‘Teddy and Bear’ By Ash Bisdee

Teddy and Bear
By Ash Bisdee

Teddy and Bear is a heart-warming tale of friendship, love and bravery. Teddy is a big, fluffy golden retriever and Bear is his best friend, a little stuffed bear. As the two loveable characters play in their beloved garden, Bear begins to fall apart. When Mum stitches him up, he looks very different. How will anyone love Bear again?
This story is honest and simple. Will the fear of looking different break the bond between these two best friends? Or will kindness and love help them stick together forever?

Teddy and Bear is the heart-warming tale of two best friends and their unbreakable bond for one another, no matter how different they look.

This story captures themes of acceptance, diversity, kindness, friendship, compassion and resilience for young children. It is sure to capture your heart too.

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