‘The Resistant Purpose Hunter Unleashed at Half Time’ By Alise Cortez

My purpose is to awaken meaning, passion and purpose in people and inspire them to pursue them mightily to make a contribution worthy of their one, precious life. It found its way to my conscious understanding/awareness in about 2014, at age 49. It had urgently been trying to gain my notice for decades, of course, but as humans can be so resistant, so was I. At that time in 2014, I was working for myself conducting leadership development and professional development workshops for corporate clients. I had just wrapped up an ambitious post-doctorate research project I’d dug my claws into – driven to learn how 115 men and women across 20 professions experienced meaning in their work and its relation to their identity. I had a trip to India planned in December that year to present my research at a business conference, which allowed the work to be published in recognition of its academic contribution. In November I had just finished conducting a workshop for a client in Dallas based on this fresh research, and I was just high on life! Then, quite literally on the drive back home from that workshop, my cell phone rang. It was Voice America calling to inquire if I wanted to host my own radio show, which I promptly accepted. And Working on Purpose has been on the air waves since February 2015.
In that coalescing moment, I understood magic was afoot. I felt dynamically connected to the universe, and a curious dynamic was unfolding for me… I was increasingly becoming ever present to my purpose and while having spent most of my adulthood “looking” for meaning, what I was supposed to be doing with my life, the divining rod was doing its quiet work.

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