‘I love books more than dolls’ By Purva Grover

Breasts are an important body part, but we don’t talk about it. In classrooms, when the teachers take us through the chapter ‘Parts of the Human Body’ they show us a chart that has every part labelled except ‘it’. Maybe it doesn’t have a name. We have a head and toes, neck and knees, and a small and large intestine in between. Only when it is October, we utter the name of this body part, under the garb of pink ribbons as we speak of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In a lifetime, a female is expected to not only expected to laugh over adjectives used to describe the breasts like full, colossal, jiggly, jelly-like; but also, never open her mouth when a stranger’s hand touches, pinches, ‘it’. It is expected of her to stay quiet when violated.

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