‘The Prince’ By Jasmin Hansen

“A creature stares down at me. Its face is a white oval-shaped surface. Where its mouth and nose should be, there is nothing but two dents. Its eyes are swollen, leaking bumps with ropes sewn across them. “

The Prince has wandered through the castle for many years now, searching for his memories. The castle is as strange as he; a clock is always ticking and an invisible fire is always burning. When he walks among these strange things, the past comes to the Prince in small glimpses. Although he wants to know his past, he is afraid of its true nature. And then, one day, strange creatures appear.

A chase across the castle begins. The creatures are slow, but persistent. Worse, the castle itself is fighting the Prince. Chains fall from the ceiling and they drag the Prince towards the clock. Although he fights with all his might, even cutting off his leg, the castle wins.

The Prince faces the clock. And he sees his true self.

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