‘The Closet’ By Chima Ugokwe

I know yet another answer, maybe a solution to this whole issue. We just had to kill overconfidence and being too trusty. We just had to reach out. We just had to keep religion in its place and face the reality of the pressure the abuse of drugs is putting on young ones. We just have to kill pretense and face the reality that abuse of drugs, self-medication, and prescription drugs are realities and, in our faces, they stare at us. We just need to know the cost of human lives and the loss of one single soul is a loss to humanity. These assets need not continue to go. We owe them so much. Such a loss could have been avoided if only we took the time to care and ask. Above all, the answer, I realized which we all must accept is that anyone – no matter how smart they are, no matter how promising their future – can succumb to addiction. I was never taught in school that drug abuse kills. I was never taught in my church that drug abuse is a deadly plague. I was not taught at home that a drug abuser is like someone sitting in a keg of gunpowder seeking to explode at any moment. Even if I was taught these, they lack all seriousness they deserved. It was still subject that the surface had only been scratched. It should be exploited.

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