‘My Aunt Is A Witch’ By Paula Perry

Jonathan is disturbed by stories told to him by his mother about his aunt Karen being a witch, and he’s frightened to no end; he’s convinced the stories are real.

Real witches ride around on broomsticks. They wear black cloaks and hats. They are wicked, cunning, hateful women who disguise themselves as being friendly, ordinary ladies. Believing that his aunt might be a witch, his thoughts turn to fear the split second his mother drops him off at his aunt’s house for a night of Trick-Or-Treating.

His unexpected hideaway in the kitchen will be a safe haven until he suspects she will cook him in a big black pot. And there, resting in the corner, is the witch’s broom.

The book concludes positively, with the moral of the story being not to lose the gift of imagination. Though intended for a child’s impressionable and curious mind, it may be of sentimental interest to adults and their imagination as well.

Children and adults will enjoy this story. The book is ideal for younger children, as the secret recipe is not complicated. However, it focuses on a gluten-free healthier choice of lifestyle while spreading happiness.

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