‘Romance’ By soulful

The romance is happening in human between male and female around the world. In this globe different types of romance for reason of is here such type of people in the relationship some more did the love for time passed in both romantic activities. They earn happiness, but there is a big problem because our mind correctly separated with at all according to male and female, it is one is true second is fake so that after some time one is great lost when fake one is leave from true one. For example, I was fall in love with female from friendship acting trick and after fall in romance I earn great happiness which I never surprised before fall in love. She loves me unconditionally but, I’m unconditional too and every day did romantic talking, messaging, loving, acting, meeting and working with effort of happiness that’s why my daily lifestyle going ahead greatly after some months completed in relationship she told me I wanna break-up with you and I replied her sadly like that what’s the problem you got inside me, she answered me nothing. She told me you are a great person than me, and you will get better partner than me after several months in my investigation her family arrange a guy for her so agreed with him for the reason of give her family priority, and I try to understand to her sure evidence your life is yourself and your family can’t live with your whole life also could stay with you the partner with your life situation so, please try to understand my mind what I really fool to your heart, and we make a decision to elope, accidentally did that matter. Furthermore, she stayed with me eleven days, in these days her family used technical to captured my family members finally, my family members captured by her family so, she said that I will go to my home to agreed my family this issues, so I let her go, and I said her if they not agree with me please come back through hide them she told me okay I’m only your in this world so that I believe her accurately. Her family could try to change her mind to give marry a guy which is arranged before my elopement, but I try to him please don’t marry to my partner. In conclusion, they are fake at all that why I become everything lost but still becoming stronger in my views true love is never end keep stay true one because you are lucky one day.

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