‘Kalamor Christ Son of Messiah’ By Adam Parker

In the beginning God created heaven and Earth. Satan sought to rule heaven and was defeated. Other gods were then created by the minds of man and brought to life by the aura of creation. All the world gods are very real and co-exist, but have never come face to face with one another. In the present day Young Kalvin Christian seeks to find his place as he begins to enter his journey into high school. While living under the overwhelming control of his overprotective mother he soon learns that he has a heritage unlike any other, he’s fully human as well as a god, for he is the spawn of Jesus Christ. He learns that Satan has secret plans to corrupt humanity through the young easily manipulated minds of teenagers and young adults that believe in different gods. With the help of his friends he must become a hero unlike any other, for his true name is Kalamor Christ the son of Messiah.

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