‘ironie du destin’ By mahiat_e_hayat

All of sudden She shouted out loud “STEWWWWWW….. ” [BOOM] it was late.. Anyway she lifted me into the car and was driving fast to the hospital. suddenly, I woke up due to a weird dream. “Hey don’t worry, it was my duty, after all you’re my friend dude… and………. ” You look sooo afraid.
She replied quavering “PETER, my DAD’s P. A. called me, He said my father is in ICU, I must go there, He needs me”. We were sitting together gazing at the stars, she looked over the mails and found out that the flight was at 6 am. nice to meet you STEWART. You’re too involved with Hazelwood in college. We hugged each other, Suddenly something strikes my mind, and I checked my neck I took my locket off my neck then I tried to connect both of them and BOOM, both were connected. I broke down to the floor.

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