‘Stalking Jesus’ By glenn swanson

Apparently a hermit, the main character is interupted by high tech seekers. The recluse bars them from his small space with the power of his mind; a spell. He then puts into action a prearranged exit from this small world, Not just ridding his evidence of passing through, but freeing the material things of this world to the elements. He watches as the small house burns with flames that race along the time stream. The seekers break through. Auto kill the recluse, sort of. They prepare the high tech equip that will allow them to follow the recluse, revealed to actually be a Creator. They launch after the Creator, but as the machine consumes the reality to power the warp jump after the being they chase; the Creator, the small world is consumed and the dimension becomes unstable. The Creator steps back into this world un-noticed. The Commander tries to hurry all his hunters through the machine created portal, but realizes there is one too many, and that one is the one he hunts. The Commander is lost into the destruction of this small world, and the Creator stands alone in empty space, and begins to create again.

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