‘Opposing Commonalities ‘ By Catherine McNulty

Metaphors not only make the familiar similar, but also create oppositions within their comparisons. Just as decorative lace and fishing nets are similar in the material they are made from and the form they take, the means they pursue and are at opposite ends. One’s delicate lines are used to decorate our lives while the latter is used often to sustain or end life.
This dichotomy is what inspired me to write palindrome poems. The poems I have submitted are part of a small collection of poems I have already published. Each poem can be read from top to bottom and bottom to top. Each poem uses the same words to express a different or opposing idea. The poems I have chosen to submit were published with some lined pages to inspire the reader to take time a reflect on their own lives or possibly write their own palindrome poem.
The poems I have chosen to submit were inspired by my passions, observations of certain cultural aspects, and the works of other poets such as Maya Angelou and Carl Sandburg. Specifically the poems “Singing Always” and “Enough Now” were inspired by “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and “Who am I?” respectively.

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