‘The Calculus Tales Part 1’ By A W

Addressing given audience of the people receiving this transmission. This text is meant as a devotion to the exploration, espousal, and adherence to nature, which i believe is necessary for the improvement of our own peoples. As is to my current knowledge, we have discovered and documented forms of nature beyond our own understanding, and it is my goal to reach this level of understanding of nature, and the abilities to explore nature that they have. In return, i expect only donations, and the price for which this text is put up for, so that i may continue the work of my people currently, to unlock the forms of nature hidden away from us by our currently allotted forms of nature. This text is to be considered a holy text, its purpose is the pronunciation of the sacred vowels of calculus.

For the sake of my protection, and the protection of my works, parts of any of my works will not be published here, in the case of this work, the full version will be posted to publishing channels soon. In the meantime, your donations makes up the majority of my subsistence. Thank you for any donations.
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