‘Hiraeth (I long to return home to you)’ By Rennaya Writes

Veronica has a steady routine, every Thursday she would head to her therapists office like clockwork. For as long as shoe could remember that was what she did, the idea of time was a foreign concept to her, nothing seemed strange or ordinary until she started having those dreams, dreams that felt to real to simply be ignored, dreams that stirred up feelings familiar within her, like a memory locked away. She felt lost, and she felt an overwhelming longing to return somewhere, to return to the face from her dreams. She seeks the help of her therapist Dr. Leanne to help her make sense of things. But the truth she discovers shakes her to her very core. Her dreams were not just dreams and her current reality was a dream, a dream created by her therapist who happened to be a mythical being to keep her safe, to help her return home.

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