. They were the Property of Men. They were not Respected as Equals. Men used them to Satisfy their Needs, to cook and clean and Raise their Children. They cleared the table; they no longer to sat at the same table with the Men.

But the Divine Feminine is Rising. These Mama Bears need no saving. They will save the World.

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