‘The Eastside Wasteland has a Winning Team’ By Les Abernathy

In a post-apocalyptic world of toxic waste, people still need to be entertained. We follow a right-fielder of the Eastside Zombies as they square off against the Northern Nightstalkers in the popular game of sportsball. Not being the best, or even remotely good, he tries his best to avoid being sent to the mines or fields or anything that might involve dangerous work. He watches as his team stumbles against the better team, but see a change in favor as the Nightstalkers’ star player collapses due to one too many mutations. Our hero even feels the increase in moral as he goes up to bat and smacks it into outfield. He goes for the endzone but then suddenly everyone stops preventing him from scoring. He soon learns that the teams’ mascot Fred, an actual living dead ghoul, has gotten loose and is chasing him. He uses his bat to kill Fred, which saves his life but draws the ire of the crowd. Once the stampede begins, our hero makes a run for it. When he clears the outfield, he starts to wonder if there’s any other teams that will hire him.

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