‘Tell me if your leaving’ By Mauren Lopio

Tell me if your leaving

“hey love! “, i called her, my girlfriend, my future wife hehe
“oh? “, she respond with a smile in her face
“i wanna tell you something hehe”, i excitedly ask
“what is it? ”
“I LOVE YOUUUUU”, i said and make a finger heart
“hahahahahahaha i know you always say that to me tsk”,
“i just want you to know i love you every second every minute every day foreverrr”, i said and hugged her tight

“Love you too”, she sweetly answered

Were studying college right now, im an engineering student while she an taking accountancy.  Were just in one apartment, in the first place our parents do not agree because of negativity tss..but we prove at them that we dont do as such things that can ruin our dreams.
In our apartment we have different rooms to avoid things. But even were in one apartment i miss her specially when were sleeping. Shes my life and i dont wanna let go of her no matter what happens.

But one day all changed. I dont know why, why she’s wearing make up? Shes not Yana i meet before, yana whos just a simple lady? Theres so many questions in my mind.

“Love, i thought your not using make up” i asked
“just dont asked tsk”, she irritatedly said
“sorrryy hmmm”, i pouted and make my face cute to make her smile but i failed
“just lets go tss”.

Day passed she’svery cold in our relationship but i always understand her even i dont know what shoul i understand.

“Love! ” i called her
“oh? “, she asked,  she really changed.  She used make up even we didn’t have school. Hayss whats going on in her? Shes beautiful even without make up hahays
“I’m going to my familes house, I’m leaving with them”
“why?”, i curiously asked
“i really missed them” she answered
“were going there right!?  When our school hours done? ” i asked
“don’t you just asked?”, she said with anger in her voice
“why your angry everytime ha?” i asked but she just go out and leave me hanging. I do nothing but to sit and i dont feel my tears running down in my face.

Is she tired of lovibg me?
Whats wrong about me?

“Is there any problem about me?” i asked
“nope”, she answered
“then say it, whats wrong?”, i slighy shout but i dont received an answer
“why your leaving? “, i asked again
“dont asked!”, she shouted
“im the who’s wrong */sniff sorry if i give up, sorry if im tired */sniff you dont do anything wrong”, she said with a teary eye
“thats an invalid reason yana! “, i said irritatedly
“please let me rest”, she ordered
“hmmm stop crying but please ill just give you a space, im not letting you go”, i said and wiped her tears

In everyday i dont have any information about her,  even a text i dont recieve anything hahays…

Ring Ring Ring~~~

My phone rang and answer the call and im so happy of who’s calling its my love hehe
“hello love? How are you? I love youuuuuu and i misss youuu so much! Do want me to fetch you?”i excitedly, because finally she called but i dont hear her voice but i just hear a cry of someone.
“h–helo?  L–love?” i repeated
“ijo? Its me */ snif”
“wheres yana tita?  Is she ok?  Is she mad at me?”, but i dont recieve an answer instead i recieve a weep from tita.

I really dont understand whats happening?

“ijo pls come here at the hospital she needs youu-“, she cried
“what happened tita? “, i fastly asked
“she dont wanna let you know because shes afraid,  i know you loved my daughter very much please come here”, she said while crying
“o—k”, and suddenly i feel nervous.


“miss where’sthe room of Yana?” i fastly ask the nurse
“Room 56”, she said and i don’t bother to say thank you because im very afraid ofy girl friend

When im in the hospital i saw fastly the father of my girlfriend crying alone at the outside the room…

Whats happening? I just look at him and my nerves became fast

“tito! ” i shouted with a teary eye
“go inside faster snif*/ plsss–“, he ordered at me

When im inside, I saw the girl i always wanna see but my strunght was gone like the air putting it out in my body.  I saw my love lay down in the bed with a pale face.

“love what happend?  Are you eating? Why your so pale? ” i asked
“I have tumor, sorry for not telling you”, she answered without looking at my eyes
“Why you not looking directly at my eyes? “, i asked with and my tears began to fall
“Let me g–go”, she cried as she look at my eyes
“no! ”
“pleaseeeeee love”,
“NO! Give me an invalid reason, WHY? “, i shouted
“im not tired of loving you all, especially loving you but my body is tired. Please let me go “, she said with ateary eye
“w—-hhhy d–dint you tell me? Why you forget to tell me? “,
“let me go love—”
“o—k”, then she close his eyes with the tears in her eyes and my tears began to fall faster

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