‘Loved HER and Loving HIM’ By Maricar Noveno

Honora,a bisexual girl,love her best friend named Anavi.She love Anavi not just as friends but as her crush.Honora once confessed to Anavi even though she is still not ready because Honora can’t still accept herself being a bisexual.Her parents also didn’t know about it.When Honora turn 18 and have her debut,she confessed to her mother that she is a bisexual and love a girl.Her mother accepted her for that and she was so happy because finally she can love Anavi.She is ready to love someone.After a day,Honora immediately went to Anavi’s House because four years have passed without ever seeing each other again.Anavi was so cold to Honora,and Anavi didn’t even call Honora in their nickname “Bee and Honey”.When Honora said to Anavi that finally She’s ready,they can’t no longer be.Honora found out that Anavi love someone who is a cheater.Honora pretend that it’s okay to her but it hurts so much.Honora is always there for Anavi because they’re best friend.Honora became rebound of Anavi, because it’s boyfriend name “Dake” always cheat and Honora is the one who can make Anavi Happy.Until one day,Dake call Honora.It said that he is on the bar with Anavi.They can’t go home because they were to drunk.Honora immediately go to the bar.But Honora only saw Dake.Anavi is not really in the bar.When Honora wants to go home,unforeseen Dake kissed Honora.Dake confessed that Honora is really her love,she just use Anavi to be close in Honora.They didn’t know that Anavi is listening in Somewhere because Dake troop send pictures to Anavi.Anavi get angry to Honora and Dake.Honora wants to explained but Anavi didn’t let her.After the issue, Dake always annoy Honora to love Him so Honora change her Sim card.After one day,Honora always text and call to Anavi but she didn’t notice that she is sending it to a wrong number.After 2 months, Honora went to Anavi’s house and she found out that calls and texts has been send in other number.She also found out that Anavi also love her from the start.Anavi said that She love Honora in the past four years but Honora is not ready so she didn’t confessed until Dake came.They became really close to each other and Honora once ask permission to Anavi’s Mom.Anavi’s Mom said that they can’t be until they graduated.After 2 years,they finally graduated so they celebrate.Anavi ask when she will meet Honora’s parents but Honora can’t still has a chance to said it.After they celebrate, Honora asked her mother and her mother give her permission with a condition.Honora’s Mom said that she wants to meet Anavi in their house so Honora planned to take Anavi Tomorrow. Because tomorrow is their Anniversary.After that,she buy flowers for Anavi in a Flower shop and walk to Anavi’s House.She call Anavi to meet her but Anavi didn’t answer.Until she saw Anavi in one restaurant with it’s Ex.Honora hate cheaters so she didn’t let Anavi to explain and come closer to Honora.She just ran to the shore where they always meet.Until one boy, gave handkerchief and handled her an umbrella.The name of Boy is Keefe,Keefe is the one who received calls and texts.Keefe wants them to be friends.After one day, Dake visit Honora’s House,Honora thought that Dake will just annoy her again but she was wrong,Dake explained that they are just having a closure.And Dake said that Anavi will go to America.Honora immediately go to the airport and found Anavi.Anavi said that she will go to America to work so she will leave Honora.Honora didn’t let her but Anavi insist.Anavi said that there are few chance to go back.Honora became sad after Anavi left her so she went again to the seashore where they always meet.Keefe is in the seashore too.They talk to each other and cry.Keefe escort her to home.It said that if she wants to go together with Honora tomorrow.After a day,Keefe went to their House and Honora Can do nothing but to go.Because her parents gave permission.They spend three days going around but Honora said that Keefe can’t court her because she still love Anavi.Honora is looking for a job but no one is hiring her,until one day,one company call her and she’s hired.She just need to fill in the form that needed.She found out that it’s Keefe.Keefe help her to find a job easily because Keefe is a Ceo.Months had passed and Keefe continue courting Honora and Honora gradually fell in love to Keefe even though she still can’t move on to Anavi.They enter a relationship.They became really close to each other and They’re anniversary came.Honora thought that Keefe is cheating because she saw a girl with Keefe in the fau before their Anniversary.She didn’t also recieve any calls or text coming from Keefe.Honora became sad,until the midnight came.Keefe suprised her and they will go to Japan, Honora’s dream destination.Before the end of their trip.Keefr proposed to Honora so Honora said yes.They go back to Philippines and live in Honora’s House.They celebrate wedding engagement in tagaytay.Honora’s friends found out that Anavi came back in the Philippines.Honora can’t believe.
After a day,they immediately Applied for the wedding.They once went to El Nido Palawan where they will be married.Honora once saw Anavi in the road and Almost can experience an accident.Keefe save Honora from accident in the road.Honora can’t believe that Anavi is in El Nido Palawan but she Just ignored it because she’s engaged to Keefe.Honora miss Anavi so much.After they went to El Nido Palawan,they planned for wedding.Honora said that their wedding planner is familiar but she can’t remember who is it.Before the day of the wedding they disobeyed superstitions of the elderly for their wedding.,Before the hour of their Wedding.Honora talked to their wedding planner.She found out that their wedding planner is the mom of Anavi.She found out that Anavi went to America for operation,not for her work because Anavi has a heart problem.Honora was so shock,Before the sunrise came, Honora go to the island where they will be married and she saw Anavi’s myday that has captioned “I love you my til death–“Honora realize that she still not ready to marry Keefe so she ran away.She went to the park where Keefe and Honora date because she saw Anavi in it’s myday in front of it.After looking around,she saw Anavi running away.Honora chased Anavi until they get to Anavi’s Dorm.Honora forced Anavi to talk to her.They talk for a 30 minutes but Anavi didn’t let her to love her again.Anavi said that Honora don’t deserve Anavi.She will just hurt her.Anavi ran away to the dorm and Honora chased her again until they get to the road.While chasing Anavi,Honora didn’t notice that there is a car that will bump her.Honora got accident,and have her amnesia.Honora can’t remember Keefe and only remember Anavi.Honora want to find Anavi because she thought she’s the one the she really love.But she realized that Keefe is the one that she really love when her memory comes back.After she got her amnesia,she remember one memory everyday that have been forgotten.Honora request to Keefe to let her find Anavi to have a closure.At first,Keefe didn’t let her but in the end, Keefe gave consent and Keefe will go together with Honora finding Anavi.After they find Anavi,they talk to have a closure.The closure ends,and Honora’s heart finally is in peace.Keefe proposed again to Honora and their wedding happened.After a year,they have their house and car and lastly lord gave them a child.Our door bell rings,i found a usb in the gate.I open it in my laptop and I saw a video clip.Honora saw Anavi in the video clip.Last message of is the content of the video clip.”Hey,Bee!Ahaha pasensiya na ha?Ayoko na kaseng masaktan ka pa.Alam kong napapanoood mo na to ahaha wag ka iiyak ha?IHindi ko na to masasabi Sayo ng personal kase konti na lang ang buhay ko sa mundo.Alagaan mo sarili mo ha?Mahal na mahal kita hahah pasensya na hindi ko hiniyaan ituloy pagmamahal natin dalawa.Sorry maikli lang buhay ko e masasayang lang oras mo Sakin.Wag mo ma ako hanapin ha,siguradong kabaong na lang makikita mo hahaha malala na yung sakit ko at hindi na ako magagamot.Salamat sa lahat Honey koooo.I love youu.Byeee”

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