‘The First Hitler’s Ally in Europe’ By Sasha

He is a little known politician from Europe, in the Hitler’s era. It is the Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy, the first European politician who broke sanctions against Hitler and extended his friendly hand to Hitler. Hungary became the most faithful German ally in the World War II, and remained its ally to the very end. In the process of creating a pre-Trianon Hungary (Hungary with borders at the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire), Miklos Horthy committed various war crimes against humanity. In the northern part of Serbia, which he occupied under the auspices of Adolf Hitler, this monster committed a genocide against the native Serbian population, as well as against the Jewish community. The systematic extermination of Serbs and Jews was particularly cruel and devastating in January 1942, when thousands of people were tossed into the frozen rivers so that nobody could ever count the exact number of executed, and that there would be no burial places where one could pay homage to them. The recent records discovered at the United Nations show that Horthy was filed as a war criminal, but his crimes were largely covered-up. My story uncovers all of his crimes.

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