‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ By Divyashree Vaidya

A time travel breach. A centuries – old secret society communicating across time. A deadly weapon locked away in the pockets of time – now resurrected. A mysterious connection to Hitler’s death. A coup de’ tat organized by the worst criminal masterminds across generations – finally to culminate all at once in a cascading effect – 20 years apart. A labyrinth of clues across the city to piece it all together – and only 48 hours on the clock. With not just his but his ancestors’ and entire generations worth of lives at stake, even a second’s delay could erupt chaos in the world order and permanently alter the course of humanity as we know it today. Clue after clue, will 20-year-old Joe be able to piece it all together before it’s too late? Or will he end up assisting the plan he set off to prevent in the first place?

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