‘Pitter-Patter’ By Aimée Koert


They say if you hear that sound, then it’s already too late.


A sound, so very innocent, frequently used to depict the humble and quiet footsteps of a mouse, one who is just rummaging in the darkness for anything extra to nibble on, while its greatest predator lays in comfortable sleep.

A mouse intends no harm, from its small and lithe body to its shimmering whiskers in the moonlight. Alas, though it possesses no wickedness, that does not keep it safe from the cruelty of the moon. For once the bright orb in the inky sky reveals its face, there is no beam of light that makes one more uncertain of reality.

Shadows creep along the walls, their arms stretching out so to seize a breathing soul, as to fill their unquenchable craving. They’ll lead you away, while also inviting you into their dark embrace.

The mouse, too naive to know better, is easily manipulated like a puppet on strings. Sniffing and touching, for it is blind to the danger that lays in waiting.

Before it even gets the chance to change, to regret, to escape…


A sound so sharp and fatal, like the blade of an assassin, slicing through flesh as if it were not much more than cheese.

The blood doesn’t splatter, no, the cut, so clean, leaves the blood only to seep into the pillows of the world as the soul carries on to the realm of uncertainty.

And still, the moon shines so beautifully tonight…”

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