‘Out Ruling the Bad Boy’ By ṢÏMÎ

“Shoot her!” He barks orders at him.

My heart racing with every beat louder than the sound of fatal hits and blows landing on those I cherish most and my fingers sweaty, dripping on the cold marble floor.

I’d never thought I’d die like this, not this way, not with him, not this place.

Huh, I always thought I’d be the one to do this.

But yet here I am.

“Do it” I whisper yell at him, my voice coming out rough, and coarse.

Tears are running down his well chiseled chin and I wonder if this is the last time I’ll see him.

Whether it’s the last time we’ll ever be together.

I take in one last quick breath and nod slowly, my eyes pleading for him to shoot, tears ruining the makeup I never wanted.

All the years I always wanted this but now I want nothing to do with it.

“You heard her, pull the bloody trigger!” he yells once once urging him to end my life.

This is it.


Aria Gray isn’t your average ‘tragic story’ poster ‘it’ girl.

She’s not a nerd and she definitely not someone to mess around with.

She wants to desert her tragic past and start afresh in a new life. But she can’t.

She just can’t.

She plans on leaving the crappy city she once called home.

But she can’t do that with the thick metal chain of her past tied to her ankle.


Noah Knight the son of the most feared man in town, at least that’s what everyone says. About to take over his dad’s business when he’s just in high school.

He’s heart is as cold as the night, willing to do nothing but to succumb to the darkness.

But he couldn’t care less, all his life has be boring, just people telling what to do and using him.

After all it’s just pointless in the end.

But what if he wants something different?

What if she wants something different?

What if they want something different?

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