Skyla literally been trapped in her town during lock down which it is been almost a year. People is getting sick and die pretty fast caused by a so called CrA-001 (Crotonium Virus). Government declare a new rule and regulation for the screening called Biometric Hand Scanner(BHS) Test and vaccination programme for each people who has been living in the Saint Hills and Spring Hills.

Skyla’s mother already received the vaccine and after that day she’s been hospitalized for almost 2 weeks. The doctor and nurse didn’t allow her to visit her mother with lots of reasons. Everything’s seems so wrong. She didn’t know what had happened outside of her town. She also didn’t know what actually happened with her mother in the hospital.

Until that night she found something interesting. She was following the flash light and it leads her into something. Something that changed her mind. Something which telling her that everything wasn’t okay all this times. Everything has crushed and burned.

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