‘Sarah’s Story’ By Camilla Nichols

In 20018 I was a volunteer working with orphans and single mothers in a very poor village in Kampala, Uganda. I came prepared for extreme poverty and dismal hygiene and sanitation. I was right and I was oh-so-wrong. I came as a humanitarian. I left a changed person. My definition of poverty and abundance have done a complete flip. These beautiful people are so loving, generous and resilient. I learned what it meant to truly be part of a community where everyone watches out for everyone else. You see, when you have little, you share. Always.

Sarah would always say to Me: “Camilla, God is a God of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.” She believed it and I saw it happen for her over and over again. We would be out of water and the skies would open and all the rain barrels would be Overflowing. We would be out of food and someone would come from their farm, unannounced, and leave beans, matoke, avocado (a treat), casava, or someone would bring us a live chicken. Good News: Beans! Bad News: Beans for Weeks! But No One Complained (I wanted to). We all got to work shelling, grateful to have food.

I started to write these women’s stories as well as the stories of the young girls, child mothers, many of them. Simple Things. I hope you find Sarah’s story inspirational. I did.

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