‘The Fantastic Life of Bookworm Bandits’ By Ricky Allen

Rule #1. NEVER lose the book.
Rule #2. Keep your Bookmarker on you at all times, preferably in the back of the book for quick exit should things get hairy.
Rule #3. Remember you’re in a story. Their futures have been etched in ink. You can still get hurt and even die. Respect the story at all costs.

These are the rules I learned from a man who would open my eyes to a whole new world when it comes to books. I am a Bookworm Bandit, part of a network of Bandits who travel through books to gather supplies not available in the real world.

What you’re about to read is how I began this career. I hope you enjoy it. This is The Fantastic Life of Bookworm Bandits.
In a quest to reprise the love of reading books, R.C. Allen Jr. hopes to bring back the excitement, the adventure of the library and the books they contain.

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