‘It Stalks in the Night, Death’s Cold Blue Eyes’ By Hario Tezawa

It begins in the shadows, moments before Den-mother and her brother’s assault on man’s pelt-dens.
She notes the eyes in the forest, attributes them to death, then executes the mission.
Den-mother and her brothers, Scar and Snow-back, tear through Man’s false canine guardians, the packless, but a momentary lapse in focus cost them dearly when a sharpened stone wounds Snow-back.
Outnumbered and caught off guard, Den-mother holds the line while her brothers reluctantly escape.
While a valiant last stand, Den-mother is worn down, succumbing to her many wounds.
Just as one of man’s warriors is ready to execute her, a bear roars from the forest, the beast too formidable for man to fight, causing them to flee.
Man’s pelt-den’s vacated, Death itself approaches from the forest shadows, and sits with Den-mother in her final moments before drifting off into that dark, cold ever-night.

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