‘It’s A Love Thing’ By Pamela Angel

This story is based in, New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1900s; on the campus of Louisiana State University. Kyra (Ky), Christina (Tina), and Elizabeth (Lizzy) are first-semester students, anxious to live the college life they’ve always seen and heard about. As they maintain their school grades and attend their first college football game as a student, they find themselves involved with various stages of college life they’d only dreamt of. After attending their first campus party the girls find themselves involved with three second-semester medical students. Ky and Carl’s (CJ), life begins to evolve into a; “love thing”. An unadulterated love, so beautiful, pure, and innocent that life becomes unbearable to be without one another. They learn to live, feel, dream, and care for each other every second of every day.
The story begins with CJ just ending an out-of-town internship and on his way back into the city. He always used the Danziger Bridge to come to her house as it was the shortest route. The TV announcer announces the bridge had just collapsed and cars had fallen in; as she prepares his favorite meal for him. Christina runs to the television to see if she can find another channel with news of the collapsed bridge. She drops the remote and starts dialing his number only to get a telephone recording stating the phone lines are down.
Her doorbell rings and a frightened Ky flings the door open to the pouring rain to find her best friends Tina and Lizzy there. Disappointed she cries as there is no word on CJ, she fears the worst. The story continues with the girls (Ky, Tina, and Lizzy) waiting frantically for word from CJ or about him. Ky’s Uncle Glen and CJ’s friends are among the rescuers looking for survivors.
The girls fall asleep waiting for word. Ky drifts off remembering how she met CJ and how they became one.
CJ is found unconscious; he’s taken to Gravois Memorial Hospital for medical care. The remainder of the story deals with CJ’s recovery and the undying love between the two individuals. A love thing that everyone wishes they could experience.

Copywriter Pamela Angel, [email protected]

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